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Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Review

Good day girls… Another review from me and I am really excited to test out this eyeliner…. I heard so many blogger rave about this and I don’t quite believe that there is any pencil eyeliner could be smudge proof … I even personally ask some of my friend who used it and they all say it does not smudge the whole day…. Yet I am a still a bit sceptical to purchase one since I have so many unfinished eyeliner but I was happy that Natta Cosme send me this for review. Thank You Natta Cosme!! So stay tune as I will be revealing if this eyeliner worked as what it claims!!! I know you might already read this review from other blog but I hope you will enjoy all the hard testimonial I have put on this eyeliner!!!!!!
So let’s start with a little introduction…. Miss Hana is a cosmetic brand from Taiwan and this Gel Eyeliner comes in 4 colours 01 Night Black, 02 Galaxy Black, 03 Choco Brown, 04 Golden Brown.


I receive two colour from Natta Cosme the Golden Brown and Galaxy Black.

Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner18 Come in a sparkling glossy black box

Product Info

Product Name : Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner
Net Weight : 1.5
Price : RM 34.90 RM24.90
Where to Buy : Natta Cosme Online Store (Malaysia)
Colour : 01 Night Black | 02 Galaxy Black | 03 Choco Brown | 04 Golden Brown

The gel eyeliner packed nicely inside a sweet and classy box…

miss hana gel eyeliner4

The gel eyeliner body has a glossy finishing and I love the lace detailing on pencil body…. Unfortunately I don’t like that the end of the pencil does not indicate the colour of the gel eyeliner making it very hard for me to differentiate them!! Luckily the body is in pink so I only need to choose between two when I want to use them since most of my pencil eyeliner body are in black colour.

miss hana gel eyeliner6

The tip is quite thick thus you can draw thin line with this eyeliner… The glitter were not really visible in my opinion…Only visible at certain angle when light shine on it.

Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner19

For the colour wise I love Golden Brown a lot. It look like bronze with tiny bit of  glitters on it. The bronze colour has a shimmer finishing and the glitter not really noticeable. This colour is so versatile that it can be use day and night. For a natural look, use it alone as eye shadow by smudging it or just tight lines your eyes with it for a natural defined eye look. However, if you decide to smudge it to look like a smoky eye shadow you gotta do it really quick before it dries up! Or use a more moisturizing eye primer formula which give a smooth surface to work the gel eyeliner.

miss hana gel eyeliner reviewusing as eye shadow by smudging it upward from lash line toward crease and leaving the inner corner empty
As you can see in below picture, after I smudge it all over it doesn’t look bronze anymore but more like dusty brown. The glitter almost disappear
Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner12 Zoom in of the gel eyeliner after being diffused to my entire eyelid.

p/s: excuse my messy brow…Was on a rush that morning…

Now below picture show that I only use the gel eyeliner to line my lash line without using any primer.

miss hana gel eyeliner review 1

Now the zoom in of the look. You might see the line look so thick but actually the top part is my eyes base colour.. I have really dark eye circle!! If you have any solution for it please let me know!! The colour look much softer on my eye compared to on my hand… Perhaps my dark lashes soften the bronze shade.

Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner16

as for night look, you can do a more intense Smokey eyes and do a wing line with this eyeliner. I shall insert the picture of my complete look later on as I did not have any night outing at the moment.
The Galaxy Black ‘s glitter are even less visible than the golden brown.. It has a almost matte finishing and it’s very similar to normal black eyeliner since the glitters is disappearing unless some light were directed to it at a right angle.

miss hana gel eyeliner review galaxy black

It claimed that it is waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-tears, anti-oil and smudge proof too. This is a pencil eyeliner without any disadvantages…. Can you believe it?? Believe it as I have run through a series of test to proof it in fact a magical gel eyeliner pencil!! Of all the pencil eyeliner I tried be it gel or the conventional type, most of them does not pass the smudge test on my hand, maybe some barely pass with minimum smudges so I had already give up in finding the ONE that does not smudge!!!!!! Even though liquid liner give a clean and smudge proof result, I actually love pencil more than liquid eyeliner because it give a softer & more natural finishing and easier to apply too….

So it pass through all the smudge proof and water proof test on my hand with Distinction but what about on my eyes? For smudge test it did perfectly, the base colour does not smudge a bit at all but the glitter will stick to my finger…

Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner smudge test

When on eyes, it did not WOWed me but did not disappoint too much too.. I have a slight problem is that since the tip not really fine I have to wait for few seconds for it to dry when I draw my inner lid near tear duct which is frustrating…. Also it doesn’t really glide on smoothly due to the dry formula for longevity results but not too hard to draw on thus, there will be gaps in between the line where you need fill in with repeated stroke.

miss hana gel eyeliner review 2

Compare to other eyeliner this stay one really well and much more longer but it still doesn’t survive my oily eyelid… About 2-3 hour the gel eyeliner basically melt away in the inner corner and the one outside were still intact. It does smudge a little but not too much at least it doesn’t smudge to my lower lash line which is pretty good. For your information I conduct this test on my eyes with primer (I am using the primer from Urban Decay).

miss hana gel eyeliner review 3
As for waterproof test, I give it a A+. It did such an amazing job, everything still intact nothing is washed away on my hand… I can’t really test on my eyes as my eyes is oily but I believe it will stay waterproof on my eye lid but not on my eye waterline, totally a failure as I have to keep applying before I took a picture…..It just doesn’t stick to my waterline..

miss hana gel eyeliner waterproof

So there you go, all in all I feel this is still one of the best eyeliner I tried so far just that it does not give amazing result like what they advertise…May be not for my oily eye lid. The only thing I wish Miss Hana to improve is the tip size to be thinner so I can draw thin or thick line easily. So you might ask will I repurchase this eye liner, I might but only after I finish all my current eye liner.

“ Have you try this eye liner before? Do you have oily eye lids too? Have you found the one eye liner that can stay on oily eye lid? Share you thought in the disqus comment form below. If you like me to return your comment do include your blog link ya… 🙂 ”

So that’s all from me girls… See you real soon on upcoming post.. I’ll try to update a OOTD post tomorrow else I’ll see you again next week as I had a pretty exhausted week…. XOXO



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