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Kracie Everything Kawaii & Lovely

Konnichiwa, how you girls doing this week?? I am going to load this post with lot’s of kawaii, cute, adorable and lovely product and girls too!!! Kracie has a wide range of product such as haircare, skincare and body care too… Kracie is from Japan and is now available in Malaysia.


Oh and I am going to transform myself into little Kawaii Girl too…. Tadaaaa here is how I look… I feel I am young again, do you think the same too??

Kracie review15

Do I look cute?? Close up of my Kawaii Makeup & Accessories!

Kracie review

Few weeks ago I was at Kracie Kawaii Gathering with fellow butterflies… Everyone look super adorables and cute!!! Gonna spam with lots of our Kawaii picturess!

Kracie review7-horz

Kracie review14 me with fishee
Kracie review10with cute bendan!
Kracie review11 with Janice, Melody & Furfer
Kracie review12with Tammy, look at her green hair!!!
Kracie review13with my kawaii girls!

Okay now let me show you some of their product!! Kracie product has really lovely packaging. It’s sweet with the main girly colour like pink and orange. Not only the packaging is sweet, the scent can make girls fall in love with them!!! Check them out now!
  Kracie review20
We were introduced to the Ichikami range for our hair! I really love all the packaging and the scent incorporated in it! Ichikami product range uses Japanese Botanical Essences to repair not only existing hair damage but also to protect hair from future damages. The main ingredient in this Inchikai range is rice bran. Japanese ladies in the pass believe that rice water can  protect their hair leaving long and silky hair.  Thus, Kracie incorporate this ingredient in this Ichikami hair range.

Kracie review27
I have try this smooth care shampoo the other day! I love how smooth my hair is after that…. This smooth care series has the cherry blossom sweet scent, it smell so good… I love how the smell linger on my hair for whole day!
Kracie review29 Kracie Smooth Care Series
Kracie Moist Care are for those with unruly, brittle and damage hair! I want to try this out once I finish the smooth care series!
Kracie review30Kracie Moist Care Line
Kracie review31
Kracie Special Care Range

Kracie also have a few range of skin care… Look at these beautiful mask!! This is Hadabisei mask that I heard is very popular in Taiwan!

Kracie review32 
I have try their face mask and also eye mask!!! I love them a lot.. The sheet is so soft and most importantly fit my wide face. Only set back is the packages for face are to huge for clumsy person like me! I prefer individual packaged mask…


However, I like the eye mask so much!! I bring it on plane with me!!! It really help de-puff my eyes!


Alright here is more picture with Kawaii-ness!

Kracie review33 with Carolyn-Meow
Kracie review34 with Chency Baby!
Kracie review35 ahh finally meet her in real person, the sweet Pinku Sakura
Kracie review22 with Jessica

Kracie review24

Kracie review28 with furfer, yuh juin & bendan!

and a huge group picture!


Hope you enjoy the Kawaii picture here!!! and you can purchase Kracie Product in all AEON Welness store nationwide!! Sayonara…



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