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DIY Itchy Scalp Remedy

Hello lovelies…. How your week been going?? Phewwww though it rain almost everyday it’s still blasting hot when it’s not raining and that’s when my hair get a oily and produce whitish residue on the scalp and some of you may have dandruff too. This will then lead to itchy hair scalp, urrrghhhh I don’t want to scratch my hair like monkey in the public!! So let me share with you home remedy to cure oily & itchy hair scalp and also to clear away dandruff.


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Do you know what cause itchy scalp?

  • Dandruff production due to yeast overgrowth.
  • Repeated chemical hair treatments like permanent colour, relaxers, and keratin treatments can sap your scalp of moisture.
  • Excessive heat can irritate and dry out the scalp. Avoid using any heating equipment at the hottest setting.
  • Stress.
  • Sunburn.
  • Dirty Scalp.
  • Fungal & bacteria infection.

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Don’t get frightened out, continue reading for a one minute remedy that will keep you free from scratching your scalp!
What you need?

1. An empty mineral water bottle or any empty bottle
2. 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil (mine was purchased from Heaven on Earth)

Itchy hair scalp1
How to treat your scalp?

1. Fill the mineral water bottle with room temperature water and add 10 drops of tea tree oil into it.
2. Rinse your hair with warm water so there no remaining residue from your hair styling product or leave in conditioner. The warm water will also warm up your scalp for the treatment
3. Pour the water + tea tree oil mixture onto your scalp.
4. Do not rinse it away yet, using your finger massage it into your scalp and let it soak for a minute.
5. Rinse off with warm water.
6. Wash your hair with shampoo and condition it like usual and rinse off with cold water.
7. Towel dry your hair and leave it to dry without using and blow dryer. Do not use any hair product for a day.

Voila…. Clean, refreshing and non itchy hair scalp!!

diy itchy scalp

Tea Tree Oil is great at killing bacteria and fungus and that is why it can also be used to clear blemishes. The tea tree oil will unclog your scalp pores and provide the moisture your hair follicles needs. Thus, it will prevent hair loss and help maintain a healthy scalp that grows thick healthy hair. This is the treatment I use if my hair gets oily and dirty after whole day out!!! I keep the tea tree oil in my bathroom.
So try it out today and tell me if this work for you or if you have other DIY remedy for itchy hair scalp to let me know in below comment box too okay?? Till my next DIY post tata….



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