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Frank Salon Review: Milbon Hair Treatment

Good morning girlsss!! I am back to Frank Salon again… I think I have fallen in love with their hair services…. They just meet every little thing I looking for in a hair salon. They use great hair product, they are friendly, the hair stylist has amazing skill and they transform my hair into glowing bouncy hair! The last time I was here, my camera got sent to factory for repair so I didn’t manage to take pictures of the salon! My hair colour was done in Frank Salon too, checkout the review here.

Let me show you around the salon first… Frank Salon is located at Nexus Bangsar South. The salon is so so spacious with simple design but interesting.!!! and like I mentioned in previous post the parking is still free for now since Nexus is quite new…. The salon can get busy during afternoon especially on weekend. So make sure you make booking in advance.

Frank Salon Review1 The spacious entrance!

The front middle east theme wall always amazed me when I walk in..

frank salon

there is total of four row of seat in a square shape….

frank salon overview

The waiting area is filled with magazines so you don’t have to worry about you other half waiting for your hair to be done…

Frank Salon Review4

That day I went to do my hair treatment again which is similar to my previous review. This time they wash my hair longer compare to the previous time since I am not colouring my hair. I really love how gentle Sam is to my hair.. His chubby finger feel so good on my scalp… The one thing I like is when I go for treatment the stylist take time to slowly wash and massage your hair and head… Most of the time they would just wash your hair on the basin which make me feel headache!!! At Frank Salon, I can assure your hair will be pampered like a queen. ahhhh I did not take any photo when sam wash my hair because I am so into the pampering moment…I was closing my eyes just like I’m in a meditating mode like that…..

 Frank Salon Review10 Sam massaging the treatment cream into my hair!! They massage for a long time not just a few time.. So the treatment is penetrate into my hair thoroughly!

Frank Salon Review11

They are using Milbon hair treatment for my hair!!

Frank Salon Review28

I have a major love on this hair washing station… The basin support my head well and the chair has multiple support so you back feel so comfortable lying down…

Frank Salon Review13

Frank Salon Review14  see what I mean on the supported chair?

Now after the hair treatment is done I requested my hair to be curled and WOWZA, I got so amazed by how Frankie curl my hair!!! So so beautiful!!! I cant stop looking at the mirror and I keep telling him can I don’t move my head and not wash my hair?? I did tell Frankie that I want to keep my hair till next day and he did his magic……

Frank Salon Review

Look how smooth my hair become??

Frank Salon Review B 
now here when Frankie cast some magic on my hair!

Frank Salon Review21Look at his serious face!

Frank Salon Review a

Now more picture of my curlsss… They look so so pretty!

Frank Salon Review24
Frank Salon Review c

After I reach home, the curl look more natural…

Frank Salon Review d

and the next day after I sleep with it without tying them in knot at all!


Here is the pricelist for your reference… Mention my name and get a 20% off your total bill!!!

Frank Salon27

Frank Salon
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar south,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact No: 03-2242 3109



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