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It’s Friday today, so I thought let’s write something personal and no reviews today. Actually it took me a long time to decide on writing this down and I don’t even know what caption to put on the title. I write this down so that I get to read back on my thoughts of being a blogger few years later whereby I might not be blogging anymore or vice versa, I really don’t know what will happen in future; no one can actually predict what will happen in the future right? So be it you are just a reader of mine, a friend, a blogger or someone who want to try out blogging do continue to read as I share some insights on what I does and what difficulties I faced being a blogger.

p/s: I am not complaining nor blaming on anyone on what has happened. I am merely just ranting and to letting out what have been keeping in my heart all these years. I am a type of person who like to write down or talk it out if I am not happy or stress. Just remember things happens for a reason and there is no right or wrong in this world, it depends on how you look at it. The world is realistic and people is selfish. Everyone will do whatever it takes to achieve their objective.

warning: This will be a words heavy post and a very lengthy post.

Where shall I begin? Ermmm let’s begin with one of the top assumptions from my non blogger friendsss… They always say “Wow being a blogger so nice get sponsored on products and trips. So enjoy hor become blogger” I can’t remember the exact line but it is some like this la…. If you are blogger too I am sure you understand me. Being a blogger is easy, anyone who write a blog can be called blogger I think? but fact is, to maintain a blog you need determination and a lot of passion or to some a lot of money (as in they are being paid to do so usually are full time blogger). It is not just writing it down casually, sometime we have to Google for information to ensure what we share is accurate, it reminds me of doing assignment. Let alone the writing part which can takes 3 hours minimum to draft a proper review post and what about attending the event? and taking creative product photos and editing the pictures? Let’s do the math:

– Attending event – 2 hours min sometime can go up to 5 hours
– Taking Picture and editing it –1 hour min
– Drafting Post – 3 hours

So all in all I say it takes at least 6 hours to draft a blogpost. Now, my friend used to say we get products for free. Now tell me is the 6 hours of time is free. Imagine if I am working a day job with average pay of RM 3000 per month, for 6 hours I will earn RM 86 and it is permanently for a month. Product sponsor don’t come everyday and they give you free product not cold hard cash. The product sometime worth less than RM 100 also and can’t transform into money. I can’t feed my tummy with the product I received. So tell me is it that so enjoying getting free product? I am not saying it is not enjoying but I have to put some effort before you get to enjoy, it is definitely NOT free. If you ask me, I prefer to get cash from a permanent job and then buy which ever product that I think will definitely work on me rather than getting some useless sponsored product, don’t you agree with me the ENJOYMENT of shopping for new item is the BEST? Oh yes, I missed a part that I also need to spend some time to test the product, it can take minimum two weeks. I look in the mirror, compare before and after picture all of these need effort and time. This is only an example of doing a beauty product review, I have not go into doing food review or event travelogue…. Not going to share that because this post will be too darn long by then. Trust me it ain’t easy and NOTHING comes for free.

Back to what i mentioned on the first paragraph, I might stop blogging for good…. Why I said so? I loveeee blogging and attending event. It’s like my lifetime hobby and I feel sad when I am too busy and have no time to blog and attend event. I am currently at the stage of moving into another level of my life where my commitments getting more in terms of financially and also time. My friend once told me blogging are for students and teenager not for people with commitment and family which I truly agreee. Especially when I am about to get marry which is now and I had moved out and currently staying with my fiancé now that I need more time to handle my home. I need to do house chores all by myself whereby my parents used to help me when I am staying with them. Not only that, as you grow you take more responsibility at work and my workload had increased a lot over the year. I feel blogging is taking too much of my time and sometime I do feel like it’s a part of my work. I spend all my time after working hour to attend events and draft blogpost didn’t even spend more time with family or friends. My friend sometime called to ask me out and I reject them because I wanna stay home to finish my blogpost. My parents is complaining why do I spend so many time in blogging but I don’t get much reward in return. Those product piling up in my room won’t turn to food or money. To a point I think my parents is right, blogging sometime make me too carried over by it that i never think about my future but stuck in those fun time attending event and trying out new things. I just realized ever since I became active in blogging I pour in a lot of effort and time in it that I stop thinking about my future. I stop thinking how to get promoted in my work and stop thinking how to earn more money for a better future. You will understand me when you have a family as the expenses is really high. I talk about this with one of my blogger friend and she think the same too… It sort up caught us in the blue moon where we enjoy our life too much. It is not bad honestly, it depends on what you want in your life. If you like your life to be just normal and nothing impressive (i.e no travel every year) that you can continue to blog actively but for me I’m not sure I will stop blogging entirely but I will not be so active like before for sure because of my tight schedule currently. Blog is a part of my life and it’s something I love doing but it’s doesn’t give a promising future so I have to allocate my time to other more important things. Now I am not ready to let go more of my blogging events but I am reducing event invitation acceptance because my work load and wedding preparation is going crazy. I am really sad when my parents forced me to stop blogging because of one small incident that happened… They simply don’t understand how much my blog means to me… It’s not just a page it’s my planet, my space where i had plant a lot of effort to grow it till what it is today…

If you planning to start a blog and think that it’s easy just sign up for a blogpost or wordpress account and start blogging you are wrong. I always encounter question from those who just started blogging like how do I get invites, how to get high views or how to get sponsorship. Honestly, I don’t have an accurate answer for it. I started by writing reviews on restaurant I dine at and then I find beauty blogging is rather interesting I start reviewing on beauty product I purchased. I start from 0 views to 50 to 100 and then so on… I believe every blogger started from zero… I don’t have a model body and a beautiful features to help garners more views (don’t get me wrong, beautiful blogger do write some really good content but generally beautiful girl usually get more attention), I grow my views one by one by writing useful and interesting content. I join multiple communities hoping one day I will get invites and when I do, I socialize and get to know more people from the same industry and pass my name card. It is not an easy job, very similar to doing sale but I am selling my blog. I once did a event for my readers meet up and I plan the event from getting sponsor and scouting the right venue. I had to send in multiple proposal made numerous phone call and got rejected countless time. Honestly, being a blogger is not an easy job at all.. I also brushed up my html coding skill to add more features on my blog whereby I spend countless night googling for solution. So I would say to get to what I am today you got have perseverance and determination. Most importantly is you got to have time to do all this.

Now let’s move into the most interesting question, DO I get paid writing blogpost? Sometime I asked this question too because I honestly think I cannot survive depending on income from my blog that is why i always treat my blog as hobby instead of a earning tool. I never intend to blog for money before, now or future. Honestly, I never thought I would get paid writing blogpost and I am really bless to have given such opportunity. To me if I get paid is a bonus and if they don’t pay me but their product is interesting enough to capture my attention then I will still attend and blog about it. When i love something i will blog about it even I am not being paid or even the product is purchased by my own money. Now another question is should blogger being paid for blogging? Of course YES!!! We put time and effort writing the post to promote the product or brand and they usually pay a hefty amount for marketing and why they don’t pay blogger who do a real experience marketing? Funny much, companies always say they don’t have budget to pay bloggers but they hire celebrities which i think the fees to hire the celebrities is sufficient to pay a few blogger. Well I am not sure if they did pay the celebrities, I am just assuming based on my logical sense. Even that, some company pay PR company to engage blogger for campaigns but PR don’t pay blogger. Sometime I just feel my work is not appreciated at all… This company just ask to change the content without understanding that real experience is very important and even if your product has disadvantages so what? Nothing is perfect in the world right? Why not take it as a feedback and improve in the next batch? and then there is  company who think blogger are sales person asking us to sell their product and in return reward us with commission. For god sake I am not a sales person.

Oh yes speaking about PR company or owner always say there got no budget,not only that. They will try to get sympathy from us telling a lot of reason trying to cheat us into helping them to do the campaign without charging. Some tell us, for this time only next round we will have more job, or they said this event is very exclusive and say goodies worth xxx but in real it’s never like what they claim. Some PR never mentioned some of the task required before had and later on after I accepted the job they add on more task. So, lesson learned never trust anyone but yourself. If you encounter this, be firm and inform the person in charge that this is not what has been agreed. We have to fight for our own good else we will always be the one on the losing side.

I always read FB status from some blogger who post on various company inviting them for non-paid reviews. To me really there’s no right or wrong. If I am a blogger of course I will fight for my right because I spend a good number of hours to cover the event and to write the review so I need to be paid to cover my at least my petrol and all the effort i put in right? and some to pay for my lunch? I need to eat to have energy to write the post right? or at least don’t tell me to buy the product myself and do the review for you? or at least give me more product so I can do giveaway to my readers to justify the effort I put in? If I were the owner or PR, off course to make sure my company is not losing side I might not pay the blogger to get more profit. So it really depends how you look at it. So my blogger friends fight for your right don’t be cheated by what they offer you and ended up with more work to do but the return can’t even feed your hungry tummy.

Oh did I mention in blogging world there is tones of politics too…. Too many that sometime it’s worst than my office politics…. I experience all of them being back stabbed…betrayed and so on…. The world is filled with fakers and pretender… So do not trust anyone but yourself and try to be more open and let go things that already happen and you will be happier. To me it doesn’t matter who is better there’s no need to compare just do what makes you happy and just be yourself. I have learn to let go things and be myself….

Alright I think I wanna end my rant here as it’s getting to long already… Feel much better letting it out. Thanks for those who read this post. Love yall <3 <3..

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