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Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner Giveaway

Hallloo lovelies… As promise yesterday here is another post from me to end this week!! Hooray it’s Friday and weekend is on the way!!! I am going to make your Friday shower moment awesome!!! I post that I might to a OOTD post today but mehhh the picture was not so nice compare since i use my Sony NEX….Still prefer using DSLR for OOTD shot….. and yesterday I don’t have mood for a swim so I skip it and thus manage to squeeze in some time to draft this post!!!

Few months back I have won myself a whole year supply of Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner and it was super awesome…. I wish to share these good stuff with my readers and so I have 20bottles to give out. The weather is super hot now and this rinse off body lotion will be perfect as it will not leave a sticky layer on your skin but still feel silky smooth and feather like skin!! For more details checkout my previous post on Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner.

Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner

I will select total 5 winner for this giveaway and each of the winner can bring back 4 bottles of  Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner.

How can you win them?? Simple follow below steps and the 5 most creative answers wins:

1.Follow me on GFC (Refer to my side widget)

2. Follow me on Bloglovin

3. Tell me creatively why you love to win this Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner?

4. Give me the following details in the Disqus comment form so I can contact you if you are the winner
        GFC Username :
        Bloglovin Username :
Good luck to everyone who is joining. Happy Weekend love!!

p/s: This giveaway is not in any way being sponsored by any company.
Terms & Conditions
1. This campaign is open to all participants residing in Malaysia only.
2. To participate in this giveaway, kindly complete all tasks mentioned above. Do make sure you give me a valid email address so I can inform you via email.
3. Incomplete task will be void.
** I will do the cross checking to ensure all task is completed.
4. Winners will be chosen based on creativity
5. Winners will be contacted via e-mail.
6. Winners need to reply to my email within 48hours if not I will choose another winner.
7. Winners need to collect the prize at from me in Klang Valley area OR I can post to you desire address however postal fee to be bare by winner.
8. Cindy’s Planet has the right to amend the terms and conditions of the giveaway, subjected to availability of prizes and how the prize will be given/received.
9. Giveaway will end at 31st August 11.59 pm GMT +8.00



  • LauraLeia

    GFC: LauraLeia
    Bloglovin: lauraleia
    Answer: I'd love to win this Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner because lately my skin has been super itchy and irritated (probably due to the horrible haze T_T) and I need extra protection and moisture for my skin! 😀

  • Koey Leow

    Hello Cindy, thanks for the giveaway! Hope i lucky enough to win these goodies home <3

    GFC Username : Koey Leow

    Bloglovin Username :

    Answer: I want to win Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner is because my family and I has super dry skin, so I wish to win these goodies for my mom, sis and myself to try it out! I hate apply body lotion, it made my skin feel sticky! But with Nivea In shower skin conditioner, i think won't have this happen, I want to try out the 1st rinse-off body lotion & instant silky soft skin without the wait & stickiness 😀

  • JessiKa Lim

    GFC Username : Jessica Lim
    Bloglovin Username : Jessica Lim

    I love to win this Nivea in Shower Skin Conditioner because my skin is terribly dry due to haze and air-conditioner and my skin is belongs to sensitive type, so whenever my skin is dry, it will be very easy to sensitive and the itchiness is killing me. I need something to pamper my skin and this is the best choice I guess. Anyway, Thanks for this lovely giveaway! Hopefully I got the chance to win! 😀

  • Kylie Wenn

    GFC Username : prince n princess mum

    Bloglovin Username : cre8tone

    Answer: I love to win this Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner as I never try this product before and I'd really like to try it.

  • sherrygo

    GFC Username :sherry

    Bloglovin Username :sawsioksim

    Answer: I love to win this Nivea in shower skin conditioner because I like to try this for normal skin because I haven't try this before, I only tried the blue bottle. I wan to pamper my skin with this skin conditioner, I am lazy to apply lotion so this is quick and fast for me.

  • Henry Tan

    GFC Username : Henrytcx89

    Bloglovin Username : Henry Tan


    I want to win this Nivea show skin conditioner because i want to try the creamy, soft and fresh milky scent conditioner as per describe by you! As you know guys have rough skin, so I would hope that my skin would be softer so that my girlfriend will love hugging me! =p

  • Camy

    GFC Username : Heryuan Lau

    Bloglovin Username : Camy Lau

    Answer: Who doesnt love bouncy, QQ, moisturized skin right? I love to win this Nivea in shower skin conditioner because i think my skin is quite rough and dry. I want bouncy, QQ, moisturized skin! and yeah, another reason cause I always lazy to apply lotion. hehe :3. THanks for the giveaway dear 🙂

  • Syaza Suhana

    GFC Username : Syaza

    Bloglovin Username : shyuewa

    Answer: Why would I like to win this? First of all, I'm a forgetful person. I tend to forget using my body scrubs and lotions and I end up not bothering about it :B If I were to win this I would definitely not skip it ever again haha.

  • Melvin Paul

    GFC Username : Melvin Paul

    Bloglovin Username : Melvin Paul

    Answer: The last time i took a refreshing bath was way way way back in Christmas 2013 when someone gifted me a body shower set! Looking forward to experience the euphoria and excitement of touching my silky soft skin again! and what better way to achieve that than by using Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner specially from Cindy's Planety! 😀

  • Youkey Ng

    GFC Username : Youkey Ng

    Bloglovin Username : Youkey Ng

    Answer: I would like to win Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner because it is
    [N]ew concept
    [A]wesome product! It leaves me a baby soft skin as I had try a sample pack before. 🙂

  • Evelyn

    GFC Username: Ng Evelyn

    Bloglovin Usename: Ng Pui Yee Evelyn

    Answer: I love to win this Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner because I believe it can turn my dry and dull body skin into silky and soft skin. I am a Nivea product lover as I had used its other products as well such as the Body Intensive moisture serum which is non sticky and can easily absorbed into my skin. So I do believe that this new product will give me even a better and surprising result for my skin, plus it is a rinse off skin conditioner lotion! =D Wow, what amazing convenient lotion~ Its really can be my great companion if I can get to win this skin conditioner giveaway from Cindy's Planet, thanks for the world's No 1 skincare brand NIVEA, you will always the best for making me beauty <3 ^^

  • Alicia

    Thank you for the lovely give-away ^-^

    GFC Username : Alicia Yeoh

    Bloglovin Username : snowmint


    [C]onditioner for the skin?
    [I] have only heard of conditioner for hair,
    [N]ow this really piqued my curiosity about the product,
    [D]oes it work on my skin as good as it worked on yours?
    [Y]es? No?
    [‘S]o eager to try it out; to know if it’s a jewel to be discovered,

    [P]erfect for me that finds greasy body lotion icky,
    [L]et Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner work its magic on my scaly in-need-of-hydration skin,
    [A]nd allow me to experience the convenience of it; slather on and wash off,
    [N]o extra waiting time needed; time saving indeed,
    [E]nveloping me in a veil of soft and smooth silk,
    [T]ender loving skin is mine to show; all thanks to Cindy’s generosity.

  • lee liet

    GFC Username : lee liet

    Bloglovin Username : lee liet

    Answer: i would love to have a bottle of this lotion because it is quick, convenient and can help improve my skin all over

  • Nicole Yie

    GFC Username : NicoleYie
    Bloglovin Username : NicoleYie

    As a big fan of NIVEA and Cindy's planet blog reader, I deserve to win it! I have been using NIVEA's lotion for years (I can proof that for you instantly if you wanna see that is it real or not XD) because I have the habit that I couldn't wear on any clothes without applying any lotion after showering! My skin is very squeaky after showering that I just can't stand and I need lotion forever! Now, with this Shower Conditioner, I don't need to worry about this problem anymore as it will make my skin so much smoother than applying lotion! I'm so much keen to try on the Shower Conditioner since they started to advertise this awesome product everywhere! It's something that I've never seen before and I bet that it's gonna make my showering moment so much fun too after owning it! Thanks for the giveaway, Cindy! I really hope that I'm the lucky one <3

  • Chan Chiu Chin

    GFC Username: Chan Chiu Chin
    Blogvin Username : Chan Chiu Chin

    My first lotion I used is NIVEA and was introduced by my mum. I want to win this give away because I want to share this new innovative product with mum who only know those traditional type of lotion from NIVEA. Moreover, my mum works until late night so she will get her skin pamper hassle free while in the shower. I like the sweetness of the almond oil that not only hydrate my skin but also draw attention to my husband to smell and touch silky smooth skin after the shower.

  • Eriol Loh

    GFC Username :Eriol Loh
    Bloglovin Username :Eriol Loh

    My favourite lotion is Nivea and how can i miss out nivea body conditioner? I am very lazy and this will help me to save a lot of time because i can finish all my beauty step during shower. This a essential of every girl life to have a moisture skin and great smell after bath.

  • Khong Elana

    GFC Username : Elana Khong
    Bloglovin Username : Elana Khong
    Would love to try out this Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner so I could indulge even without going to the spa. Thanks for sharing your joy with us! 🙂

  • Jo

    Hi Cindy, I happened to stumble upon your blog and realised that you are my neighbour from up north. I won't be joining your giveaway though I've followed you coz I would love to keep in touch with somebody on blogosphere who is residing so near me. Hope to see you around too!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  • Jo

    Ah, not too nearby. As in neighbouring country– Singapore. =) Thanx for the follow and let's continue to keep in touch. Will follow you via bloglovin too since you have that as well.

  • Jo

    Hahaha… yes, we are in the same timezone. I better zz now so I won't be late for work. Yup, we could meet up when we are in each other's cities. You sleep early too dear. Nitez! zzz

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