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innisfree Malaysia Shop Tour + Product Review

Annyeonghaseyo!! Did you read my last week post?? It was the launch of my favourite Korean Brand innisfree, bring you product made from the essence of Jeju Island! I will bring you to a little shop tour as they have a huge range of product for your skin, hair, body and cosmetic too. Oh do you know there is also skin and body care range for men too??? As I bring you through the tour I will list the price range and will talk about some of the product that I have already try and some of the must buy item from innisfree. So do crap a cup of tea or coffee and read till end of the post… To begin, this store reflect mini Jeju Island as the main counter portray a mini garden that impersonate beauty of Jeju Island.

Innisfree Malaysia18

and yes Christmas season is here it’s time to choose some gifts for your loved ones! innisfree has prepared a number of special package set at an affordable price.

Innisfree Malaysia41

Hohoho Santa is here… Do you want a Christmas gift? Who doesn’t right? Head to as I am giving away product from Etude House, L’Oreal, Cremorlab, Collection Cosmetic and many more…
As impressive as the range is the people behind innisfree are very down to earth and that makes an awesome shopping experience in innisfree. This girl is working in innisfree in Korea, she came here to help train the staff in Malaysia. She such a sweet girl!

Innisfree Malaysia26

I couldn’t recall how huge the range was when I am in innisfree Seoul, Korea until that night when I have sufficient time to tour the shop, BAM it was huge. The skincare alone cover for young teenager to middle age and mature skin! Impressive!!

Innisfree Malaysia13

Now the first range in the store is the Whitening range. The price range from RM 65 – RM 142 and has product like toner, whitening lotion & cream (moisturizer), eye cream, serum, essence, sleeping pack.
 Innisfree Malaysia1
The White C Double Serum from this range is one of the best seller priced at RM 142 for 30ml. It helps to brightens and moisturize skin through it’s unique formula of vitamin C extracted from Jeju’s organic tangerine skin complete with green tea.

Next we have Wrinkle Care series…. If you have wrinkle then this range is said to help erase away wrinkles. Price range RM 94 – 135 and has product like toner, lotion & cream (moisturizer), serum, spot essence, eye cream.

Innisfree Malaysia2
Their star product Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence, RM 135 for 25ml. An anti-wrinkle spot essence with natural-derived retinol that provides intensive treatment for wrinkles with the powerful regenerative energy of pure Jeju sea plants.

Innisfree Malaysia30

Then we also have the Moisturizing range also know as green tea range. This range has product for oily, combination & dry skin. Price range RM 20 – 65 and has product like toner, lotion & cream (moisturizer), serum, essence, eye cream, face mist, sleeping pack.

Innisfree Malaysia3

Innisfree Malaysia4

Right now they have the Balancing Skin range for Combination Skin promo package for RM 90, great as Christmas gift for friends. You will receive The Green Tea Seed Serum, 80ml, Balancing Skin (Toner) 70ml and Balancing Lotion, 70ml. I bought this set earlier and I really love the fresh scent however I don’t quite like the lotion as it leave a sticky feeling on my skin for about 20minutes or so and then it will be fully absorb and sticky feeling gone. I think I should buy the individual moisturiser for oil skin. However the The Green Tea Seed Serum, RM 90 for 80ml and toner feels good on my skin. The serum has a water-like texture and it boasts a five-times better moisturizing power after use and increases the moisture content inside the skin up to 66& while decreasing the amount of dead skin cell by 76% keeping the face effortlessly crystal clean. For result wise I will have to do a separate post for it as I just used it once only.

Innisfree Malaysia5

Alright done the first quarter of shop tour…. Are you still following me? Pore care will manage your pores by deep cleansing and reduce it’s appearance. Price range RM 60– 80 and has product like tone , essence, pack & cream, pore pad.

Innisfree Malaysia10

The Skin smoothing range featuring product made from red wine. Enjoy a clear and soft jelly-like skin with wine hydrating peeling. Price range RM 40– 49 and has product like jelly mask, jelly sleeping pack, jelly scrub, peeling jelly softener. I must say this whole range is the most interesting ones…. I wanted to buy the entire range but ah I am broke. Next round I will grab the jelly mask or jelly sleeping pack!!! It has an amazing scent too… If you have the budget just buy this ya!!!

Innisfree Malaysia6

Perfect repair are for mature skin good for your mama or sisters…. Manage the sign of aging of your skin. Price range RM 135– 235 and has product like toner, lotion, serum, essence, cream & eye cream.
Innisfree Malaysia7 DSC06268

Trouble care for those who have acne problem. Experience the effective trouble-soothing action of the nutmeg from Jeju. Price range RM 135– 235 and has product like toner, lotion, spot essence.

Innisfree Malaysia9

Another favourite range was the Volcanic. The ever famous Volcanic Clay Mask which said to help to deep cleanse your pores and absorbs sebum to intensively resolve pore concerns.


The newly improved Super Volcanic Clay Mask is priced at RM 52 for 100ml and if you purchase now you get a Pore Cleansing Foam, 30ml and Pore Toner, 70ml for free. This mask feel so good… It has a cooling sensation not tingling at all and it really cleanse my skin and feel so fresh after using it. I also love how smooth it spread on my skin not like other clay which can be hard to spread on. You have to get it, everyone is raving how good it is… So far I already receive 3 order from my friend asking my help to help them buy!!!


There is also Nutri-Moisturizing & Firming range….

Alright we are halfway through… Now let’s move the the body range and cleansing range. They have quite a number of scent and type.… I was too busy buying the product so I did not capture closed up picture of these range so I am unable to tell the price… If my memory serve me right it’s from RM 20 and up.

Innisfree Malaysia14

Now I want to talk about the Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water, RM 49 for 300ml. It’s so refreshing and so effective in removing light makeup and lipstick not for waterproof makeup though. Me and Sabby keep going back to use them to remove the lipstick colour we swatch on our hand… We love it so much but we didn’t buy because our makeup remover is way too many at home collecting dust! Seriously if you looking for makeup remover you should get this!!!

Innisfree Malaysia34

Another favourite section is the varieties of Sheet Mask at RM 4 each… SO affordable and the Capsule Recipe Pack (sleeping pack) at RM 10 each (can be used 2-3times). You have to, I repeat have to get their mask!!! It’s just so cooling and so good…
 Innisfree Malaysia33

Innisfree Malaysia32

Men range is available for your man too…

Innisfree Malaysia24

Also beauty tools like brushes, cotton pad and comb at an affordable price from RM 5 to RM 50.

Innisfree Malaysia17

Now let’s move on to the favourite part the cosmetic and nail polishes!!!

I have not try their nail polish but I have been looking every where for glitter nail polish at RM 10 or less but no luck until I saw innisfree glitter nail polish with several choices on the colours at on RM 10!! Such a good deal!

Innisfree Malaysia20

The tint lip mousse are on of the best seller… It’s like those Lip Tint that dry to matte finish…

Innisfree Malaysia25

Contouring (RM 49) and highlighter (RM 28 | RM 40). I swatch the colour it look quite light suitable for those with fair skin! Blusher (RM 28) has a few colour to choose from. I did not tried this but I have one blusher from innisfree and they look very natural on my skin.

Innisfree Malaysia15

Mineral Eyeshadow (RM 20) pretty cheap but colour not so pigmented… However they are quite smooth and not too chalky.

Innisfree Malaysia22

Quite a massive range of lip product. Lip gloss, lip tint, lip cream, lipstick…Price Range RM 17- RM 49.

Innisfree Malaysia16

Their Cream Tint Lipstick are best seller at RM 49. Here I show you the swatch!

Innisfree Malaysia21

There is also primer with colour correcting tones like green, purple and pink priced at RM 49. I bought the No-Sebum primer at RM 49. OMG I love this so much.. It really help control my oil and it does not feel too dry and I still can blend my foundation easily. I also bought the No Sebum Loose Powder. It feel so smooth on my skin and with medium oil control function. There is also CC cream priced at RM 75.


Foundation, Concealer and Cushion BB Cream also available. I don’t recall the pricess but the cushion should be RM 80 each. I tried the cushion BB and it’s pretty good just not as smooth as Laneige one but well this is cheaper!


All right we are almost at the end of the tour and one last product will be their hand cream.. I find the packaging really pretty I wish I can collect all of them… Only RM 15 each….
Innisfree Malaysia36

and one very cool thing is this Clean Box. You can bring all your tool to the store and the staff will then sterilized for you. It need not to be from innisfree any brand also can be sterilized at innisfree with No Charge at all. YES it’s FREE!!


Hurry head to innisfree Sunway Pyramid to get you beauty supplies before the promotion end. Here are the running promotion:

– Spend RM300 & above you will receive a Limited Edition Eco Launching Bag and stand a chance to win a ticket to meet Lee Min Ho in person at innisfree Festa  2015! Tickets are limited in 100 lucky Eco Launching Bags only!
– Spend RM210 & above to receive a set of Green Tea Balancing Kit
– Spend RM120 & above to receive a set of Cleansing Kit
– Spend RM30 & above to receive a Lee Min Ho’s bromide and 1pc of sheet mask


And this is the end of my post. I really hope you find this post useful as I spend a whole day typing this.

“Question: Are you eyeing any of the above product?”

Let me know in the comment what you have purchase or planning to purchase!! Hehe till then happy shopping at innisfree. Bye Bye!!

For more info please checkout FB Page and Official Website

Lot G1.130A, Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
Bandar Sunway, Selangor
Opposite of Bobbi Brown and same level as Lovisa & Sephora



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