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REALASH the Real Surprise

Haloooorrrr phew it’s Thursday like finally…Got so exhausted clearing work these few day… I really needed to have a long long sleep… Anyway last week when I got home I receive this package and when I opened it, I feel so surprised and happy that the REALASH is wrapped in a super adorable and cute box!!!!

Realash review1

So thoughtful of the staff to wrap the REALASH in such a pretty box!! it brightens my gloomy day at work!! REALASH is a eyelash enhancer which will make your lashes grow thicker, darker and longer. I read quite a number of good review on REALASH and I am excited to try it out!!!!!!!!! I have actually try it on my eye lid and I am surprise that it is suppose to swipe onto the eyelid instead of onto the lashes…. In fact. it should be apply like how you draw line on your eyelid…. Interesting!!! The REALASH hair is very soft like those in my liquid eyeliner…

Realash review2

REALASH is scientifically proven effective and also suitable for sensitive eye. It is said that significant result can be observed from 8 – 12 weeks.

I have been waiting thick and full lashes for ages and i think REALASH will be able to help me achieve that!! I will do a full review after I tried them for about 8 weeks… So remember to come back to check the effectiveness of REALASH!! Now I go to go to catch up with my emails again… See you again tomorrow on upcoming post. XOXO


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