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Pacific Coffee Company: Coffee + Dessert Paring

Halorrrrr…..This month I finally manage to share with you more coffee adventure this month after my last post which was months ago. *Feeling Guilty* Remember I share with you about Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) new outlet in Sunway Pyramid? Last week I was invited for a Coffee & Dessert Pairing session which is super awesome!!! This is my first experience pairing food with coffee to be specific heavenly tasted cakes!!

Pacific Coffee1

I was there early so I take my own sweet time to explore around PCC. It offer a very cosy ambient with few different wood table seating both indoor and outdoor. Plenty of sofa seating so you can enjoy your cuppa of coffee at comfort.

Pacific Coffee2

The wide range of coffee, chocolate drink, tea and juices in PCC will sure to satisfy everyone needs.

Pacific Coffee5

I really love to try these tea one day… I think they will taste good by the look of it…

Pacific Coffee4

Mike Yung the PCC Coffee Ambassador was there that night to share his knowledge and experience in coffee with all us.

Pacific Coffee10

That night PCC has chosen 3 delicious desserts to pair with three main of coffee blend which is the Sumatra, Costa Rica & Ethiopian Mocha.


Just like wine pairing, coffee has almost as many flavour nuances as wine. By matching the coffee with certain dessert can elevates your coffee tasting experience. In coffee pairing, you can choose to pair with complimenting flavour or contrasting flavour. Complimenting flavour is more complicated as you will need to slowly identify the coffee flavour out of the very similar flavour of the dessert. As for contrasting flavour, it will be easier to identify because the dessert can easily bring out the contrasting coffee flavour. Coffee can be taste by it’s acidity as it how acid (sour) can it taste when it slowly go down from the front of your tongue to the back of your tongue, by its body strength where it can be describe as the strength of the coffee when it lingers in your mouth and lastly the aroma which is the final touch of the coffee that give subtle distinction to the whole coffee taste.

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So let’s move to the first pair for the night. The earthy blend of Sumatra Bean was paired with the ever popular Coffee Flavoured Italian dessert, Tiramisu. The earthy aroma of the Sumatra beans was derived from the highlands of tropical forest and the surrounding area of Lake Toba, Indonesia. This Tiramisu is creamy and contain walnut that goes really well with the coffee. The walnut releases the earthy flavour to enhance the Sumatran coffee. This Tiramisu lean toward sweet taste and the cream is really light so it’s not too heavy and compliments the coffee really well!

Pacific Coffee11Sumatra Coffee with Tiramisu

The second combination is come from the American Costa Rica Bean with its America Cheesecake partner. This bean has a full body with a pungent characteristic, coupled with maple syrup and herbal notes. This coffee is typically sweet but it also acidic which perfect to go with the smooth and creamy American cheesecake with added citrus flavour. I felt this two is perfectly balance when it goes together. The citrusy flavour enhance the full bodied coffee.

Pacific Coffee12America Costa Rica Coffee with American Cheesecake

Last but not least which is my favourite, The Ethiopian Mocha from South Africa that is pair with blueberry cheesecake. I love this most probably because the coffee is the strongest among all and it has that wood, earthy and berries nuances. This coffee is processed using dry process which the two former one are via wet process. Dry process tend to produce strong bodied coffee with exceedingly low coffee acidity… So the rich cheesecake with blueberry supposed to marry well with this coffee. However, I don’t find the cake enhance the coffee flavour but like I say do love the coffee itself.

So which coffee you love to try?? or would you pair the coffee differently? Tell me about it or if you like to go for a coffee adventure with me can always leave me a comment below…I love to meet new coffee enthusiastic. Till my next coffee adventure!! Bye Bye…

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