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Hey everyone. After a long hiatus, we’re back with some exciting bites and this time for some ramen action at Ippudo Malaysia in Bangsar.

We start off with the savoury, Marinated Cream Cheese with Crispy Seaweed. The cream cheese is marinated with soy sauce. The unique taste from the soy sauce blend and cream cheese that culminate with the creamy and soft texture which melts during bite in the. The experience would further enhance if the seaweed is tad crispier which would complement the savoury.

ippu1001 Marinated Cream Cheese with Crispy Seaweed – RM 21.00++

This is how you eat the cheese!!


Serving fresh from the fryer is the, Jumbo Ebi Tempura. The jumbo tiger prawns dipped into the light tempura batter and fried till golden brown which maintained the juicy and sweet taste of prawn essences that I personally liked it. There is dipping sauces which provide radish and ginger for a blend in taste to go with the tempuras.


Jumbo Ebi Tempura – RM 38.00++

Surfing on the roll is the Ippudo Ocean Roll. Served in a ball like on the centre plate, the ocean roll is really good. After taken in whole, it filled my whole mouth with a burst of ocean flavour that is a combo combination of everything I enjoy which is crabstick, salmon, avocado and fish roe. The unique combination which is a mouthful of flavours as it has the creaminess of the avocado with the soft texture of the salmon along with fish roe.

ippu1005 Ippudo Ocean Roll – RM 18.00++

ippu1006 Ippudo Ocean Roll (Inside)

Serving hot is Ippudo’s Tokushima Ramen. The ramen itself is good before mixing with egg though its tad salty but by adding the raw egg on top add complexity to the broth, turns tad sweet and really nice to have with green onions (Negi) and bamboo shoots (Menma). The ramen topped with generous slices of pork belly (Butabara) simmered in onion fused soy sauce, making it unique and rich in taste. The key ingredient is the chicken and pork broth mixed together with dark soy sauce to create a rich and savoury flavour. .

ippu1007 Tokushima Ramen – RM 25.00++

So visit the nearest Ippudo Malaysia today and enjoy the steamy hot serving of ramen.

IPPUDO Malaysia @ BSC
Lot G110 Ground Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Jalan Maarof,59000 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Tel: 03 2011 6238

* IPPUDO is a non-halal restaurant.

Opening Hours

11am – 12am (open daily)
For more information about Tokushima Ramen @ Ippudo Malaysia, please visit



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