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New Skincare & Bodycare Shop: L’ERBOLARIO

Hey girlssss, I think this week is a bit crazy week for me as I am tied down with work and also planning pre-wedding photoshoot and my USA trip. I am very excited for it…So do forgive me if you don’t see me often the coming week… I will try my best to update blogpost whenever I can alright?? So today will be a short update on a new store I found in Gardens… Previously I saw this store in One Utama and intrigued by it’s pretty floral packaging… I did not went in because I was rushing and I guess the price will be expensive… Yesterday I was at Gardens, and I saw this store newly open and I went in to check them out…

Okay their price not extremely expensive for stuff that are made from natural ingredients and are cruelty free but the price still above average.. Priced from RM 30++ (bar soap) and up… So I ask for sachet to try before buying and I bought a perfume sachetss to try.. They have plenty of florals scent available.. I took the passion floral, smell good and the scent is pretty strong… to a point i feel a little dizzy not sure if I ate too much ramen and then I drank coffee…. I shall see tonight if it feel different compare to last night….

updates: it does feel better now…probably last night my hand touch the paper so it’s over scented now it smell amazing….
 L'ERBOLARIO garden1
It come in a A4 size paper so you can cut them and place in your room, wardrobe or even car… This is selling at RM 26….
I wish to get more product from them because everything look so pretty…. That’s all from me…See you again real soon!!

Question: Did you tried anything from them before?



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