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Giveaway: Cindysplanet International VDay Giveaway

Holaaaaaaaa girl….For those in Malaysia are you working today or already back to hometown for Chinese New Year Celebration?? and for the rest staying elsewhere are you having a super blue Monday??? No worries on that because I am going to paint your Monday with colours and shower you with lots of lovely products!! As promised I will be doing a huge international Valentine Day Giveaway consist of these awesome beauty products…

cindysplanet Vday Giveaway

If you been reading my blogpost and following me on Instagram you sure know that I just came back from Rendezvous Relaunch Singapore trip and my shopping haul is crazy and some of the item in this giveaway was bought during that trip…..Not yet read about my crazy haul, check them out here! To think back, I have been blogging for one year plus now and will be entering 2 year this June… I feel really grateful for being able to go so far and having quite a number of follower on my blog… Though not a big number of follower yet but I am happy to have all your support!!

Instead of doing blogssary giveaway, I thought to give you guys some love this Valentine day… Beside getting gift from your loved ones you will be getting gift from me because I love all of you!

cindysplanet Valentines day

I feeling really blessed lately with all products and gift I received from sponsors and also been invited to numerous event and familiarization trips… Do you know without you, yes you who is reading my blog and commenting my blog; I will not be still updating blogpost everyday and I think I must have given up on blogging long time ago…. Sometime I feel very demotivated from the stress at work and blogging is something that could balanced my emotion… Reading all of your comments putting a big smile on my face.

imageI smile like a kid when I saw email notification of your comments!

To extend my gratitude to all of your continuous support to Cindy’s Planet I will be doing my very first International Giveaway. I have about 10 beauty goodies to giveaway. Some are in full size and some are in deluxe size. I am sorry that I couldn’t give all product in full size because this giveaway is not sponsored by any company. All the product are either purchased by me or gift I received from event.

Here is the full picture of all the beauty products I have chosen for this giveaway.

Vday Giveaway6

Fancy anything in the picture already?? I have skincare, bath and body and also makeup!! If you are Lush, Benefit, Yadah & Nuxe fans you sure found something you loved this valentine day!

The Bath and body set contains the following:

1. Lush Bath Bomb Bombardino – This bomb has a sweet vanilla scent with delicious lemon that promised to soften up your dry skin!

2. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel – This bubblegum scent will sure keep you smelling good whole day after your shower! I know because I use them everyday now!

3. Laline Body Scrub in Musk scent – I discover this brand while shopping in Singapore and I find it very moisturizing yet remove my dead skin… So i bought one for myself and one for you!! Rich with Grape seed oil for deep-cell nourishment. The main ingredient the granulated Dead Sea salts, one the best ingredient to help remove dry and flaky skin for a beautifully polished and radiant skin.

Vday Giveaway4Bath & Body Range

Then we have makeup range and I believe many Benefans will scream over this!

4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara –  This need no further introduction. Use this to get the natural Volumized & Curl lashes!!!!!!! They sure look real!!! I using it when ever I do makeup now!! They last on lashes for whole day without smudging!

5. Benefit Fake Up – Need a full coverage on you dark spot, redness and blemishes?? This is the best product for you!! Non cakey and non oily formula help keeping your skin looking flawless for entire day!

6. Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour – This natural lip colour give your lip a hint of colour while keeping it all moisture all day.. This formula fill your lips with a smooth finishing!! My best friend during the day! I’m loving the pretty packaging that I can show off when I am out reapplying it on my lip!

Vday Giveaway2Makeup Range

Are you drooling over it already?? I also have some skincare for you from Korea!!

7. Nature Republic Dream Collagen Set –  Do you wanna have a silky smooth young looking skin? This product help to boost your skin with marine collagen that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkle!!

8. Yadah Cactus Mist –  Feeling tired and stressed? Spray this mist on your face any time of the day to keep you feeling refresh! It also help to give moisture to your skin especially when you stay under air-conditioned room.

9. Leader in Solution Biocelulose Mask –  This is my current favourite sheet mask. The gel like texture stick on my face like second skin!!Use them after you have chilled them and it sooth redness and calm your skin too!!!!!!!!!

Vday Giveaway3Skincare Range

and last but not least a Multipurpose Dry oil from the famous Nuxe from Paris!!

10. Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse (multi Purpose Dry Oil) – I think you know this oil well because everyone is raving about it!! It can be used on your body, face and hair too!!!!!!!! Giving you all the moisture and nutrition your skin and body need! Just a few spray and your skin will turn to soft and smooth skin!

There you go all 10 products for this valentine day!!! Good luck to everyone who joining this!! Much love from Cindy!!!

How to join this giveaway to win these awesome beauty goodies?? First of all you gotta tell me which two products you would like to win from me based on above list (item 1-10). I will just grant your wish by sending one of your chosen gift to you if you are the winner!! For example, if you choose item 7 & 8, I might send you item 7 & 10 or 8 & 10 or 7 & 8 too!!! Next you just need to complete all the step in the Rafflecopter apps and you are in the running to be one of the winner!!

I will select two winner which will each win 2 item from the list of prizes. If my GFC and Blog Lovin Follower reach 1000/ 1500 followers I will subsequently add another winner for this giveaway. So share share and share with all of your friends

Tips: To get higher chances to be the winner you gotta share this giveaway on your FB, Instagram and Blog. The more you share to higher your chances!!

Do complete all the task in below Rafflecopter app!!!!!! and please read the terms and condition in the Rafflecopter app too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

p/s I am collaborating with to share this giveaway on her blog!! Do checkout her beautiful blog too!!!

Till then Happy early Valentine Day to all of you!!!!!! Good Luck for those joining this International Valentine Day Giveaway!!! muackssssssssss


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