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Tips of Choosing Hair Salon for you Hair Makeover

Good morning girlssss!! How was your week so far… It’s getting near to my Europe trip. I am so excited. This whole month I am keeping my hair very well because I am taking my prewedding photoshoot soon so I need my hair to look the best. Speaking about that, I have been sticking with Frank Salon for quite some time now. Frank Salon has all the criteria that I looking for in a hair salon. So today I will share with you my tips of choosing a good Hair Salon for your beautiful crown and also share with you why I have been sticking to Frank Salon for so long!

1. Location

We were all busy woman, aren’t you? We have to go to work, take care of child (if you are married with kids), take care of the house, and for me taking care my blog and many other daily errands. If the salon located thousand miles away I don’t think I have time to travel there every time. I love Frank Salon because it’s located in Bangsar and it’s just 20 minutes away from my house without traffic jam off course and there is plenty of parking slot because it is located in Nexus Bangsar South. Usually, I will head to Midvalley for shopping or just have lunch at Nexus. There is plenty of food option to choose from. So convenient!!

Frank Salon Review1

2. Hair Stylist Skill Set

I usually go salon for hair colouring and hair rebonding. I hate when my hair is burnt or totally damaged after hair colouring process. I also hate when my hair colour look patchy and uneven. Been to number of Hair Salon and I must say so far in my opinion, Frank Salon has the best hair colouring skill and also Frank hair styling (typically hair curling) is so so stunning! Let me show you some of the pretty colours and curls Frank made! Don’t they look stunning? The colour look so even and smooth…

Frank Salon Curls

Oh another point is, I love massages. So I hate when stylist who wash my hair during hair colouring does not massage my head because I am not paying full price for hair washing. There is no such thing in Frank Salon, they will wash your hair nicely and massage your head and neck. Look for the lady boss, she is the best for hair wash!! She makes my head feel so so relaxed!

3. Hair Product

It’s important to know what product they are using. There is a reason behind the expensive hair makeover bill. I tried the normal salon that doesn’t cost a bomb and I say it makes a huge difference to pay more sometime. Some salon uses product which contains strong chemical that will complete the job fast for instance hair bleaching, but it makes your hair become so so damaging… At Frank Salon, they uses a mild hair bleaching agent and they have to apply onto section by section whereas other salon just apply onto big session and takes lesser time for the chemical to absorbed. I find good product doesn’t have chemical scent that are too strong. They also uses Milbon and Tigi product for my hair which smell so good and does not damaged my hair.

Frank Salon4 Sam applying bleaching agent into every hair section

4. Hair Stylist Friendliness

I can’t handle stylist that are too ego and doesn’t give a damn. I like stylist that take care of my hair and also myself when I am having my hair done. Frank salon’s hairstylist were all very friendly and accommodating. They would ask if I want to order food and will refill my tea when I finish my tea. So no worries at all, just sit back and relax. The hair makeover will done in no time.

5. Facilities

It’s 20th centuries so WIFI is a must!! I banned all salon that does not provide wifi!! Because I need to be on FB when I got nothing to do especially during hair makeover. Some time I do my work when I at salon. Oh and please I need magazines in English not just Mandarins. Off course good and updated magazine okay not those crappy magazine  Here in Frank Salon, there is a spot for customer to sit if they are waiting for their turn or for their partner to relax while waiting. My only comment it I wish they place a cushion on the wooden bench…

Frank Salon Review4

Okie girls…That’s all from me today… You have any preferred Hair Salon? What is your main concern when choosing Hair Salon? Tell me all about it. Hope to see you in next blogpost soon…. XOXO.

Disclaimer: My hairdo was sponsored by Frank Salon but I was not paid to do this review nor being ask to write review in such way. All written above are based on my honest opinion. Personally I do really love Frank Salon work on my hair and the salon environment (not being too crowded). 

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