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Benefit Brow & Lip Waxing

Halorrrr girls…Sorry I’m a bit late on publishing my post today… I was dead tired with all my work piling up!!! This post were stuck at draft for ages… So today I am going to share with you my experience with Brow & Lip Waxing by one and only Benefit! The only brow waxing service available in Malaysia is by Benefit.


Do you know you can get a free brow waxing at Benefit without any purchase??? Well you gotto read till the end of the post to find out how! ** I know you going to scroll down and find the details how to get free brow waxing right? Please read through my brow experience first before you decide to go for waxing kay?

Waxing Process

Generally, the brow waxing and lip waxing is similar but lip waxing do not require brow mapping.


The beautician gave me a form to fill up which is a standard procedure to ensure your skin are suitable for waxing. If you had taken any antibiotic within the last 7days or done any laser in the past 6months it is not advisable to do waxing. After filling up the form she clean my eyebrow and proceed to do brow mapping.

Brow Mapping is a 3-step process that helps us determine the most ideal shape on any face – taking each of YOUR key features into account.”

Benefit Brow Waxing5

Then she spread on the waxing gel part by part and peel off using the wax cloth.

Benefit Brow Waxing6

She also use tweezer to tweeze away some excess hair which is not reachable by waxing.

Benefit Brow Waxing7

So I did not take picture of her waxing my lips but this below picture is my lip hair pulled off by the wax cloth… She then use a gel to clean the wax residue and use soothing gel to put on my skin which had been waxed. My skin look slightly reddish after waxing which is pretty normal in all waxing process…

Benefit Brow Waxing4

Tadaaaa here is my brow and lip after waxing…

Benefit Brow Waxing9

Here is a video by Benefit Cosmetic that show the detailed of the brow waxing…

Who Should go For Brow Waxing?
  • If you have thick and messy eyebrow.
  • If you want quick fix on your eyebrow (tweezing takes longer).
  • If you have low pain tolerance.
  • If you do not want to shave your brows (it’s not good for your skin)
Cindy’s Thought on Brow Waxing & Lip Waxing

I absolutely love the lip waxing as my lip area look much polished and clean. It feel smooth and look so pretty when I apply lipstick on. As brow waxing is different from lip waxing, some hair are left un-waxed thus by waxing you can only get a pretty straight brow shape which I do not like. For lip waxing shape doesn’t really matter as all hair is removed. I personally prefer tweezing my eye brow more than waxing as by tweezing I can get a more natural arch and the shape look more captivating.  Off course you may request the beautician to trim it using their tweezer after the wax but they do not tweeze as much as if you go for tweezing service.

Honestly, I prefer tweezing my eyebrow in Shu Uemura because in Benefit they do not trim your hair using scissors. They use Gimme Brow to tame the hair into place which means without it my brow doesn’t look neat and it’s pretty messy as it can be long and kind off failing downward. Probably I am fussy and I like how Shu Uemura Beautician tweeze my hair one by one and trim my brow like how a hair stylist cut my hair.
However if you want the pain free method and quick fix for your brow you should really go for waxing as they are almost pain free. For tweezing it sure hurt for first timer but for me I can accept the pain level. So do you wanna know how to get a free eye brow waxing from Benefit?

Benefit Brow Waxing8

If your birthday is around the corner then you’re on luck because Benefit will be giving you a complimentary Brow Wax without any purchased required. Remember it’s only applicable on your Birthday week not birthday month. if you want to try the lip wax you can top up RM 20 to add on if not mistaken.

For other waxing service price list please checkout the following picture:


I would like to wish a advance Happy Labor Day & Happy Holiday too!!! Stay Tuned for my upcoming post…Pray that I can finish my work soon…



  • Shivani Balraj

    Babe did you go to their One Utama branch? I have tried their brow waxing once before and I was surprised that it was quite painless – good place to go for first timers 🙂 Great post! <3

  • ShopGirl

    I agree, tweezing is my preferred method for the brows although I have to stop doing it myself and bring in the pros. Self-tweezing is addictive and hence, dangerous lol
    Brows are such a delicate area and I'm not sure that waxing them is all that precise. I'm not that concerned about the pain – it's the result and definition that I'm fussy about. This is coming from a messy browed-gal, mind you. I'm currently struggling to grow mine before I can even be a candidate for proper removal. The process is slow and frustrating. Hair there is better than none at all.

  • cindy tong (

    Spot on babe!!! everything just hit right me!!!i love tweezing my own eyebrow as well as armpit….it's an addiction and it's clean and tidy…. I dont feel dangerous when tweezing but it may result in ingrown hair and bump for armpit but thank got not on eyebrow…..yes tweezing takes time but the after result is so freaking awesome!!i dont mind waiting at all!

  • Akirah

    ouchee., does it hurt? I've tried waxing but just on my armpit., btw, thanx for dropping by on my blog 🙂 followed you now through google plus 🙂 keep in touch dear!

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