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La Biosthetique the Scalp Master

Hello my lovelies!! Just found out I did not publish this post….I draft this a month ago lol..Sorry I must be very busy back then that I missed out this…So enjoy reading this new product I discover!
The name La Biosthetique sound very glamour and high end. As time pass, I slowly venture into high end product now. I am not saying drug store product are not good but some high end product does produce better quality product and produce better result than drugstore product do. I used to think these high end product are so costly because of the ads they invest in and because their brand is big. Now after trying out a few high end product I never look back… They are just so good… Similar thing happen after I tried La Biosthetique Hair Scalp treatment. Before I go ahead and tell you how good it is, let me walk you through this brand.

La Biosthetique was founded by Parisian bio-chemist Marcel Contier in 1947, La Biosthetique was born from the passion to create hair and beauty products from natural pure ingredients which work in harmony with our own bio-chemistry. Their main quarter is in Paris and their state-of-the-art laboratories in Germany, La Biosthetique blends luxury Parisian service with German technology for the most effective, exquisite and exclusive products in the hair and beauty industry.


I was invited to their sharing session few weeks ago and was really happy to experience some of their product. They have very extensive range of product that will take care your hair from scalp to the ends. They specialized in scalp care which directly deals with the underlying cause that creates unwanted symptoms in scalp and hair, such as oily hair, dandruff, hair loss and more.  By directly influencing the scalp and returning it’s equilibrium, slap concerns are lastingly remedied.
The product is packaged in a clean white bottle with colour label to indicate different range. Honestly, I would prefer a more creative & unique packaging and these packaging usually catches my attention when I am browsing around. That being said, I do not hate La Biosthetique packaging just that it is not something I would go crazy over. Well content is more important, who cares about packaging if the product is good right?

LaBiosthetiquescalpreview5_thumb[2] Hair Cheveux Longs Series
LaBiosthetiquescalpreview6_thumb[2] Anti Ageing & Anti Pelliculaire Hair range

On that day, Alex run a scalp test on Samia to find out her scalp condition.


and Elana get to tryout La Biosthetique welcome massage. This is what you will be experiencing when you do any La Biosthetique treatment at respective salon.


After the session, I went to Andy Ho Couture Hair Salon to tryout the hair scalp treatment. Like what I mentioned above I really love La Biosthetique scalp care product even I only used it once. I had fallen in love with them and planning to buy them very soon (after I finish my current hair product). I specifically love the Visarome Dynamique E, Essential Oil Complex. It’s a essential oil which is applied onto scalp. It has relaxing citrusy scent which helps soothes the scalp and promote hair growth. When I arrived at the salon, I was seated down with a cup of tea followed with scalp test. Test result show that i had sensitive scalp so he suggest to use the sensitive range to treat my scalp. After that he proceed to give me a welcome massage, where I was asked to breathe in the scent from the essential oil before he start massaging. It’s just so so relaxing! Right after, the stylist applied clarifying lotion to remove dead cell and also soften any red patches. After that he wash my hair with a lot of massage to deeply cleanse my scalp. After the hair wash, he apply lotion to bring back the nutrition to my scalp as well as to prevent sensitive scalp.

I must say this is the most relaxing hair treatment I had ever tried so far…. Every step was done with massaging motion and the product has a very lovely relaxing scent. I was very happy with the result because it has been about one week but my hair lost is greatly reduced…. However my hair oiliness still quite the same maybe because I am really stressed out with things that happen lately…. I also observed my hair is less tangled compare to before the treatment which I am so happy!! Hair combing become so much easier now…The stylist recommend to use the sensitive range home care to further treat my scalp. Probably because I did not use the home care product so the scalp were still oily. I can’t wait to finish my current hair product then I can try this sensitive range.
Guess it’s the end of this post. Thank you for reading my blog. See you soon…Bye Bye…

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