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Laneige All New Waterbank AD, Brightening Sparkling Water & Waterdrop Tint

Annyeonghaseyo!! I love to share with you these three new waterful range Water Bank AD, Brightening Sparkling Water & Water Drop Tint from Laneige that will give you bright and hydrated skin!!

Laneige Water Bank Essence7Ain’t these blue colour jar and bottle look beautiful?
Laneige Water Bank Essence16Me with the new Laneige Water Bank & Sparkling Water!!
Laneige Water Bank AD

Let’s first start with the Water Bank range which is my favourite currently!! Yeah I’m using it everyday now!! It’s just so hydrating and cooling on my face…. I always have problem finding a product that is not too heavy and creamy but still keep my skin hydrated… Honestly, not many able to do so even some claimed to be gel moisturiser and is oil free but I still feel the greasiness after a while… The new Laneige Water Bank AD is upgraded from it’s 2013 predecessor is focused primarily on Asian’s woman skin. 

Laneige Water Bank Essence6

Asian’s woman have dry skin due to our weak skin barrier to store the hydration in place. Water Bank AD is infused with Hydro Ion Mineral Water & the new Biogene Technology which enable the skin to produce moisture even in dry conditions.


Hydro Ion Mineral Water is ionized water contains minerals & vitamins that promotes skin moisturisation. These mineral is broken down into smaller particles which can penetrate through 20 layers of skin with rapid rate. Once permeated, it activates the moisturization genes. The new hydro Ion Mineral Water is 8 times more effective in delivering moisture to the skin compared to Optimal Mineral Water, which was used in previous Water bank Range.


The Biogene Technology can control skin’s water-oil balance effectively. It helps the creation of healthy skin barrier that allows skin to maintain moisturizing power for 24 hours.

This range contains 4 product which is Water Bank Essence_EX, Water Bank Gel Cream_EX, Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX, Water Bank Eye Gel & Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask.

Laneige Water Bank Essence9

Water Bank Essence_Ex 60ml for RM 165 infuses the skin with rich and abundant moisture as soon as it is applied, rewarding the user with a smooth and moisturized finish all day long..

Water Bank Gel Cream_EX 50ml for RM 130 give an instant refreshing & moisturizing effect. It’s fast absorption rate and non-sticky finish is perfect for woman who long for fresh skin all day long.

Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX 50ml for RM 130 creates a strong moisture film that helps to retain moisture for long hours.

Water Bank Eye Gel 25ml for RM 130 give an cool and refreshing texture. It replenish moisture, eliminates puffiness while caring for the tired eyes.

Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask 5packs for RM 85 cool and relaxed your face after a long day at work. This mask will sooth and calm your flushed skin due to the heat from the hot weather while retaining your skin moisture.

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water

I love drinking sparkling water, it give that refreshing sparkly feeling after every sip…. but heck I didn’t know it is also good for our skin!! This sparkling water can combat tired and dull looking skin!! This water can actually moisturizes and brighten up skin. Sparkling water is a type of carbonated water formed by disintegration of organic matter underground and generated at a very low temperatures. The sparkling water contained in Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water is obtained from volcanic regions of south-central France.

Laneige Water Bank Essence3

This sparkling water can do things that I never thought of.. It thought its just drink for fun and I thought it is unhealthy to drink sparkling water LOL….I am so wrong!!!  Laneige Sparkling Water range can stimulate blood circulation which improves skin tone! It also promotes turnover of dead skin cells results in a healthier looking brighten and radiant skin. Besides that it also contain micro-carbonation massage grains that help take care of your pores by eliminating excess oil & impurities.


There are 4 product in Laneige Sparkling Water Range which includes Brightening Sparkling Whipping CleanserBrightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist, Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence and Brightening Sparkling Peeling Mask.

Laneige Water Bank Essence8

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Whipping Cleanser 150ml (Price Unavailable yet) has this dense rich, whipped cream-like texture made for a 3-in-1 effect of cleansing, massage and radiance. It contains mix AHA extracted from orange, lemon, bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple which work to remove dead skin cells. The carbonated water helps to deliver nutrient deep into the skin giving a clearer appearance.

Laneige Water Bank Essence12Left Laneige Brightening Sparkling Whipping Cleanser & Right Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist 120ml for RM 100 is a fresh sparkling water mist which contains highly concentrated carbonation capsules and contains 47% of sparkling water. These capsules provide skin with abundant moisturizing nutrients. The capsules come in separate packaging so you only insert these capsule into the mist water when you want to start using it.

Laneige Water Bank Essence14The carbonated capsules
Laneige Water Bank Essence15Can you see the bubbles? the sparkling water is reacting with the capsule…

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence 100ml for RM 130 comes in a spray form where you will spray out it dispense a small amount of carbonated gel water-like foam texture….. It contains 31% of sparkling water and abundant nutrients which increases the brightening effects on the skin.

Laneige Water Bank Essence11

Laneige Brightening Sparkling Peeling Mask 3sheets for RM 45, a new formula that provides peeling and moisturizing effect all at once. It contains AHA/BHA ingredients whereby AHA break the bonds that hold dry skin together results in clear and bright skin while BHA will improve skin wrinkling & roughness.

Laneige Water Drop Tint

After taking care of your skin, you sure need some colour for your lip to give a hint of colour to your face right?? If you are lazy you can just slap on some BB cream or any of your foundation to cover imperfection and even out your skin tone and then add some lip colour to your lip and you are ready to go!! This Laneige Water Drop Tint can give you a very natural colour finishing that you will look as like you did not put on any lip colour but still look healthy and luscious. You know you wont end up with the discolouration tone on your lip…

Laneige Water Bank Essence18

This tint can create a ‘wet’ and shiny effect on your lip just like they are coated with water even in dry weather. It also creates voluminous lips that glow upon application. If you are looking for product to plump up your lip this is the tint for you to create that sexy pucker!! It’s light texture leave your lips smooth without feeling sticky at all!

There are 10 gorgeous shades to choose from and is priced at RM 70 each. Here is the swatches, sorry my picture is a little bit blur…

Laneige Water Bank Essence20

You can apply the Korean famous gradient/ ombre lip effect or apply full…Both look good and in my upcoming post I will be doing a full review on this as well as a look using gradient lip alright? So please stay tuned to my upcoming post. For now you can see the gradient lip effect on the model. Look how natural she look but yet kissable lip! Good bye for now……

Laneige Water Bank Essence19

“Questions: Any of the above Laneige product that you wish to try?”



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