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Bangkok 6D/5N Day 3: Thongsomboon Club, Pak Chong

Continuing my Bangkok Trip, sorry it took so long! Today I want to share with you the fun time we had in Thongsomboon Club.

Thongsomboon Club (3)

Thongsomboon Club a adventure park located in the middle of the most beautiful Thai country side with mountain peaks rising the distance, just near Khao Yai National Park -Nakhon Ratchasima.
Thongsomboon Club (12)

There is a varieties of activities and fun rides to explore that I never expect it could be so so fun.

Thongsomboon Club1 Covered Wagon for guest, for overnight rate checkout this link.

You can spend a 2D1N here and get some real cowboys experience. It only cost 2500 Baht that include accommodation, entrance to 10 adventures and 2 scrumptious meals.  There is bunch of activities that you can look forward to.

Thongsomboon Club (13)

Speaking about cowboys, if you need to ride a horse, you can! It’s available for kids and adults!


Paint gun where you can practice your shooting skill or ask your enemy to play along and shoot him for some revenge (just joking)


We took Sky Lift up the mountain to take the Luge & Flying Fox. They provide us umbrella so we were covered from the sun. Haha so sorry about my messy hair..this is the only picture I have..


Ever try sliding on a luge??? No? You really should!! A must!!! This is so so so fun!! We had an amazing time playing this and wish to play it again!! We don’t mind playing for 3 more time!

Thongsomboon Club (15)

Let’s slide!!!!

Thongsomboon Club (17)

Woohooo so fun!!!!!!!


Oh yes you can do Flying Fox too!!! Enjoy the breeze and the beautiful mountain view as you fly down…

Thongsomboon Club (16)

Take a ATV ride, it was exciting but my butt kinda hurts…

image Richard on the ride

Go Kart is freaking amazing… Never tried Go Kart car with these kind of structure before!


Oh try Rolling Ball?? Make Sure your tummy is not full else you may end up feeling dizzy and nausea.


Hahaha try this fun Dry Sledge……. Super breezy and exciting..


There are still many more activities and I am surprised that this park offer so many fun rides. When we first arrived I felt ermmmm this seem like nothing too interesting.. When we ride the first ride, the ATV we feel totally different…especially when we try the Luge!!!! Happiest moment!!! Remember to visit this park if you are travelling to Bangkok, it’s only 1.5 hour away from Bangkok.

Attraction Name : Thongsomboon Club
Address : 119 Moo 10 Pakchong-hualam Rd., Pakchong, Nakhornratchasrima 30130, Thailand
Tel : +66 044-312248
Official Website:
Nearby Attraction: Palio Village, Khao Yai National Park
Things to Do: ATV, Luge, flying Fox, Horse Ride, Sightseeing, Photography

Thank you for reading this post.. I got to go….sending hugs to all of you!! XOXO


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