Heart to Heart Talk

Hello lovelies… Thanks for reading this post… This is nothing related to beauty or anything just something personal that I love to share with you guys… 2015/ 2016 is a big year for me… That being said means I will be very very busy planning everything from my honeymoon to Europe to my upcoming Wedding in 2016 and also moving into my house which I have not start planning on the renovation and furnishing yet as well as my upcoming project of my own.

I just want to let you guys know I really love catching up with all of you on my blog, writing blogpost and doing video sharing tips and experience on everything I tried to steal times out to catch up with you guys but sadly not much time left as I have to allocate time for things that I am planning right now. I wish there’s 72 hour a day? It’s sad but I have to tell you I might not be able to post up as much as before for these few months…. It’s not that I want to be away but I have so many things on hand. I promise I’ll be back to usual as August come. Give me some time to settle some of my personal stuff okay?? Just know I love you guys a lot.. I read every single comments and I try to reply as much as I could…

It make me feel very sad because I used to write every weekday now I am so tied up with my Europe trip planning and also my wedding planning. I don’t have enough time to do everything in a short time. I tried waking up early but all the task is draining my energy. I feel so tired that I just wanna pass out on my bed… There’s time when inspiration come and when I did not type for a day or two I miss typing on my keyboard but I can’t find even a minute to type a word.. I have to drag myself to do other planning….

i miss you glitter kitty

That aside, 2015 is a happy year for me and my blog… With all your support my blog has achieve really great milestone that I couldn’t wait to share with you guysss… I am also going for my dream trip of almost a month… Sure there’s a lot of changes from my initial plan but it all went well… Praying everything will go on smoothly…. My friends told me rainbow comes after rain and that’s so true… Good things come to those who wait… Alright I guess I will just stop here… Too much blabbering… Hahaha… By the way do checkout my latest video which I have film it for three time before getting it right. …

So let me know what you think about that video ya…. Got to go for now… Sending hugs to all of you… Muackssssss!


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