How had Internet change your life?

Bonjour girls, today I’m gonna share with you something personal and something happy. This is kind of random…. This topic just pop out of my mind… I believe internet does make a lot of difference to your life too eh?? Honestly, it change the way I live my life a lot!!! Well I am going to pick 5 most significant changes internet had make in my life!

1. No more Boring Waiting Time!
This has got to do with the combo invention of internet, Facebook, Instagram and most importantly SMART PHONES!! Whenever I am out dining waiting for food alone I few bored I’ll take out my phone and start stalking FB & Instagram or read some blog!! Back in old days, I’ll sit like a silly girl stalking at passer by or just do nothing and day dreaming!
imagewhile waiting for my food to arrive…

Even in the past people read newspaper while they poo poo in the toilet now people play with their smart phone. The most significant change of habit for me is I have to browse my FB on my smartphone for live updates before I actually close my eyes and go to bed!! Sometime when i having trouble to fall asleep watching youtube on my smartphone will keep me company whole night and eventually make me feel tired and fall asleep..But sometime it can do the opposite too..making you feeling so awake!! If that happen I will have a crappy panda day the next day!
imageMost of the night I end up like this!!
imageSome of the night when le boyfie come by! He will be the one to sleep first.. I’m an night owl!
2. Meet lots of new friends via Friendster, Forums, Facebook, Instagram & Blog!
I meet countless number of friends since 10 years ago during ICQ and Friendster.. Any of you remember this? When Facebook came along my friend connection grow bigger from tagging system in friends picture and comments on certain topic. Sometime I will find some people who share the same interest and then we become friend in Facebook… In forum too, I have meet up with friends for sporting event, to travel together and meet friends from other part of the world when I visit their country!!! As soon as I start blogging, I get to know more people who share same interest with me… We chat over Facebook, in our blog comment and some had met in person during event too…. Also meet some of my readers who eventually become my friends too!!! This is amazing!!

And the below picture is Shirley, I met her during my last Jakarta trip! We bumped into each other in Instagram on one of my IG friend picture talking bout food or makeup, I couldn’t remember!! Then when I was in Jakarta I contact her to meet up!!! Thanks babe for accompanying me and cut my beautiful hair! The hair in the pic is cut by her!! If you staying in Jakarta, go to Toni & Guy Central Park and look for her!! She is really good!!

DSC02106Shirley, we know each other from Instagram for about a year i think? I just met up with her in Jakarta few weeks ago!!!
3. I Became a Travel Addicts
Without internet, I will not be able to travel to various country by myself! With all information is just a click away!!! I no longer need to follow travel agency and I can plan my own trip according to my preference! This has slowly turns me into a travel addict!!
Blog Badge (Custom) (2)Some of the places I visited!
4. I Started a Blog,
Before the birth of blogging, people write diary and it’s for personal reading or recap. Blog is entirely different, it’s a place where we log down our life journal and share it to our readers… Some readers may comments and sometime you found someone who share the same love on something with you!! Slowly from there blogging has evolve to a place where people share their real experience on the product and services they had try. I am one of them who share what I wear, what I eat and what I am been using…. Sometime I will also post something personal and random like this post! Now this blog has become a place where I share things I love to my reader and also a record of all the beautiful memories in my life! Most of my weekends is well spend on blogging or attending event…. Yes sometime I get exhausted but I am happy when ever I publish a new post on my blog… It’s a happiness that cannot be describe in words.
imageMy beautiful blog!
5. Found my Love of my Life
Can you believe it, I met my ex via Friendster? and I met Thomas my love of my life via a forum!!! We meet in a group outing organized via the forum for a group movie and lunch date!! From they we became friend and then best friend and now he became my boyfriend and soon to be husband. He is indeed a gem I found over the internet and he brings lots of joy in my life. I have been constantly showered by his love and care. Much love to you ling if you are reading this!


Oh well internet,smartphone, Facebook and instagram sure had make a great change in the way I live… In a good way I’d day!! Does this go same to you as well??

Happy Thursdays peeps.. Two more days before weekend is here again!! Till my next update…Bye bye..



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