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The Unexpected Chinese New Year

Hey guys I hope your CNY celebration are all good and those who is travelling must had a lot of fun too right? Well sadly not for me….

This year my CNY was kinda bored and lonely because my parent went to Europe trip so me and brother didn’t go any house visiting and just stay at home. On the CNY eve, I went to shop at Jaya Grocer in Cheras Sentral. Surprisingly it’s quite fun to shop for my grocery there… All the item is arranged nicely and  everything look fresh and organized.

C360_2014-01-30-19-41-37-624What I bought for my whole week meal but it finish in about 3 days…

One funny thing is while I cleanse the squids I thought it’s bone stuck inside I tried pulling it then it turn out to be a fish!! Poor fish..


On the first day of CNY, Darling came over to accompany me..  So I made 2 set of English Breakfast using the latest oven/fryer mum purchased… Everything is cooked in 5 minutes but because I need to cook 2 set so I toast the bread in second round… So in total about 8 – 10 minutes to complete 2 set of English Breakfast. This is like a multipurpose oven…It can bake cake, fry chicken or anything food you like to fry, grill steak or lamb and many other….


C360_2014-01-31-10-17-26-783Bacon, sausage & soft boiled (in this case grilled) egg cooked in 5minutes


After a fulfilling breakfast, we decided to go Sunway lagoon to used up our free Sunway Lagoon ticket I won from Benefit.

I wore a T-Shirt with my new studded jean… I realize I am short of top!! I have many dress and bottoms but not much top!!


T- Shirt : Padini
Studded Jean : Forever 21
Sandal : Havaianas
Sunglasses: Rayban

I have no idea what happen to this picture it come out in black and white tone but I love it!!!


We are going to play water right? so yeah I changed to Monokini from Pink N Proper.


It was all fun and happy playing in the water and all the rides until when I open my waterproof bag I found my phone is all wet and water seep into my phone that all camera and flash has water droplet… I am so sad and angry at myself for not reading the waterproof bag instruction. It say the bag cannot be submerged as water pressure will force water to go in…. Poofffffff my phone screen become blur and all I can do is switch off the phone and dismantle everything and let it dry…I feel so regret for bringing the phone along should have dump it into locker….I just thought could snap some picture but in fact we are to busy playing with water.

We google for solution and by burrying the phone with silica gel or cover your phone with silica gel for good 2days the phone will return normal..Since I have a pack of silica gel I decided to try it before I go to the service centre! I am disconnected from my phone for two days and I can only read all my social updates via FB in my laptop…I was really paranoid over it and I have no confidence if the phone will ever be okay again! I keep on asking question on my phone till darling felt irritated by me…><

p/s If you don’t have silica gel try using rice but it’s more dusty and your phone may have caught all the dust.

Nevertheless, that night I still cooked darling favorite lamb chop and hope that everything will be okay soon..

IMG-20140202-WA0000May look so good because still not good at controlling the new over timing but it taste marvellous!

On the second day of CNY, I stayed home the whole day and cooked lunch and dinner for myself.. Great because I don’t know how my hair was burnt by the fire on the stove… I only realize after washing my dish… Feel so stupid and I wish salon is opened but sadly they are all closed!! God can my CNY be any worst?? That night I couldn’t fall asleep because I worry my phone will not be fixed and water droplet is still in the camera…..

I waited for a good two day for my phone to fully fixed…Yesterday I woke up and restart my phone and yes the phone finally fixed and it work perfectly fine at least for now!! Randomly take a shot to test the camera and turn out the picture look really good…

I believe now why guy love when their woman woke up with messy hair in the morning..It look natural and pretty with bare naked face…


Well that’s all from me..I return to work today…Gah not enough holiday for me…For you who are still in holiday, enjoy!!!!!!! Again Gong Xi Fa Cai!



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