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New Spotlight Opening at The Mines Shopping Mall

Woohooo Spotlight is opening more outlet and now for those of you who live in Seri Kembangan, Belakong or Sg Long you don’t need to travel so far to shop for you household need, party supplies and colourful fabrics. It’s more fun to shop here then Ikea but this is not quite similar to Ikea…. Ikea has more furniture and in Spotlight you can find home furnishing, household supplies, bedding supplies, Home Decor, Fashion Fabric, Craft, Hobby and party supplies and many more.

Do you know Spotlight guaranteed that they offer the lowest price for all their item? If you find a cheaper price for same item they will beat it by 10% off! HOW AMAZING??

Spotlight Mines17

I was so happy when i reach that i went in shopping till I forget the time and then the PR come and inform the launch is about to start!!! I didn’t even took the main entrance picture as I was overwhelm by all the beautiful choices inside!

Spotlight Mines29 Tony, Eva & Jacqui giving a introduction on Spotlight and share some insights of Spotlight.

We then went on for shop tour around spotlight… Me, Carolyn & Caroline have hard time following the tour…. We go crazy when we saw these beautiful fabric and we stopped for few minutes admiring the fabric before continuing the tour. LOL… Now let me walk you through the huge store…

Spotlight Mines19

The vintage floral choice is exquisites…. I want to buy them!! Wait for more campaign so I can buy them home!!!! Olalalaaaa….

Spotlight Mines16

and Hello Kitty Fan, these are for you…You can buy these fabrics and make your own bedsheet.. Or if you into dress making you can also get your fabric supplies here..The available print is so stunning!

Spotlight Mines18

I actually bought a piece of pink polka dot fabric here and has use it for my recent March Shopping Haul video. You can check them out here:

Hehehe cute Hello Kitty Sewing Machine..

Spotlight Mines25

All accessories you need to make your dress is available here…
 Spotlight Mines28

Arissa were with us that day to show us her creation of Elsa’s spring dress using material that can be found in Spotlight . She fabricate it from scratch… Super amazing..

Spotlight Mines30

Bedding choices is massive too… and I just got to know that only Malaysian will use BOLSTER… Seriously? I really have no idea on this and fret not Spotlight has specifically add in a Bolster range for us Malaysian!

Spotlight Mines5

Spotlight Mines6

Spotlight Mines10

The towel variety in Spotlight is awesome too.. I have bought one which cost RM 29.99 (the one in below picture), they are made from 100% cotton and feel so soft on my skin! I want to buy one more now because it’s just so good.. The size of it just good not too small like I can’t even cover my body till my thigh (if you get what i mean).

Spotlight Mines3

The towel I bought also have polka dot design instead of plain colour…The polka dot design is much smoother and not so good at absorbing water type I feel.. You gotta touch it with your hand to find out.. I have no idea how to describe in words!

Spotlight Mines4 
That said, Spotlight offer a few range of towel to suit you budget… They have as low as RM 17.99 each for towel but of course not as soft as the one I bought. There is also those higher end priced at RM 50 and up.. Very similar to those I used at 5 star hotel! Just so good!

Spotlight Mines2
Lots of cushion and pillow to choose for decorating your living hall….

Spotlight Mines1

Those who love gardening Spotlight also cater this for you..

Spotlight Mines11

and look at these decorative item…..OMG i so gonna buy them when my house is ready…Now I’ll start saving first!

Spotlight Mines9

The blue colour choices is so attractive…I so wanna start buying but no place to store them yet!

Spotlight Mines7

and this wording…OMG beautiful!

Spotlight Mines8

For those who interested in craft you can get all sort of template, papers, decorative material and etc….

Spotlight Mines21  Spotlight Mines26

Pattern card for scrapbooking.. I bought these for my product photoshoot background…

Spotlight Mines27

Looking to organize a party? here you everything you need under one roof!

Spotlight Mines24 Costume from your favourite Disney character
Spotlight Mines31 Balloons
Spotlight Mines23 Props to complete your costume

There is also kitchen supplies for you self taught chef and baker….

Spotlight Mines32
Spotlight Mines33 
Spotlight Mines34

Well I guess this tour took a little long than I expected… Hehe thank you so much for reading till the end and lots of love from me!!! Before I end this post, Spotlight,The Mines is having grand opening Sales from 11th-21st April 2015. So check them out now before the sale is gone…

30% off all costumes and wigs
30% off all yarn
30% off all fabrics
30% off all sheets (excludes red hot prices)
30% off all towels (excludes red hot prices
50% off entire ready to hang venetian blinds

p/s: I think the product choices and quality at Spotlight is amazing… It’s true not everything is cheap here but you get better design and quality so it’s impossible to get similar design and quality at similar price. Go and have a visit and let me know what you think!

Spotlight – Seri Kembangan Branch
L4-16, The Mines Shopping Mall,
Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City 43300
Selangor Darul Ehsan.



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