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Frank Salon Hair Colour & Hair Treatment by Milbon

Have you ever have this thought of having the similar colour tone on your hair but still look different and unique in a way? For instance, I hate having the same style all the time but I do not want something drastic or something that doesn’t match me well? When come to hair colour I have very strict choices… I do not want my hair being too common with brown colour base which make not much difference from the other people around me, it simply screams boring to me… I also hate red colour because it makes me look 10 times older….. That is why you will never get to see red pieces in my wardrobe…. While I am being comfort at my current ash bronze tone I needed some changes but not to the boring ones, if you get what I mean! At Frank Salon, they made such a great changes to my hair colour!!!!!!!!

A little bit side track, I was so sad ever since my Sony NEX camera went in factory for repair… So please please forgive me if the picture in this post is not as pleasant as my other picture alright??

I just got my hair revamped few days ago and I have trouble choosing the colours I want…. All the dark brown, chestnut, orange and red are all crossed out… As much as I love cotton candy purple and pink colour, it’s crazy to even think of dyeing my hair with this colour unless I plan to change job. In the end I chose back the same colour family with my current one and I explain to Frankie my stylist at Frank Salon that I don’t want boring dull colour and I want something blonde like my current ones but I still want to see some changes. He then go and pick the colour and mix it…. During the entire process I was really worried that the colour came out darker or just similar to what I have……

Just right after my rinsing my hair, I got up with hair still wrapped in towel and walk toward my seat. Frankie then towel dry my hair and take away the towel. There’s this moment where I look into the mirror and I saw strands of my bright bronze hair and I feel relieved as I know the colour going to be awesome!

Frank Salon10The colour look pretty light and really something I look forward to…

As what expected the outcome is really awesome….. My eyes just can’t look away from the mirror, the colour look so fresh and light…. The finishing is so smooth and the combination of my low & highlight is just so stunning….okay as I mention, my favourite camera not with me so the picture doesn’t justify the exact colour on my hair. I tried to take with and without flash but still doesn’t show the exact colour…

Frank Salon reviewTaken using phone without flash
Frank Salon review1Taken using compact camera with flash
Frank Salon review 2Taken using compact camera without flash(not manage to take before picture using compact camera as the ambient in the salon is too dim)

My friend ask if my hair was bleached to get this colour, the answer is NO! Let me share with you some of the step involve in colouring my hair as well as the hair treatment that keep my hair from breaking. If you have read my recent post on the hair product I am using, you might came across this brand call Milbon from Japan (you can click here for the full review in case you want to read them). Since then I develop love in this brand as I have pretty good experience with this brand, my last hair colour were using Milbon too…

I was introduce to Frank Salon by my friend and I am happy that they are using Milbon product in their salon. Frank Salon is owned by Frankie who has more than 20 years experience in hair industry. It is located in Nexus, Bangsar South. I got a little bit worry that I might got lost as I have never been to Nexus before… Well well to my surprise it was pretty easy, the parking is convenient (not those with thousands of pillar and have to make zig zag turning to the closest lift). Probably it is still new so there is ample parking space and I park right in front of the lift. Parking is still free for now and when I reach level 1, it’s just left or right so no trouble finding Frank Salon at all!

Frank Salon16

The symmetrical wall look really interesting like I am in middle east country or some other country similar to that…. The salon have a lot of space in between so I feel really relax as i walk into the salon… Doesn’t feel cramped up at all…

Frank Salon15

More pictures of the interior…

Frank Salon11Area where I seated
Frank Salon12Area behind my seat area
Frank Salon13The side are

Frank chose a bronze colour mixed with a washout almost white colour to get my final colour… Since my hair have 3 different tone the black top, bronze middle and ashy ends Frankie coloured my hair part by part so that the colour will be well balanced.

Frank Salon6Frankie applying the colour onto my hair 

Frank Salon horz

One thing that I like Milbon hair dye is that it doesn’t have those strong scent that will suffocate me..In fact it smell pretty pleasant. After the dye colour is well absorbed, I proceed to rinsing. Here is what I like, they do not do things in a rush but calm and delicate. Sam another stylist, wash my hair twice with shampoo to ensure all chemical is rinsed off thoroughly. He also massage my head a few time when he is washing my hair, not many stylist do that unless you pay for a full hair wash service. He wrapped my hair tightly too, it doesn’t fell off as I walk.

Frank Salon71

After that we proceed to Milbon Deese’s Collagen Treatment. This treatment have three step and is available for three different type of hair (fine to normal, normal to coarse and coarse to unruly)…. For my hair, they are using the coarse and unruly range.

Frank Salon31

The first step is amino oil to smoothes out the bumps on the surface.

Second step is moisture veil which bonds with amino oil to retain moisture.

Third step is smoothing collagen which smoothes top coat over moisture veil.

Sam apply the first step then follow by the second step without rinsing my hair… After the second step, I have to wait for 5minutes for it to penetrate into my hair then proceed to rinsing. After that he proceed with third step and followed by bringing the steamer to steam my hair with the treatment cream.
Another point I like is that Sam massage the treatment cream onto every part of my hair by massaging them repeatedly which I really appreciate his effort.

Frank Salon9_副本sorry my camera not able to capture his hand movement…
Frank Salon17steaming my hair

After the hair treatment, Sam blow dry my hair…. I find they do not use any air concentrator to blow my hair!! Okay in case you don’t know what is air concentrator I have Google the picture for you. Now I was as curious as you and I went and ask Sam why is it so? He said they want the hair to look natural, bouncy and lively… If you realize those hair that are blow dry by air concentrator look flat and dead…

After blow-drying, Frankie cut my hair to give a little more layer and texture to the hair and that complete my entire look…

Frank Salon191本

I really love my final hair result…. It make my eyes pop because it look so fresh!! I thought it would be same with my previous colour, turns out it much lighter and it look super smooth!! I can feel how much effort both Sam and Frankie put in… I love how calm Frankie cut my hair, strand by strand with no hurry but with lots of passion.  Look at how my strands of highlight look?? It transformed to silver it like a miracles…. In picture you can’t see the silver tone but in actual it look like silver colour!

Frank Salon30

So if you looking to transform your look, why not give Frank Salon a try? Oh in case you want to know the price list, here it is…

Frank Salon27

Frank Salon
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar south,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact No: 03-2242 3109



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