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Samsung Launch Samsung GALAXY S5, Gear 2 & Gear Fit in Malaysia

Hello guys it’s another exciting week for all of us in Malaysia as Samsung had just launch not one but three new gadget last week.  I am so happy because I am on of the first few Malaysians that can get my hand on the all new GALAXY S5 during the official launch.

Samsung S51

This fifth S series, GALAXY S5 is going back to basic focusing in meeting what consumer need most in their day-to-day life. Mr Lee Dong Yong the president of Samsung Malaysia Electronics said, “ Consumers are looking for mobile tools that inspire and support them as they improve their everyday lives. The GALAXY S5 represents an iconic design with essential and useful features to focus on delivering the ultimate smartphone experience to the market today through people-inspired innovation.”

Mr Lee adds, “ Samsung understands that the next generation of wearable mobile solutions must directly reflect the diverse interests and needs of consumers. In response, our Gear product portfolio continues to expand with unique devices for a wide range of lifestyles to offer consumers unparalleled smart freedom in their everyday life, without sacrificing their own personal style or their ability to stay connected on-the-go. ”

imageLee Officially Launched all three gadgets.
Samsung S53Dato Lee Chong Wei & Pandalela were present to officiate the launch too

Ok I know you guys want to know what are the new feature add in these new gadgets.. Let’s start with GALAXY S5.

Samsung GALAXY S5

Modern & Glam Design
Mr Go Benn Lee, Product Manager of Mobile Division, IT & Mobile Business mentioned once you hold the GALAXY S5 you will never want to hold other smart phone anymore. The GALAXY S5 has a leather with perforated finish back cover that set it apart from its predecessor GALAXY S4. The leather back cover create a modern glam look and it comes in charcoal black, shimmery white, electric blue and copper gold. Currently in Malaysia only Charcoal Black & Shimmery White is available.


I personally love the grip of the leather back cover gave and my favourite colour will be shimmery white instead of the smooth finishing both front and back has perforated pattern finishing. Whether what Benn claimed that one will never hold other phone after touching GALAXY S5, I will leave it to you to justify the claimed when you get hold of the new GALAXY S5.

Upgraded Camera

The new superior camera function really got me excited. Many time I rely heavily on my phone camera because it much more convenient than to bring a big camera on-the-go especially when I am going out for party with my small clutch camera can’t barely fit in. The fast focus of 0.3 second will really helps in capturing fast moving object especially when event is on-going. Getting blurred hand and face on my pictures is a let down!


The selective focus option is impressive as you can select the point you want to focus on and leaving other blurred out for that perfect bokeh effect.


The upgrade to 16MP gives a improve the final picture quality which I think almost on par with most compact camera but I have to test it on when I get my hand on it for review later. For scenery lover like me the HDR function is really useful for me… Just a click my picture will be processed to striking intense color that make my picture stands out from others.


Connect with Accelerated Speed

I think this is something we all need especially with the increase usage of smart phone for watching movies, surfing the internet and yes I read my favourite blog via phones too. I spend more time with my phone more than my laptop. The fast connectivity with the all new advances LTE frequency and Download booster being incorporated in the GALAXY S5 will make my life much easier and reduce my waiting time.


Additional Protection

Ehem don’t get this wrong…I mean protection for your phone okay?? With an IP67 rating for it’s parts the GALAXY S5  is water resistance and dust resistance. You can use your phone when it’s raining out of no where even the sun is shinning bright a minute ago! Yes you can go play water with this phone but not swimming with it because it is not waterproof.


Ultra Power Saving Mode

Everyone just wen wowwww…wahhh….when Benn said the phone can last up to 10 hours when switch to the Ultra Power Saving Mode even when the phone left with few % battery. This mode will turn off all apps and function that is not important leaving calling and sms function on in case you need to make emergency call or your boss need to contact you.


Your Finger is Your Key

I wasn’t sure if the finger print scanner as key is something I fancy. I always worried that the thief would chop my finger off to unlock whatever item that is lock via finger print feature. The GALAXY S5 feature a 3 finger print scan to unlock the phone. It’s an upgraded security feature but if unfortunate case the thief is very violent then bye bye fingers..I rather losing my phone. Wonder if there is any option to select the type of locking system.


Staying Fit

If you are sport person then this is the phone for you. The enhanced S Health 3.0 provides comprehensive personal fitness tracker to help user monitor and manage their behaviour during exercising. Some of the available tool are pedometer, diet and exercise records and built in heart rate sensor. GALAXY S5 user can also pair with Gear 2 & Gear Fit for real time fitness coaching.

Summary of GALAXY S5  Additional Features

1. Camera: HDR, Selective Focus & Virtual Tour Shot
2. IP67 Dust & Water Resistant
3. Ultra Power Saving Mode
4. Download Booster
5. S Health 3.0
6. Quick Connect
7. Private Mode
8. Kids Mode

Let’s move on to Gear Fit & Gear 2. It will be a brief one else it will become very lengthy…
Samsung Gear Fit

The Gear Fit is designed to fit on user wrist comfortably that provides instant notifications from GALAXY smartphones while they are on the move.


It give custom real time fitness coaching where user can use to monitor their heart rate during workout.


Love the compact size of gear fit. It look super sleek on my wrist….
Samsung S56
Samsung Gear 2

Gear 2 is like a upgrade of Gear Fit with additional camera and music play back as well as the IP67 rating for water & dust resistant. Gear 2 also allow user to make call and receive call from the device itself.


Built in Camera function for easy day to day capture.


The additional standalone player allow user to leave their phone at home and still can enjoy to music while on-the-go via bluetooth headset.


It look like those Casio sport watch I used to wear during my school time! All Gear 2 function can fit into Gear Fit that would be awesome!!

Samsung S513

Basically that the brief of all three new gadget by Samsung. I hope to get you more insight once I get hold of the device for review. In the meantime below are some of the picture from the launch.

Samsung S59Samsung invite all guest to discover all 5 sticker on different assigned location for a chance to win Samsung devices.
Samsung S510Picture with Dato lee Chong Wei & Pandalela
Samsung S518The delicious food serve by Pullman Hotel

– Samsung GALAXY S5 is retailed at RM 2399
– Samsung Gear Fit is retailed at RM 599
– Samsung Gear 2 is retailed at RM 899

For more info please visit the following website:
Samsung GALAXY S5
Samsung Gear Fit
Samsung Gear 2

Till my next post…Tata…



  • ShopGirl

    So exciting! I am a Samsung user all the way but mine is practically geriatric at this point *sobs*. Love this new edition and the improved camera facilities. I just need to draw some blood from a stone before I can consider and upgrade. That and some serious overtime but yes, I do love what I'm seeing. Thanks for the preview!

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