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CO2 Hair & Scalp Treatment at Daisuke Salon

Holaaaaa Holaaaa!! So so so happy to be able to type and share my experience with you girls again… So, where did you went last weekend? Did you went for a getaway out of your boring working life? or my maybe you just sleep at home? In my case I have been staring at my computer searching info on my upcoming trip for 3 days and another day I went and settle some errands…. I was about to go crazy because I am looking at the same information again and again. Finally, I complete most of the findings and that is why I feel so happy that I have time to draft this post!! WooHoo…… Now back on the topic today, I believe CO2 is not a new word to you. CO2 often presence in soft drinks that add some fizz and also enhance the taste of water. So what can it do to our hair? I am as curious as you when I first saw it. Read on to find out benefits of CO2 to our crowning glory.

Daisuke Salon Review16

CO2 Scalp & Hair Treatment

So I went to Daisuke Salon to try this treatment and surprisingly it only cost additional RM 28.00 on top of any hair service you do in Daisuke Salon, this is really great deal. Say you want to cut your hair, so you only top up RM 28.00 for this treatment. I was happy that there is a dedicated parking for me in front of the salon!! You can see me standing behind my car at the glass reflection.. LOL

Daisuke Salon Review3

Inside Daisuke Salon, I feel like I walk into a hidden secret garden…How lovely it look? It’s a different setup here in Daisuke Salon, instead of half body mirror with table top; I was seated in front of a huge full body mirror on a black straw sofa. You will not be seeing chair that can be rotate or move like common salon have.

Daisuke Salon Review1

So what is this CO2 Scalp & Hair Treatment? What can CO2 do to our scalp?? Do you know it’s important to take care of your scalp? A dead scalp means you will not get healthy hair. Scalp is where all nutrient is delivered to each strand of your hair. Often our scalp is damaged caused by weather, chemical treatment and daily stress. Obviously my hair is on the way to hell… With numerous hair colouring and the stress I have now, I can imagine my scalp crying for help!! Some of the symptom of bad hair scalp air oily hair scalp even after hair wash, itchy scalp and hair lost. This scalp treatment is using the Soda Spa Foam and also the Bubble Spa machine to revive my hair scalp.

Soda Spa Foam is a fine, rich foam created from carbon dioxide. Applying this foam on hair and face help brings bring back the shine to your hair and skin.

The Carbonic Acid Bubble Spa is a head spa system which help to shampoo and rinse the hair using carbonated water to activate the scalp and hair. This bubble spa contains carbon dioxide spring water which is very good in promoting blood circulation, and activate skin metabolism and the bubbles helps to remove dirt from scalp easier. The dirt such as oils and chemicals cannot be removed by normal shampoo.


First, the stylist wash my hair with shampoo and rinse with water. After which he use the bubble spa to run through my hair for 1  minute. It feels like a lot of bubbles is spraying on my scalp. I can hear bloop bloop bloop as he runs the bubble spa on my hair. The pressure from the bubble spa were strong but not hurting just like strong head massage. Continue for another round of shampooing and this time he runs bubble spa for 4 minutes.

Daisuke Salon Review6

Right after, he apply the spa foam onto my damp hair. Ohh boy I love the feeling on my hair… It smell nice and the tingling feeling make my head feel relaxed… He then rinse off and apply conditioner on my hair. As usual, blow drying and style my hair nicely…. Let me show you the dirt that the treatment has removed…

Daisuke Salon co2 scalp hair Review all chemicals,dirt and oil is removed from hair

I was shocked to see so many oil residues on the bowl… Oh well, I did a lot of colouring and thus the thick residue…ewwww it look gross I know.

Nah Nah here is my before and after picture. Not sure if you can see from picture my feel more airy after the treatment,especially after hairwash just 2 days after the treatment.

Daisuke Salon co2 scalp hair treatment

zoomed in picture of my hair scalp after hairwash at home… Super clean scalp and airy hair!

Daisuke Salon co2 scalp hair Review1

Thank you to Sven, my stylist for making my hair look so beautiful!

IMG_8389 F

Soda spa foam Home care

The Bubble Spa Foam can also be use at home to maintain the hair scalp condition and also improve skin radiance.


Here is how to use it!!

I normally use this soda spa foam on my face when I want to wash my hair. I will apply the foam on my face first then the remaining I put on my scalp and hair. This also helps me reduce waiting time, because while I wait for my face I am also waiting for my hair. Kill two birds with one stone. Sometime I do apply the foam on my skin and continue to do work on my laptop. I just love the feeling when the foam were on my skin. It smooth like whipped cream minus the sweetness and stickiness feeling. The nice scent and the fresh tingling sensation helps brings my mood up and relax my stressful brain.

Daisuke Salon Review14

p/s: excuse my ugly face!

Ai, owner of Daisuke Salon said with prolong use blackheads will be removed. I am really waiting for the days to come. I used it for twice now. I find it clears my skin impurities and my skin look much brighter. I will update later on if it helps on my blackheads ya.

Soda spa foam Review

Oh and yes I did also use the foam on my hair. Every time I use the foam, my hair feel softer, less tangle and lighter too… I absolutely love the effects of the foams… The fact that you only need a small amount to apply on face and for hair maybe slightly more. I just love the after effect, look at my below happy smiling hair!

Daisuke Salon Review16

Alright I think I write too much didn’t I? Apology on that because it’s been so long since I last draft a post. Lastly thank you for reading my blog and for your constant support!!!

Daisuke Salon de Coiffure
Address: Unit No. 25-01 (Three Two Square Opposite of Toyota Service Centre), Ground Floor, Block C, Dataran 32, No. 2, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-79600 140
CO2 Scalp & Hair Treatment: RM 28 on top of any hair service at Daisuke Salon
Soda Spa Foam: RM 120 (NP) | RM 100 (Promo while stock last)

Alright lovely bye bye!!! XOXO


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