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Neogence the Pore Solution

Hola Hola!!! Do you love to eat strawberry like me too?? As much as I love strawberry but I do not want my nose to look like strawberry!!!!!!!! Nooooo….. If you followed me you might know I had found a solution to my forever growing blackheads (read my blackhead solution here) but I have not found solution for my large pore yet…. I recently attended Neogence new product launch for the Pore Solution series and found another product which might help clearing blackhead as well as minimizing the pore!! Wow best of both world eh?


Have you heard or try any product form Neogence before?  Neogence is a famous medical beauty specialist originated from Taiwan. With a research team consists of professional dermatologists, it offers a series of products in accordance with weaknesses of Asian skin and climate. The brand mission is “sincerity, service and “environmental-friendly”: “sincerity “ represents a complete ingredient list that ensures safe and secured products; “service” means dedicated consultation; “environmental-friendly” stands for simple packing that reduce environmental degradation.

Neogence team has found a new solution to solve the blackhead problem without causing any skin peeling (caused by nose strips and also mandelic acid). Mandelic Acid is used in many product that target to reduce blackhead growth. After two years of meticulous testing, the “pH5.5 Extremely Off-Heads Serum” and “Deep Pore Cleansing Mask” has now launched. Using these two product will completely remove the blackheads without causing any damage or infection to your skin.

Neogence Pore Solution1

So just two simple step to turn you strawberry nose to smooth and blackhead free nose!!

1st Step: Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, RM 89 for 100ml

We require deep cleansing to avoid oil formation which may clog pores and resulting in blackheads that continuously grows. Eventually the pores grow larger with harden blackheads. Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask combines natural clay and charcoal powder that effectively absorbs sebum, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores deeply, and reduced heads naturally.


Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
The guy (I forget his name..sorry I am really bad at remembering name. if you have any idea how to improve memory please let me know!!!) who is briefing us on the product even try the mask on his nose on the spot!! He is so dedicated to his job!! LOL… 
Neogence Pore Solution2he look so funny!
I have just try this mask once and my first impression is that I love the minty cooling effect…. Once the mask is dry you can see there is some dots which indicate it’s oil on those dotted area.It deeply cleanse my face and pore well but I can’t see any blackhead reduction yet…. I love the fact that it does not make my skin feel tingling or dry when applying the mask. i shall write a detail review on the product separately if it work on my skin. 
Neogence Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
2nd Step: Neogence Extreme Off-Heads Serum, RM 69 for 15ml

Neogence Extreme Off-Heads Serum contains Hydrophilic Glycacid which is effective in dissolving heads and clear blocked pores completely. The AC. Net (a ingredient) usage combined with the Sebum Control Enzyme can effectively improves the conditions of the cuticles, tighten the pores and reduce the blockage of sebum and acne.


So were given some strip to test the Extremely Off-Heads Serum acidity level and I am glad that it lived up to it’s claimed of being neutral pH5.5.

Neogence Pore Solution8

3rd Step: Neogence Fresh Cooling Astringent Toner, RM 69 for 150ml

Enlarged pores cannot be recovered, and oil secretion can hardly be stopped. The first step to balance oil control is to make your skin astringent. Neogence Fresh Cooling astringent toner combines Witch Hazel Leaf Extract with AC. NET™ to remove excessive sebum instantly, effectively mitigates oil secretion, and makes your skin refreshing.

Here is a brief summary of all product under Neogence Pore Solution Series for you to refer.


I hope to share with you the full product review soon. Till my next post bye bye!!!

For your info Neogence Product can be purchase at all Sasa Store Nationwide.

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