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Why do Brazilian Waxing?

Recently I saw a friend of mine asking if a woman should do Brazilian waxing to please her man and if man like it bald down there. It intrigued my thoughts and I will never do anything for the sake of pleasing anyone if I am not happy doing it. Doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man, I strongly believe we should do things just to please someone and make ourself feel bad. It’s always the case where societies tend to think woman should be the one who please their man in a relationship doesn’t matter if it is in family matters or during the sexual intercourse. There is also people who thinks woman should the one who do all the house chores and taking care of the kids. In this era things has change thoroughly that woman no longer just stay home, they go out and work in the corporate world like man too and some woman actually are more capable than man in the corporate world. So I think a couple should respect each other and do things that make each other happy to ensure a healthy relationship. It should not be from one side, it should not be one party who please the other one.



Now back to the waxing, I do go for Brazilian Waxing on and off but not frequent. I do like my vajayjay a little bit more clean but I can’t bare waxing it even just monthly. The pain is bearable but it is still painful so I only go when I want to go for beach holiday because I want to wear bikini. For me I do waxing so it will look neater down there and it is definitely feel much comfortable when the forest is gone. Especially during the time of the month, without those grasss it feels so much better! Besides that, waxing also ensure the private are more hygienic. Besides waxing is more effective than shaving and will not have ingrown hair.

Besides that, I do feel sexier after waxing. I don’t know how to explain it but I just feels more sexy every time after waxing. Back to the earlier question does man like it bald there? I think it very dependent. Different individual has different preference. Some like it bald some like it to have shape and some like it the way it is. And as I search over the internet it seems like a tidy or hairless vajayjay turn man on during sexual activity. See below screenshot for more info.


So I think it does really improve sexual relationship but whether man like it full bald or not then it’s really subjective. As for myself, I don’t like it bald…Hehehe..I was talking with my friend about Brazilian waxing and she like it bald. It was really funny to have conversation about Brazilian waxing and it get’s funnier to write down here… I am a little bit shy to share with you guys but I like to know what you guys think. Do you girls like it bald? Do you like to go for Brazilian waxing? What about you boys? Ever thought of going for Boyzilian? I know some man like it clean too! Tell me about it I like to know too. As for me I don’t like it bald because it make me feel harder to direct my pee flow. Not sure if you get what I mean, if you are a girl you will know what I mean. Without the hair, the pee just doesn’t flow to the toilet bowl nicely which cause a lot of mess especially when I need to pee in public. You know I have to do the half squat (just like below picture) when going to the toilet and without the hair to direct the pee flow it will become very very messy… So sorry this my sound very gross and funny hahaha…You can laugh all you want.. Now tell me do you like it bald?

image Image source: Google Image

p/s: I’ve been searching for this picture for a few hours so I can show you the illustration. Hahahaa…
So if you want to know which wax parlour do the best Brazilian waxing you can checkout my review on various wax parlour here.

Coming up I will have another review on Strip Wax as I was invited to their new outlet few weeks ago and I like to try their service in the Midvalley outlet to see if they have improved their waxing service in overall. So stay tune on my blog update next week.

Alright I think I shall end this post here before you go gaga with all my sharing… Hope this is not overly gross sharing to you… See you again in other post. Bye Bye…

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