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Valentine Celebration at ALOFT KL & CAVA @ Bangsar

I just realize I totally forget to post about my fabulous Vday celebration in ALOFT KL last month. I was s really really busy at work and it was crazy.. Decided to take a break yesterday and write this blogpost because my Vday was amazing..

Some of you might know I won a 3D2N hotel stay in ALOFT KL. Oh yes those who has voted for my lame picture many thanks ya!!! Let me walk you through my quirky & romantic Valentine Day! We booked a ALOFT Room on Friday night which is the exact Valentine Day itself. We check in after we finish our work and took a nice shower before we go for our Vday Celebration dinner.


When we check in at the counter, there is a bowl of Hershey Kisses chocolate for guest in conjunction with Vday. So sweet of them!! Took lift up 16th floor and I was shock with such a spacious room….I can sleep on the floor with hand and leg open wide but still there’s extra spaces available!!! ALOFT KL is well known for its modern and quirky design, and that is my I say a quirky Vday!! Just Look at the huge bed, divine….

Valentine Day14

So huge the entire room..

Valentine Day22

Watch this video where I bring your for a quick tour around our room!

Time for a hot shower … woohooo.. The toilet & shower is separated but the wardrobe and shower are contained in a similar area which I don’t quite like! Why because the floor is wet all the time when I need to do make up near the huge mirror… But one thing I really love is the lighting.. Finally lighting that I can do my makeup properly…I hate those yellow/orange warm lighting.

Valentine Day15The huge Bathroom
Valentine Day16can you see the small zoom in mirror? perfect for eye makeup!
Valentine Day17Love the laundry bag but it’s not free!
Valentine Day20Left: Toilet & Right Shower
I think I love the room but not the bath room..everything in the bathroom seem wrong to me.. One huge dislike it no bath tub for me…whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………. huhu I wan bath tub!!!

The way they construct the bathroom is actually very creative just if there is bath tub it would be perfect! Oh yes I love that they have a wide rack for me to put my toiletries! See the way they name the body wash?? Bubbling…woots..I love the scent like ocean scent..

Valentine Day21

Okay are we done with the room??? By the way here is the makeup & dress I wore for Vday!


Valentine Day25_副本

Dress: Primark
Blue Heel: Primark
Earing & necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Dinner at Cava @ Bangsar

We did not make any reservation. We didn’t want to go to very expensive dinner but still want some good meal so we end up stroll around Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar and just went into any restaurant that has vacant table. Actually, we wanted to try OPUS but it was fully booked so we settled at Cava instead. I been to Cava before this and I am in love with their Paella so I wouldn’t mind to have my Vday dinner date there. Read my review on Cava here.
I am not going to do a full review here but I love to highlight one of the tapas, Cava’s Special Aubergine Pocket!! It’s sooooo juicy and tender we just can’t have enough of it… We keep complimenting it as we chew it down. The combination of beef bacon, asparagus, piquillo peppers, and mushroom stuff in a egg plant… You cannot miss this if you are egg plant lover!!

Valentine Day6

Valentine Day7The filling
Sadly, wasn’t really impressed with the Mariscos Paella (seafood). We prefer the seafood to cook along with the rice instead of separately.

Valentine Day8

The lamb rack taste heavenly….Perfectly flavoured and grilled!! Delicious.

Valentine Day9

Do you still need me to elaborate the dream chocolate dessert? The picture tell it all!

Valentine Day10

well dinner ended and we went back to our room for some our time!! Just the two of us enjoying wine and music and dance a little in our spacious room!!! Feel so romantic that moment… **sorry if i made you feel cheesy for a bit… well it’s valentine after all!!
C360_2014-02-14-20-33-40-400Cheers for more years together!

well the rest is lovey dovey moment and a good sleep till the next bright morning.. The sun shine till our butt when we woke up…. Quickly wash up and head to breakfast buffet!!!

Breakfast Buffet at ALOFT KL

Hands down this is the most interesting breakfast buffet I had so far!!! So many creative menu and they put together some creative mind to come up with some rare way of having our breakfast!! Let’s tour around my picture and you will get what I mean!

C360_2014-02-15-09-01-37-528Look at this unique table seating!
C360_2014-02-15-09-08-54-454The Sarawak Laksa is da BOMB!! Must Try!!
C360_2014-02-15-09-23-31-582Squeeze your own orange juice for juicy fresh orange juice!
C360_2014-02-15-09-29-45-951Fruit selection is massive, they include star fruit, red & yellow watermelon and guava too!!
C360_2014-02-15-09-51-40-378What is egg dog?
C360_2014-02-15-09-52-04-607Egg Dog is where you stuff the condiments into the hot dog bun!
C360_2014-02-15-09-55-30-449Adorable Soft Boiled egg set!
C360_2014-02-15-09-56-42-817Teh tarik or milk tea serve in a baby milk bottle! I’m ma suck the tea like a giant baby!
C360_2014-02-15-10-02-02-753Salad was soooo fresh and I dont see any blackish spoiled vege which I always see in other places!
C360_2014-02-15-10-10-46-686Bite on a donut!
C360_2014-02-15-10-27-33-298Yogurt & Muesli!!!
C360_2014-02-16-10-43-15-348Coffee Machine with Flavouring to add on!!! OMG Hazelnut Syrup!!!!!!!!!

C360_2014-02-16-10-44-55-529Do you know what is this? It’s a ice shaver!!

Unbelievable!! Never had snowy mountain for breakfast before! This is more healthy version with nuts and nuts!!

so there you go my Valentine Day celebration ended with a breakfast buffet and we slowly pack our stuff and ready to checkout….We didn’t want to leave so soon..It such an amazing stay!!!!! So what about you? Tell me you version of Vday Celebration. Till my next post..

p/s : Thomas if you are reading this I want to tell you how much I love you and spending Vday with you is the most happiest time ever!!! Looking forward to next year Vday!!!!!!!!muacksssss



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