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Bangkok 6D5N: Day 2 Sorapong Temple/ Uttayan Lanboon Temple, Khorat

Hello lovelies, are you excited for my next post on my Bangkok trip?? I actually divided each day into a few part as I think it’s easier for your to read and the page won’t be flooded with too many picture. I hope you will enjoy the pictures I took here because the temple has amazing building structure and beautiful view surrounding it too….

Sorapong Temple also known as Uttayan Lanboon Temple is located at Mittraphap road in Nakhon Ratchasima or “Khorat”, the largest province on north-eastern of Thailand. This temple houses Thailand’s largest cast image of Somdet Phra Phutthachan, a revered monk master of Wat Rakhang Khositaram. This temple is constructed by a famous actor Sorapong Chatree out of his profound faith and that’s is where the temple name came from.

Before entering the pond area, we pass through a small hall where we can also see a sleeping Buddha.


Then we reach a small garden and the Sorapong Temple is situated across the pond…


This world’s largest life-like image was completed on 1 April 2000, measuring 8.025m wide across the lap, 13m high and weighing 61 tons. Spend sometime to visit the inside of the temple and you will be able to see the large life-like image..

A spired image hall known as Kudakhan was built to enshrine the image amid a beautiful landscape with a pond, rock garden, decorative plants and etc.

On another side there is sunflower field… Sadly we were there a bit late that the sunflower is going to sleep…



More pictures on the temple surrounding… The temple was not fully completed yet as it is not being supported by Government thus they are slowly collecting donation when there is sufficient donation they will continue the construction work by stages…


Picture of me with Sorapong Temple.


Attraction Information

Attraction Name : Sorapong Temple/ Uttayan Lanboon Temple Khorat
Address: Mittraphap Road, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand
Entrance Fee: Free (if not mistaken)
What to do: Sightseeing, Temple Visiting, Photography

So that wraps up my another Bangkok Trip travelogue… Till my next post same time tomorrow… Tata..

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This trip is a part of Thailand’s Best Friend Forever Trip sponsored by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Thai Airways & Leisure Travel Magazine. Thank you for all the sponsor for such amazing trip and to all the amazing peoples I met in this trip do keep in touch!!!!



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