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IMP Studio Deep Layer – 5 step system Hair Treatment review

Good morning my loveliesss…. You all should know I bleach my hair several times and does I always in need of some hair treatment. When I saw this Deep Layer – 5 step system hair treatment I am really intrigued by it because I never try any treatment with so many step, the most I have tried so far is 3 step treatment. I did the hair treatment at IMP Studio, IMP means In My Place very meaningful name. The salon really quite cosy just like home.

The Deep Layer – 5 Step System Treatment penetrate deep into the hair to carefully repair and at the same time also repair the hair external layer. This treatment able to help the hair to achieve superb hair moisture level leading to a strong and beautiful hair. This treatment doesn’t involve any heat just applying the treatment cream on the hair. This treatment has 5 step using the below product.

The main ingredient of this Deep Layer treatment is Kerataide. It can repair the inner part of damaged hole of the hair by carefully penetrate into it. The treatment also contain Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine with water-repellent coat which has moisturizing effect on the surface of the hair. Molto Bene uses Fluorine instead of Silicone which gives artificial/fake feeling on your hair.. Fluorine is the ingredients that contain in our tooth paste for protection & glossy purpose. On the other hand, fluorine gives natural feeling smooth and soft feeling to the hair.

So the ‘1 – 5’ bottle is for salon use and the ‘H’ is for home used.  Let me explain what this 5 bottles do to my hair.
First, the staff help me wash my hair. Their hair wash is quite comfortable and they wash while I seat on the chair instead of washing while lying on the basin. So, it’s quite relaxing to have my hair washed as I sitting on the chair. I think all salon should wash hair while the client sit on the chair not on the basin as it can make the neck not so comfortable when lying on the basin for long time. After that he apply the Repair Layer ‘1’ on my hair. The stylist massaged it into sections of my hair.

After that he rinse my hair and spray on the Repair Layer ‘2’. After that he apply the Repair Layer ‘3’ and follow by hair rinsing. Then follow by Repair Layer ‘4’ which is also done on the basin. After that followed by Repair Layer ‘5’. Then it is all done!
After the hair treatment I feel my hair is very soft and smooth. Here is Before & After Picture of my hair.

This Deep Layer treatment is produced by Molto Bene brand whereby I had do a full review on their Bluria & Rougeria Hair product before at this link. They are well known for producing product with beautiful and adorables product packaging. Just look at these Loretta series… So beautiful…
Look at these cute Loretta Bottles! So adorable!! I so wanna try this!

That Damusk Rose hair mist is my new love!!! So wanna buy it home because it smell so amazing…

and these Moe Moe Floral packaging is so lovely!

Alright let’s get back to the hair treatment. Honestly, I have high expectation on the result as it says deep layer treatment. Unfortunately, just after 2 wash the softness and smoothness slowly fading off. Even after first wash I don’t feel the hair is very moisturised compared to other hair treatment. I am not sure if it was because my hair is too damaged, but when I try using other home care hair mask my hair feel more moisturised than the treatment. The home care treatment were rather mild for my hair. I felt it’s like hair conditioner instead of hair treatment. You can still try the treatment because everyone hair is different as I read some other blogger had a great result after the treatment. Got to go now, thank you for reading my review. See you in next post soon.

The special Pre-Launching price is RM 250 for 2 time treatment.

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