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[GIVEAWAY] A Luxury Gift for Mother’s Day

Hey beautiful.. How you been doing.. I manage to steal a few hours out just to share with you this beautiful surprise I got from Bloom This. I just can’t wait any more day to show you all the beautiful creation I have arrange using the flowers I receive from Bloom This.


Honestly speaking I thought it would be another bouquet of flowers that I received before in the past and I am a little sceptical to agree to take this up. I do really love flowers… Sometime I ask Thomas to help me buy some flowers from the shop nearby his office and bring home… Well it’s kinda hassle to drive to the shop and went down to grab the flowers and they usually just wrapped the flowers in newspaper unless you willing to pay extra penny for beautiful wrapping. I feel stupid paying hefty amount on the wrapping not the flowers…

So I met with the owner of Bloom This and she show me how Bloom This works.. We get along well as we both love flowers…. and after understanding how Bloom This work I am impressed… So I decided to take this up and here I am to share with you the 5 top benefits of getting your fresh flower supplies from Bloom This.

p/s: Do read till the end of the post to join my giveaway to win a Beautiful Surprise for your Mum this Mother’s Day. I am not giving out one but two beautiful surprise!!

1. You get the FRESHEST Flower Supplies at Your Door Step

Okay you can get fresh flower from a few florist but some are already few days sitting in the shop, you never know? I see florist peeling off the petals because they already dry out and changed colour. Bloom This deliver freshest flower to your door step on every Thursday. All flowers arrived on the day before and packed for delivery on Thursday. So the flowers are all fresh and newly picked. I was so happy when i see the beautiful flowers waiting for me to rearrange them.


Looked in details of the colours of the flowers, they look really fresh! In fact they are really really fresh! Some of the flowers even have not bloom yet.. I love flowers that are not fully bloom yet so i can see them bloom and they last longer too!


2. Bloom This Packaged the flower in the most Elegant and Simple Way

Have you ever gotten a bouquet of flower and find it very hard to unwrapped to put it into vase. It usually took me at least 15 minutes to tear away those tapes and colour plastic wrapper and then to trim the rotten stem away. Most of the time those flower is wrap with a thick cotton all over making the stem to rot faster.

imagesee the thick cotton covering the stem? source

Bloom this used a water capsule to individually keep the flower moist and not putting too much water on it. When I take out the flower from the capsule the stem were in good condition.

Bloom This5

Bloom This packaged their flowers in a simple box with tissue paper tie with a beautiful ribbon which can be unwrapped in less than one minute. It look simple but elegant. Totally love the simple packaging because I hate tearing those plastic part and making whole floor fill with leaves… My only comment is I wish the box is in colour instead of the normal brown box but well I am not complaining because the price they offered i such a good deal.

Bloom This1

Bloom This3  Delicately wrapped underneath a beautiful tissue paper.

3. You can arrange the flower into different vase and place them in your preferred spot

Since the flower delivered fresh at my door step and in a relatively easy to handle packaging, I can rearrange them into different vase. Also these fresh flower last for 6days now and I change them to a different vase after three days… I first placed them in a glass as I don’t have a vase yet but the flower barely can stand because the glass is too light…

Bloom This8

p/s: sorry for my messy table

Since I was too busy to get a vase, I thought of using marble to add weights and also serve as a decorations.. Nice or not my flowers?? hehe..still pickung up flower arrangement skills.

Bloom This11

Bloom This12

I trim away those rotten stem and withered flowers, changed the water and placed them in a smaller vase. Do they look beautiful?

Bloom This flower

4. Bloom This not only selling the flowers but they educate you the type of flowers you get and how to take care of them!

Not only just selling flowers to consumer or just merely a greeting card or a message notes, Bloom This set to educate consumers on the flowers they are getting.

Bloom This10 Greetings and ways how to take car of the flowers.

Bloom This9 Discount code and flower name.

5. Affordable Price

They send me 5 types of flowers like Eustoma, Peacock, Acapanthus, Rose and Matthiola. All in all there is more than 10 stalks of flowers. I pay RM 49 for all this but now they do not sell classic ones anymore. They only sell signature which priced at RM 69 with more flowers and nicer packaging. To think of, I ask Thomas to buy me Lily from the shop nearby his office and it cost RM 6 each and imagine 10 stalk already cost RM 60 so RM 49 were definitely worthy plus it deliver to you for free if you live in KL. Oh yes that Lily were only wrapped in newspaper.

Additionally, I have not seen any of these flower except rose and maybe peacock and I believe they don’t come cheap especially Acapanthus. The Eustoma flower last the longest and it is still blooming as of now…. Beautiful… At least I know most of the money I pay goes to the flower not just the packaging.

Seriously there is no reason to not choose Bloom This for gifting and to purchase to decorate your home. Bloom. This gives reveive a unique experience unboxing the blooming surprise.

So how this work? You can subscribe for Signature which is one off subscription or go for Quinzena for 2 time per month (sent fortnightly) or Sabbath 4 time per month (sent weekly). The pricing get cheaper as you select the higher range. They are the same flower just that you subscribe for a few delivery instead of one.


Like I mentioned they send flower every Thursday you cannot change to other day but you can request Bloom This to send your flower on the specific Thursday you want. For example if you subscribe for Quinzena, you supposed to get one on the first week and another one on the third week; you can opt for them to come on first and second week or second and third week. You can do so buy leaving them a note after you made your payment.

So Mother’s Day is coming up very soon so this is a perfect gift for your mother. Alternatively, this is also a great gift to brighten your days. I love to have flower around my house, they make whole ambiance so beautiful and relaxing. Smells good too. Now I have two good news for you my lovely reader.


If you want to buy Quinzena which cost RM 98 for 2 bouquets you get 20% OFF using this code “BTCINDY20”. So it’s only RM 78.40 for two bouquet which cost RM 39.20 each. Such a great values…. I’m getting mine too!! Woohooo…

** This code only valid for first 5 readers who redeem it (first come first serve basis). So be QUICK!

and the BIG GOOD NEWS is GIVEAWAY time!!!! I will be giving out 2 Signature Bloom This for this Mother’s Day. So try your luck kay? Winner will be choosen randomly!

So just complete all the task in below Rafflecopter app and wait for good news from me ya!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alright girls, thank you for reading my post and Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mum in the world.

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