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Skybar Girls Nightline Outing

It’s Monday again!!! I had so much good time on the weekend spending time with friendsss! Last two week, I hang out with my girls friends at Sky bar, Traders hotel… I guess it’s been about 2year since I last saw Choco and first time meeting with Jessica!! It was funny as Choco said she will be early and end up being the latest among all….. I was pretty hungry and exhausted from my Sibu trip thus I am hoping to have a proper meal at Skybar…. To our surprise they don’t serve main dish, okay maybe burger can be considered as main but I didn’t want to eat burger…. It was raining heavily so I want something that could warm my tummy like pasta? or a thick slab of steak? Forget it, no such thing in Skybar so we ordered their signature Skybar Snack Bucket… It was so so delicious and it did fill up our tummy!! It was really chilly that night since it just rained earlier so it was a great night chatting with my girls and snacking on buffalo wings, calamari,satay and prawnss.. We also order softshell crab burger to share, it was crap and soggy…. So go for the Skybar Bucket!!!
We chat about our younger days and now in our working life…Indeed a huge difference on our lifestyle and thinking… Winnie and Choco constant talk about each other on how positive Winnie can be and how negative Choco can be….

Skybar2 (1) Choco, Me, Jessica & Winnie

I forget to bring my flash as was rushing out so below are some of the pictures I manage to capture….

Skybar2 (2)

Skybar2 (4) 

Skybar2 (3)

I really had a good time hanging out leaving all work behind… This month there will be more hangout with different gang of friendsss…  You guys too don’t just work nonstop take sometime out to have your personal time or quality time with friends and family. So that’s all, just a short update from me!


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