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Hainanese Delights @ Jalan Burma, Penang

Woots Woots..I am such a Big Head Prawn ( Forgetful Person in cantonese). I tried this restaurant almost a year ago and I totally forget to write about it. My schedule has been so crazy ever since I start planning my wedding and house moving is crazy. Still I love to write my experience in this Hainanese Delights restaurant because their Hainanese Food is really delicious and according to the owner the chef is a Hainanese.

I am staying at the 1926 Heritage and the restaurant located inside the restaurant. It was a pretty decent ambience and it has a very cosy home feeling to it just like how Hainanese restaurant look like.


We start our meal with this  big Hainanese Spring Roll. It’s so so crispy and delicious! Absolutely love every bite and the filling is just unique thanks to the Hanainese style which is totally different from any spring roll I had before.

Hainan Food4 Hainanese Spring Roll, RM 6.90 per pc

The filling is pack to the brim with varieties of vegetable.Oh writing about it makes me feel like revisit! Probably this December when I am going to Penang I shall revisit.

Hainan Food5

Inchee Kabin, deep fried chicken marinated chicken with traditional sauce is another star dish. It’s not overly dry or oily, just the way I like it. Crispy, juicy and the flavours is special and delicious.

Hainan Food6 Inchee Kabin, RM 17.00 (S)  RM 32.00 (M) | RM 45 (L)

Assam Prawn were very fresh but taste wise does not really appeal to much to me. It has a hint of spiciness with just a little sourness in the sweet gravy. It’s a good dish but just not something special.

Hainan Food7 Assam Prawn, Market Price (Minimum Order: 4pcs)

I put a quite high expectation on this Hainanese Chicken Rice. I love the chicken, it’s perfect smooth and tender and the accompanying soy sauce was so good.

Hainan Food8 Hainanese Chicken Rice, RM 16.00 per portion

The rice were ok but not the best but still fluffy and nice…

Hainan Food10

Assam fish look amazingly good but just lack of some oomphhh..

Hainan Food9 Hainanese Assam Fish, Market Price

This is another dish I looking forward to Hailam Mee but sadly it was a let down.. I don’t like the wax taste from the yellow noodles.

Hainan Food12 Hailam Mee, price unavailable

For dessert we had Sago with Gula Melaka. The gula Melaka is so aromatic but well I don’t find it very nice… I just don’t find the combo make a good dessert…

Hainan Food14

Sago with Gula Melaka, RM 3.30

Well we had a fulfilling meal and I might return for more good food…. The next time if you are in Penang and wanted to try other food rather than the usual Penang Food you can definitely give this a try. Thank you for reading my review.

Hainanese Delights
1926 Heritage Hotel, 227 Jalan Burma, 
10050 Penang, Malaysia

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