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Goku Raku Ramen @ Mid Valley City

In the midst of the busy weekdays, we’re back again on our food hunt and this time around we will be indulging some fine Japanese cuisine that entices the taste bud on its authentic variation of the cuisine. Located in centre of the busy mall in Mid Valley City, the place called Goku Raku Ramen would attract passer by for a quick glance as it’s modern and well lit ambience would leave many mistakenly take it as a up class dining joint. 

The Overview

The name and its logo would evoked the memories of during young with the adventures of the Dragon Ball, given its colour tone and scheme. Anyway the fixtures in the place is well positioned, given the positioning on the arrangements and the general area for dining.
Sitting Area

As we go through the course that will be served later, our host graciously elaborate on what to expect and also a brief of their specialty. Without further adieu, let the meal course commence.
We started off with one of their specialty dish called Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza. The dish caught us by surprise as the layer of pan fried flour still clings at the bottom that enveloped the gyoza. The texture of the minced pork is loose but saturated with moisture that is well retained within the skin of gyoza. There is nice aroma of chives unfortunately it didn’t really appeal though the layer of the flour makes great snack or finger food. The dish also comes with the special side serving of sauce for the gyoza, Miso Tare & Shoyu Tare

Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza 
(L) 8pcs – RM 14.90
(S) 5pcs – RM 9.90


Yaki Gyoza (Texture)
Continue on the next dish, we have the 5 Star Kakuni.The ramen is unique in terms of taste as it taste almost akin to stir fried and the plain broth that topped with homemade braised pork belly, spring onion, bean sprout, bamboo shoot, lava egg and black garlic oil. As a result, a bowl of delightful taste that runs through the taste bud.
5Star kakuni Ramen
5 Star Kakuni  – (R) RM 26.90
Following we have the Tan Tan Ramen. The dry ramen topped with stir fried minced pork, cucumber, spring onion and pine nut. The combination is rather unique than tasty as its tad spicy for me which didn’t quite enjoyed the dish.
Gokuraku4Tan Tan Ramen – RM 13.90

Next dish served is the “GRR Meatballs”. The meatball taste great as I love the meatball sauce especially good for kid though the texture is slightly starchy and would be better if additional meat is added to enhance the texture.

GRR Meatballs
5pcs – RM 5.00
10pcs – RM 9.00
20pcs – RM 17.00
Next on the list is their, Chef Special Course Meal (Set C) which set to accommodate 3 – 4 pax in the serving. Well serving of that magnitude would certainly rattle the storage capacity and push it to overdrive.
Chef Specialty Course Meal (Set C) – RM 119.90

There is a whole list of items on the menu which we will go through per item slowly as the Gym session would be required after we’re through with this meal. 
The first item would be the Utsunomiya Sui Gyoza. The steam version of the previous gyoza didn’t really appeal as the taste of onion and the spices that is blend along with broth on top of the gyoza is too strong which overwhelms the nature flavours of the gyoza.

Utsunomiya Sui Gyoza (5pcs)

Next is the Crispy Shrimp Mayo. Deep fried, thick battered prawn which is then topped with mayonnaise that shares similarities to the battered prawn in Dim sum restaurants. The texture was slightly let down as the batter was thick and soggy which the prawn natural taste is masked by the batter. 

Crispy Shrimp Mayo (1 Serving)

The Siew Mai is nothing to shout about as it’s rather plain and the flavour doesn’t agree the other dish combination besides the fresh prawn on top which compliments in the flavour.

Siew Mai (1 Serving – 4 pcs)

The next dish serve goes easy on the digestion with the Tofu Salad. I enjoy the cold fresh tofu but not the condiments on the top as prolly not a fan of sour kind of condiment

Tofu Salad (1 serving)

Next we have the Pork Loin Rei Shabu. The slight charred taste goes well with the sauce which is compliment by the sweetness from the onion. The soft texture of the pork is fantastic and the thin cut which the fat melts with the meat when taken a bite of it.

Pork Loin Rei Shabu (1 Serving)

The next is dish is the Sweet & Sour Pork. The taste is normal though its leans more to dry chilli type of taste and the meat texture is bit rough and hard.

Sweet & Sour Pork (1 Serving)

Next dish is the Tori Momo Karaage. The deep fried chicken tossed in light batter for the light crisp on the outer with a dash of sauce for flavour fared normal as the oil used to fried the chicken might have affect the taste partially as the charred and reused taste is evident in the chicken though the texture remains soft despite being deep fried.

Tori Momo Karaage (1 Serving)

The next dish is the Sesame Pork Salad which is delicious due to the sesame dressing that compliments the dish well. The combination of nutty and sweet taste that draws up an appetite.

Sesame Pork Salad (1 Serving)
Following we have the Aburi Char Siew Ramen which the clear broth helps to clear the taste bud from the prior dish though its slightly bland. The char siew is sliced thin and the marination in taste is evident which makes it tasty.
Aburi Char Siew Ramen (3 Mini Serving – Each)

Following we have the Sesame Ball. The golden round ball that covered with sesame is ever tasty though the filling is lacking and gaps in the middle that lacks fulfilment during the bite.


Sesame Ball (3 Servings)
With course meal served, we graced by the Goku Raku Ramen’s resident chef, Tetsuya Fukino whom hailed from Utsunomiya that had inspired many of the gyoza creations along with special dipping sauces. He had explained on their primary broth or Tonkatsu soup which is simmered for hours to draw the sweet aroma essence of pork that is different from others and the ramen are made fresh daily which maintains the tangy texture even laying submerged in the soup.
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So with that concludes our food adventure for now. Do visit their website for more information and also the other branches.

Goku Raku Ramen
Lot S025 & Lot S026,
Level 2, Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 – 2201 8779
Business hours
10.00 am– 10.00 pm

For more info please visit
Goku Raku Ramen website: http://www.gokuraku-ramen.com
Goku Raku Ramen facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GokurakuRamen



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