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Partying Wild & Hard

How was you new year so far? Did you enjoy your January?? To Kick Start my 2014, almost the entire January was filled with party with bunch of my crazy friends!

1. New Year Eve at Zouk

New Year Eve, I am with Siew Cheng and two of her friend shaking our head and butt to the beats at Zouk….

Party1Me & Siew Cheng

Party2Chilling at another side because there is no more table!

There was a funny moment where we found a empty table to we quickly takeover and have our drink there..Suddenly, the group that reserved the table came to claim it back..So we ask them if we could share the table with them since there is only three of them….Then the girl say no we have 10 more people coming….Errrr…shocked for a while and we have to finish our drink so we don’t need a table and just dance on the dance floor!

Party3Before we got drunk!

That night was really crazy, the crowd is massive that we almost have no space to even move our hand! Everyone is banging each other when dancing because there’s just too many people on the dance floor!!!!!!!! I remember a guy keep using his butt to bang other people…My guy friend said he sacrifice his butt to protect us!!!!!!!! So funny! I reach home at 5am and slept at 6am…Woke up at 12pm just right in time for another birthday party!! The after party hangover was pretty bad…My ear only recover after two days and my neck pain lasted for a week!!!!!

2. Tammy Birthday Party
The next day I woke up and had the worst hangover ever..I am so so exhausted.. I went out with casual outfit without makeup..I am too tired to dressed up!!!!! But but I am excited to try Haagen Dazz Chocolate Fondue Ice Cream for the first time!!!!!!! Thank you Tammy for inviting me to your birthday party and a big Happy Birthday to you again!!
Party4The bubbly birthday girl!

and then every girl scream when the Chocolate Fondue arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! Me too scream like little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so so delicious, will definitely try it again!!

Party5Ooooh my fav will be the raspberry ice cream & strawberry!
Party7Dip in peanut is da best!
Party9Group pic wit ma girls!

3. Pre-CNY Party with Yadah & Butterflies

Okay this was very fun party too..but I’ll do another separate post for this!!!!!!!! Else you will be yawn reading such a long post!

imageJust a group pic for this party!Tones of pic will be up real soon! *stay tuned
4. BBQ Party with Friends

ah moving on on the same night of the Yadah Party I went to BBQ dinner with Thomas’s friend!! It’s been few years since I last BBQ!!!!!! I wish to BBQ with my friend again in Port Dickson!


Anyway, this is my first time trying BBQ marshmallow!! Have you try before?? They become so so soft and it melt in my mouth perfectly!!!!!!!!


5. WOW Music Festival

Then last one was just last Saturday!! We girls were at Sunway Pyramid as early as 4pm having early dinner before began our rave party!!!!!!!!!

Party16OOTD before the Party!
Crop Top: Bangkok
Skater Skirt: H&M
Purple Gold Chain Bag: Bangkok
Bangle: Forever 21

Oh and my makeup for that night!!!! Try out the yellow eyeliner and did a double wink line for my eyes!!


We went in at around 6pm and get changed into our rave party suit!!!! I don’t have any knitted top or sheer top to pair with the monokini…. Well I have la but wear before already…and I am so broke so I did not buy a new one! So I brave myself and just wear monokinis with Skater skirt at the bottom!! Surprisingly it look good! I love how well the skirt match the monokinis!


Monokinis are by Pink N Proper…I never wear monokinis before this because of fatness but these cover my fatness well!!!!!! If you are going for a beach holiday soon check out their monokinis, high waisted bikini and many other design too!!!! Checkout this link!

After we changed we thinking to put all our bag in locker and to our horror all locker is full!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssss full!!!!!!!! There is one locker outside but once we go out we can’t re-enter….WTF.. Lucky we have one extra ticket so we used it!!! All thanks to Thomas for helping us to put all the bag in the locker!! Much love!!


Party19with Chency Darling!
Party20Us with Pink N Proper Bikinis….

and the rest of the night it was all jumping, screaming, dancing and selcas selcas!!!!!! We went to non VIP areas go near to stage and got splashes with water….I’m all wet and Good Job as I did not bring extra cloths!!!!!!! The entire journey home was so grosss….

Party22VIP ticket only get redbull..gosh so hard to redeem this!It took us forever!
Party23Anger Dimas set was really awesome!
Party24Love the Sunway Resort Hotel Background..The lights so pretty especially when we flying up high on G-Force!
page1My crazy girls!!!!!!Let’s do this again!
Party33_副本My Boo! Red heartRed heart

Party34with Jun Zheng
Party35Lindsay say her bikini matched my skater skirt well!
Party37With Siew Cheng, Ashleigh & Melody!
Party39With JenGorgeous!
Party41With Audrey!
IMG (51)Steve Aoki set end with his 7th caking moments!

After that we head to Soju Sunway for after party….Wish there was dance floor!!!!


Party45The performance was awesome!!!!!! I hate those club with Thai Performer.. *sorry jus not my type!

So yeah 5 party in first half of January!!!!! Will I be partying the remaining of January?? No I gotto rest but I will be travelling and celebrating CNY!! Stay tuned for CNY look tutorial!!!!!!!!!! So long for now!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Monday and I hope my party picture cheer up your blue monday!!!!!!


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