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New Portal to Compare Online Shop Prices by PricePanda

Good morning guys… Today I like to share with you this new portal or website I found recently that provide you the best price for your favourite fashion pieces from different online shops.


PricePanda was founded in 2012 by Christian Schiller and Louis Iskandar and is currently available in Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and the Philippines. PricePanda is continuously striving to provide its customers with the lowest prices on a transparent price-comparison platform. In addition the PricePanda website displays detailed reviews about its listed products including: mobile phones, software, TV, audio kits, health&beauty products and many more. PricePanda is available on the go via app for all Android and iOS devices.


PricePanda the globally-recognized price comparison site has just launch a new section, the Clothing Line to complement existing ‘Accessories’ and ‘Footwear’ categories. To help shoppers find the right style, PricePanda has put together a His & Her selection of this Summer’s most stylish looks. SO keep calm and Panda on some fashion pieces at it’s lowest price!!


PricePanda’s vast reach has procured an impressive clothing selection, boasting the cream of online fashion shops such as ZALORA and their in-house brand EZRA.
Christian Schiller, co-founder of PricePanda says: “We’re lucky to have partnered with key online stores that provide such high-quality product options – it made getting PricePanda fashion successfully off the ground so much easier. Now we can open up to a wider variety of opportunities, such as working more extensively with boutiques and local designers alike.”


Online shopping is the best invention ever especially for someone like me who is always busy all the time and the traffic jam in KL is really something I wouldn’t want to face!!! I am happy to sit in front of my trusty lappie and click on to purchase items I required!! Not to mention some item that are not available in my country Online Shop helps me get rare item from the part of the world to my door step!! Now with PandaPrice , avid shoppers have access to a range of clothing suitable for a global audience, not just the local offerings, and can experiment with styles and labels on an international scale at the best available price!!

For more info please visit
That’s all from me today… Have an awesome day ya!

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