Changes in Life as I get Older

Have you ever look back what are you 10 years back?? I have gone through almost three decades and my body and mind changed a lot through these years…

One very obvious things is I can’t do late night anymore… The max i can stay on is till 2a.m in the morning… In my college time I can do 4 a.m or even 6 a.m… Nowadays, when the clock hit 12 a.m my eyes start feeling heavy and I hear my bed calling me…. Saying that also means I cut down a lot of night life…. I reduced a lot of night party, clubbing or rave party… Even If I go by 2 a.m I already feel tired and wanted to call it a night and head home…. Just 2/3 years back, 2 a.m is just the beginning…. Me and my bunch of friend dance through till 4 a.m and then head to nearby mamak (24 hour food stall) for a supper before we drive home… Those are the days la…

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I can no longer eat a lot… I used to love buffets and I eat massively…. Recently, I feel that I can’t take in as much food as I do in the pass… I think I’m gonna skip buffet from now on….. Another thing is I cant take any spicy food…Not even a little… My tummy will then feel unwell and I got to visit toilet if I eat anything spicy or exotic…. So sad to discover that as I really love curry!!!


I think and do things differently…. I don’t do impulse purchase anymore especially during sales… I don’t just argue with people when I go pissed by them but I just keep it to myself and let it be… I’ve learned that it’s a good thing to have more friends than enemy…. I don’t speed as much as I do in my younger years…. I drive according to the speed limit most of the time now…how boring….

I also no longer hang out with my besties as much.. Most of them is either married or move over to Singapore for work…So basically we have lesser time together and it’s really hard to arrange time together…. Most of the time I’ll hangout with le boyfie during the weekends…. During weekdays most of the time I am alone..Lunching alone because all my colleagues run outdoor sales and most of the time I am the only one in the office…. Thank god dinner I’m having it with my family!!

I used to choose country I love to travel based on air ticket prices but since I have visited most country in Asia I guess now I do not want to see the almost same weather and culture anymore…. I want to go further rather than the few neighboring country…. This year I have not plan any travel as I am saving up for USA trip next year… I really hope we can make it…. Praying my boss will let me go on a long leave….

 “Question: Do you realize any changes in your life as you grow older too?”

Okay that’s all i got to share today..just another daily thoughts…. Tell me yours!!



  • Syaza Suhana

    I could travel, but am not allowed to even at this age haha. Unless I'm already married lol. But I agree as we get older things change. I'm not even mid-20s yet but I could feel a large difference from now and the me during late teens, I am getting lazier than ever which is not good -_-

  • Trislynn Chan

    I love traver!
    But i just start my first jon few months ago…hmm…my gaji are still x boleh afford me for overseas vacation.
    Somehow, i believe, one day, i'll be travelling to those wonderful countries!!
    and……find a ang mo bf! hahaahahahah!!

  • cindy tong (

    ermmmm then we shall schedule for a date…I use my own money for all the travel…when I first started at 2k pay i only travel in Asia like thai or Indonesia….I dont like to use my parent or bf money..I feel happy to use my own money to buy things….but of course I love gift from them but I will not ask them to pay for my stuff most of the time…i rmb I use to records my spending….like go toilet use 20cent also help remind me how much I hv spend and I will eventually reduce my spending….sometime I try not to withdraw so many cash…..ahhh too many to type here…jom we go for a hitea ok?tunggu i free sikit prolly in august !!hugs!

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