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Fashion & Beauty Swap from Austria

Hola Hola…I am so excited to share with you this super AMAZINGGGGG fashion & Beauty swap with Olivia from Austria….. We set our budget at USD 50 and somehow it goes up to USD 70. Actually I just want to get Primark item and prolly one or two beauty item. So we agree that I will send a box of beauty product as what requested by Olivia and she will send me Primark item and one or two beauty product!!! I really appreciate her help to get me Primark item and I love all of them! At first she don’t want to get Primark item because she worry the design doesn’t suit me but after much discussion and persuasion yahoooo i got my Primark stuff!!

Ok I am going to cut short the words because I did a video of my unboxing so you can see everything in the video!!!

p/s: The video was shot during CNY so I was wishing you all CNY. I thing it is still CNY in actual it last for a month right?

So let me show you some pictures of the items so you can see what’s inside alright??
Let’s start with yummilicious treat she got for me!!! I have try all except the Rosemary & olive oil pringles!!! The classic paprika pringles taste like Jack & Jill cheap in BBQ flavour but with more tomatoes taste! The wafer is super crunchy but can be a little too sweet for me!!I think it will be delicious to go with tea!! Like I mention in the video, the candy is a fizzy type but I barely feel is fizzing on my tongue..and almost tasteless..

Austria Swap Box2

Tadaaaa my favourite item in the entire swap!!! Didn’t know she bought me heel because I told her to get me dress because I worried I cannot fit the heels!! When she show me picture of the item she got me I was soooo soooo happy!!!!!!!! I wore the blue suede leather heel few time already!! It’s very high because there is no platform on the front part!!

Austria Swap Box6

The simple black sundress!! and the lovely socks she got me!!!!! the star scarf is pretty too!!

Austria Swap Box7

The part that got my jaw dropped!! This three polar bear box…If you watched the video you will know what’s inside if not, you have to scroll down to take a look at these huge bomb!!!!!!! This three box are extra item she gave me which is not in the budget!!

Austria Beauty Swap (2)

The first box!! I see makeup, mask and body products!!!

Austria Swap Box8

That is a lot…OMGGGGGG the next box is the most lovely one!! look at the LOVE blusher!!!!!

Austria Beauty Swap (10)

Third box contains good stuff for my hair and foot!!!! Oh oh she gave me eyelash curler too!! Mad love!!

Austria Beauty Swap (16)

Now let me arrange all product according to it’s category!!! The first one is nail polishes and makeup remover!

1. Catrice Limited Edition Nail Polish in Eve Bloom – Wow loving the the name!!! So spring! It has a very light peachy pink tone!! Not so opaque even after 3 coat!

2. Nail Girls London in 30 –  It look simple and nothing fancy…It doesn’t give me good impression but one swipe wow the red colour is so opaque.

3. Bebe More Fresh Eyes & Lip – I think this is another water based makeup remover. Not much info in the net as mostly are in German language.

4. Primark 4 in 1 Deep Facial Cleansing Wipes – Deep Cleanse, tone, moisturise & remove makeup!! Have yet to try it.

Austria Beauty Swap (20)

Then we have all the beautiful Sachets!!! Wow the brand make effort to decorate the packaging even for the sachets… This are all from Borlind Brand under AnneMarie range.

6. AnneMarie Borlind for Combination Skin Sachet – Cleansing Gel, Toner, Day Essence & Night Cream.

7. AnneMarie Borlind Purifying Care Sachet – Cleansing Gel & Facial Cream.

8. AnneMarie Borlind Rose Dew Sachet – Cleansing Milk, Toner, Day Cram & Night Cream.

9. AnneMarie Borlind Eye & Lip Contour Sachet – Eye & Lip cream that contains natural mushroom which produces hyaluronic acid to reduce signs of aging.

Austria Beauty Swap (18)

Next sachet set are from Tautropfen range which is from the same company Borlind!

10. Tautropfen Regeneration Sachet – Facial cream & Facial Emulsion which help skin regeneration.

11. Tautropfen Amalur Sachet – Cleanser, Facial Serum, Facial Emulsion & Facial Cream for mature demanding skin

12. Tautropfen Elixier sachet – Moisturizing Nectar harvest from torch lily keep skin additional does of moisture.

Austria Beauty Swap (19)

13. Emite Makeup Eye Lash Curler – I don’t usually change my eyelash curler only the rubber.. I love to try this out still!

14. Essence Dating Prince Charming Blusher– A bright and shimmering blusher.

15. Kryolan TV Paint Stick –  It’s like a foundation in stick from. This box come in few tones.

16. Douglas Lip Gloss in 315– In a sweet deep pink tone, not so much glitter but very glossy.

17. Borjouis 3D Effet Lip Gloss in Rose or Chic– In a gold shimmery rose pink. Super love this gloss!!

18. Catrice Highlighter Pen – Waterproof highlighter to apply in the inner corner of the eyes for wide eyes effect.

19. Gosh Mineral Colour Pigments – Can be use as eye shadow, highlighter, bronzer & blusher.

20. Essence Volumizing Fake Eye Lashes– In a gold shimmery rose pink. Super love this gloss!!

21. Dr Hauschka Translucent Foundation Sachets.

Austria Beauty Swap (17)
22. Anatomicals Facial Spritz – Contain Mint & lavender, two of my favourite ingredients!

23. Balea Foot Cream.

24. Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist – Love the fresh and light scent!!! It’s light and make my hair smooth!

25. ComoShambala Invigorate Shampoo – Minty shampoo that restore shine in your hair!

26. Garden Villa Bath & Body Set – Shower Gel, Lotion & Bath Fizz.

27. Balea Mask.

28. Anatomical Mask – Minty shampoo that restore shine in your hair!

29. BarFuss Foot Mask – contain Lemongrass & Mint.

30. Necklace

Austria Beauty Swap (1)

Wahhhhh the beauty box alone have more than 30 items… Thank you again Olivia…. Here is the sneak peak of your 2nd box as a treat from me to you!!

Austria Beauty Swap (13)
Austria Beauty Swap (11)
Austria Beauty Swap (12)

Hope you will receive your 1st box real soon!!

I have no idea when I can finish trying all the product above!!! I can’t wait to try all of them!!!!!!!!!! Let me know which item you like to try and I might give it to you to try!! You gotta be creative in your comment!!! Till then good bye and have an awesome day ahead!!



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