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Birthday Celebration at Yeast Bistronomy

Hello Lovely!!! Last week, le darling Thomas brought me to dine at Yeast for my belated Birthday Celebration… I was really happy as he bring me into the restaurant because it is the place I would love to dine in…He studied well on my preferences..? I didn’t know where he will bring me to yet but I know it will be my birthday dinner….

Yeast Bistronomy8

The day before, he came to airport to pick me with a bouquet of lilies… Such a sweetheart….


As I walk into the restaurant, I see a open kitchen concept and smell a lovely pastry and bread aroma.. The aromatic butter and flour mixture got my tummy growling… Thomas told me the croissant here is flaky and as good as the one in France. Sadly, croissant sold out by noon so I will grab them next round! I am not allowed to take any picture in the restaurant so this is the only picture I have.. The restaurant itself were quite full that night… All table are reserved! We were the early ones…. I also love that they decorate the restaurant with fresh rose and daisies…. So beautiful… It does resemble the restaurant in France, now I miss France a lot…

Yeast Bistronomy1

Well, we make our order and a basket of bread served to our table… I love bread but not a fan of these type of bread (not too sure what they called) but usually it’s quite hard… Surprisingly the one here serve warm and not as hard as the other!! I really love it and I finished the entire bread! The wheat they use has this toasty aroma that I really love…

Yeast Bistronomy2

Then we ordered Escargot a`la Bourguignonne, not the usually creamy type of escargot… Came with a crispy layer of cheese on top and shell off… Generous amount of garlic and parsley butter wrap the escargot with pieces of Shimeji mushrooms.. Absolutely delicious!

Yeast Bistronomy3 Escargot a`la Bourguignonne, RM 24

Then we have a bowl of boiling Gratine`e a` l` Oignon (French Onion Soup) … Oh this is so so good..with a thick slice of crispy Gruye`re cheese and croutons!!

Yeast Bistronomy4 Gratine`e a` l` Oignon, RM 20

Moving to the mains, I ordered Magret de Canard a` l` Oranfe, Petits Le`Gumes Racines (Seared Duck Breast). As the description look interesting, i think the duck meat lack of taste… We do love the gravy orange infused Duck reduction but other was quite a let down.

Yeast Bistronomy6 Magret de Canard a` l` Oranfe, Petits Le`Gumes Racines, RM 58

Le Thomas order Spaghetti de Fruits de Mer “en Mariniere”  instead of meat this time… Surprise Surprise… He usually a meat eater and we love the spaghetti more than the sear duck… There is a unique twist on the flavour, not the usual one… The spaghetti were tossed in huge seafood, garlic and white wine parsley sauce. Simply delicious!

Yeast Bistronomy7 Spaghetti de Fruits de Mer “en Mariniere”, RM 48

and the highlight of the night the Soufflé au Chocolat, Sorbet Framboise (Chocolate Souffle` with Raspberry Sorbet). It came fresh from the oven and every spoon is so fluffy and soft.. I love that it is not too sweet and pairing with Raspberry Sorbet is such a brilliant idea!

Yeast Bistronomy9 Soufflé au Chocolat, Sorbet Framboise, RM 22

This is also my birthday cake, I wish to take more picture with it but as soon as i done wishing I just want to scoop in while it’s still hot…. The only picture I have were taken by the waiter which can’t really see the cake cause picture is over exposed….

Yeast Bistronomy8

Overall, it was a great dining experience here.. Only thing is their dinner main can be further improve as I feel it’s still lacking on taste and presentation…. They change our cutlery after we finish each dish… Staff were friendly and nice too especially the owner. Their bill come in a very unique glass…

Yeast Bistronomy10

The next round I will come here for breakfast!! In fact I cant wait to return!!!

For full menu please checkout

24G Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar 51900,
Kuala Lumpur,
Tel +603 2282 0118
Fax +603 2283 3118

p/s: They are closed from 6th Oct to 14th Oct for renovation. Reopen on 15th October



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