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One Utama Wonder Food Adventure : Snacks & Dessert

This is the continuation of the chronicles on my One Utama Wonder Food Adventure….
p/s do read about my One Utama Wonder Food Adventure experience here!

The mall is called, One Utama which bring the meaning “One Hub” where you can get everything you look for in one mall – One Utama (It’s all in one)! Being the 4th largest mall in the WORLD, it houses various type of food that you are looking for that includes local and international delicacies. Imagine having Cendol and Fried Oyster Cake at the same time instead of travelling north to Penang or south to Malacca!!

As for shopaholics or even families with kids, this will be the perfect mall to visit which provides all facilities under one roof from Fashionable Boutiques, International Fashion Stores, International Hypermarket, Children Play Ground, Cinemas and of course FOOOOOD. You won’t have to leave the mall just because to have lunch or dinner as it’s all located in One Utama Food Street!! So continue with your shopping, enjoy your movie marathon or just hang out with friends because you can take a break and enjoy a good meal at one of these restaurant in One Utama Food street before you go back to your shopping or movies…

Since there are so many restaurant and food stall to cover, I am going to break it down into two part which is snacks & desserts and the main dishes which sums up to a total of 3 post for this One Utama Wonder Food Adventure.

Just a brief description, One Utama Wonder Food adventure is where me and other butterflies are given opportunity to try out 15 restaurant in One Utama Food Street which are to be completed in 5 hour time frame. It is definitely a race to finish all of them and such thrill as well!!!!

p/s this will be a lengthy post with lots of yummilicious pictures!

Let’s kickoff with the snack or starter.

1. I Love YOO!

I love yoo

Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: Snack/ Breakfast/ Chinese/ Fritters/ Pastry 
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LG117 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 1.60 – RM 3 each (promo set: RM 4.30 – RM 7)
Full Menu:http://www.iloveyoo.com.my/menu
Signature:You Tiao, Fried Bun, Tau Foo Far & Porridge

This is the first stall we set our foot on because this is a great choice for breakfast and easy on the tummy as well. I think this stall need no further introduction as most people have tried them because I’m their number one diehard fan as ate with them in more than numerous times.

One utama13I Love Yoo! Menu

If you are looking for something light and yet can fill your little tummy at a affordable price, this is your best choice. I always order the Set A (You Tio + Porridge for only RM 4.30 ) when I need something to hold my hunger while waiting for dinner or I’ll just grab a few of those fried buns or sweet potato balls. If I want a fulfilling breakfast, would order Set A and top up with Tau Foo Fah.

One utama14

Each piece is cut into small bites so we don’t need to dirty our fingers, just use the chopstick to pick them up or use the finger to pick these cute bites!! My favorite will be the smooth and thick porridge which goes really well with the you tiao. The Red Bean Fried Bun taste extremely delicious too…

Red Bean Fried BunRed Bean Fried Bun, RM 1.60 each
Soya Bean DrinkSoya Bean Drink (Hot), RM 3 add a spoon of brown sugar for that distintive aroma and roasted sweetness!
Tau Foo FarTau Foo Far , RM 3.30 no chewing is required just slurp all of it!Make sure you blow them to cool it down else you might burn your tongue!

2. Oyster King

Oyster King

Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: Snack/ Noodles/ Chinese 
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LGK113 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 7.80 – RM 13 each (promo set: RM 13– RM 15)
Full Menu: http://www.oysterking.com.my/menu.php
Signature:O-Chien (Fried Oyster) & Garlic Oyster

If you are oyster lover you will love this Oyster King stall. Fresh oyster used in O-Chien fried with egg is the key point why every bite is so sweet and juicy!!! They also served other fried items with noodle that incorporates oyster as well as lala (clams) in it!! We tried the fried vermicelli but nothing to shout about. I recommend to go for O-Chien instead!

One utama83Oyster King Promo
Fried OysterO-Chien (Fried Oyster), RM 9.00
Oyster King1Lala Fried Vermicelli, RM 7.50 | Ok Special Wrap, RM 7.80

3. Seaweed Club

Seaweed Club 
 Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type: Snack
Halal/ Non Halal: Pork Free
Lot/Location: LGK103A / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 5.50– RM 6 each (promo set: Buy 2 roll free Soya)
Signature:Tuna Roll & Wasabi Roll

I pledge that i will return along with my girlfriends for the tuna roll fix and we can chat whole day long while sipping the soothing and sweet Jojoba + Longan Tea! The tuna roll was gone in minutes!!! The carrots and sweet turnip wrapped beneath the crispy seaweed and the popiah skin is just so sweet and crispy! It’s a very refreshing bite that it’s similar to a popiah but much drier!!

One utama53Seaweed Club Promo
Seaweed Club 1Tuna Roll & Spicy Roll, RM 6 per roll
There is original, tuna, spicy and wasabi!! If you are wasabi lover, you should definitely pick that one!! It’s a challenge you will never regret, like ever.
Seaweed Club 3Rose, Genmai, Strawberry, Jojoba & Many More Tea RM 4.50 each

I love rose and jojoba tea!! Must try as it help to relax your mind and ease on the digestion too!

4. SS2 Goreng Pisang

ss2 goreng pisang

Restaurant/ Stall Info 

Type: Snack/ Fritters/ Malay  
Halal/ Non Halal: Pork Free
Lot/Location: LGK112 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 1.60 – RM 3.5 each (promo: 15% off with any 3fritters or drinks purchased)
Full Menu: http://www.ss2gorengpisang.com/menu.html
Signature:O-Chien (Fried Oyster) & Garlic Oyster

Using only Lam Soon Buruh Oil to fried their fritters and with a unique mixed of flour and rice flour it results in a extremely crispy finish!!! We was quite shocked to taste the crispiness of the popcorn bites of banana (it is much bigger compare to popcorn size) and like the name suggest popcorn banana, they do live up to that name!

Banana PopcornBanana Popcorn, RM 3.00 for 5pieces (can add chocolate topping too)

There is a wide varieties of fritter available and we think it’s good to eat in or you can take away and hop to Mr Cendol for the sweet and chilling cendol!! Best Combination!!

One utama63

Other available fritters like curry puff, fried yam cake, prawn fritter, spring roll, mashed banana ball, sweet glutinous rice cake layer with Yam & Sweet Potato & many more!
Let’s move on to dessert for those who have sweet tooth, this will be your favorite part!

5. Mr Cendol

mr cendol (2)
Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type:Snack/ Dessert/ Malay/ Indian
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LGK109 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 4.5– RM 7 each
Full Menu: http://mrcendol.com/menu
Signature:Cendol Special

Cendol is the stripes of green jelly made from fresh pandan leaves and flour which is then add into pure santan (coconut milk), red beans and rich brown sugar. No preservative and colouring is added in the making of the cendol which make Mr Cendol a healthier choice. Mr Cendol’s Special Cendol with additional of glutinous rice & a scoop of vanila ice cream is top seller. This is sweet and delicious. We tried Soya Cendol too but was rather disappointed as the taste was rather bland. Rojak also available, if you want some spicy crispy stuff to chew you should try them!

Mr Cendol

6. Bisou Bake Shop
Bisou 1
Restaurant/ Stall Info 

Type:Dessert/ Pastry
Halal/ Non Halal: Pork Free (Black Forest Cake & Tiramisu contains liquor)
Lot/Location: LGK105 / Lower Ground Floor Promenade Old Wing
Price Range: RM 6 onwards each (Buy 5 Cupcakes Free 1)
Full Menu:http://www.bisou.com.my/cupcakes.htm
Signature:Cupcakes of the Month, Rainbow Cake, Banofie Pie & Lemon Crunch Cake

Bisou bakes the most delicious treats that are all handmade with the best ingredients and sprinkled with lots of love in it!! By just looking at all the colorful and creative designs of the cakes, I felt like I am in heaven already… Choosing which one to try is hard because every single of them look so yummehh (they taste as good as how they look like) …

Bisou cakeCake Slices, RM 12.50 onwards
Bisou cupcakeCupcake, RM 6 onwards
Bisou cupcake 1Gift box is readily available for those who is buying as gift!

Sinking my teeth in their cupcake of the month (Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting) taste so good that I never let go the bite and continue to finish it! You can get these cakes for wedding, party or just as something to munch over whenever you are hungry or when you are watching movie….

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate FrostingChocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, RM 6

Oh yes Bisou is so kind enough to give you free cupcake when you purchase 5 cupcakes and above!!
 Bisou Cupcake Promo

6. Molten LAVA

Molten Lava
Restaurant/ Stall Info

Type:Snack/ Dessert/ Pastry
Halal/ Non Halal: Halal
Lot/Location: LG312B / Lower Ground Floor Highstreet New Wing
Price Range: RM 3.3– RM 11 each

By the name, I expect lots of melting chocolates. The specialties that will melt your heart is Churro with chocolate dipping. You may ask what is Churro? It’s a fried dough where people usually drizzle with sugar and cinnamon powder. For some reason I am not big fan for cinnamon but this time around  I find the amount of cinnamon powder was just right for me…Not too strong, nor too light and the sugar is evenly spread so it does not taste exceedingly sweet! I absolutely love this… I will definitely come back for it!!

Sugar & Cinnamon ChurroSugar & Cinnamon Churro, RM 4.80 taste good even after hour left in car…

I read some review over the internet and it seem like their Funnel Cake is very tasty too…I must return for this!!

imageChoc & Caramel Drizzle Funnel Cake, RM 7.80

You can also pick your desire Macaroon display at the front…. Quite a lot of flavor and color to choose from!!

One utama92Macaroons & Swiss Rolls

So there you go, these 7 snack or dessert stall for you to choose from when you are in One Utama. You can try a few at one go or just try one..It’s your pick. I would think SS2 Goreng Pisang, Oyster King & Cendol will be a good combination of local delicacies… On second thoughts, you might want to go Bisou and take your time trying the cakes there…. Seaweed Club will be an awesome choice after a full meal as their tea can help ease the digestion and the seaweed roll help refresh your palate!

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Stay tune for the final post where I will highlight 8 more restaurant featuring more heavy and fulfilling meal for that scrumptious lunch & dinner!!!

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