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One Utama Wonder Food Adventure : My Experience!

Two word to describe the whole One Utama Wonder Food Adventure by Butterfly Project Malaysia “Amazingly Adventurous” Why?? This not just dining in the restaurant nor a food review session it is something beyond all this!!! It is an adventure, a food tasting, a restaurant hopping and a food experience sharing with all butterflies and yes butterman?? (I don’t know what a male butterfly called LOL!!) This is one of a kind of experience that I don’t get to try or do everyday.. Thank You Butterfly Malaysia & One Utama for this amazing experience.

Alright people there will be total of 3 post for this adventure and I start first post by telling you my experience during this whole adventure….

So what is the One Utama Wonder Food Adventure all about?? It is another project by Butterfly Project Malaysia collaboration with One Utama to introduce the wide varieties of eateries joint in One Utama Food Street. 50 Food & Lifestyle Bloggers were selected to participate in this adventure and we were each given a passport which will allow access to try the food in participating restaurant. We will get a stamp upon visiting each restaurant!

One utama4

I leave my house at 10 am sharp so that I will be at One Utama (1U) slightly early but unfortunately, federal were so jam…yes even on weekend after 9am…. Luck was on my side I reach 1U at 11 am sharp and I see butterflies start queuing already!! I attended a few Butterfly Project Msia event and this is the first time I encounter such long queue!!! I bet this gonna be awesome!!!

One utama1The queue was triple this when I was queuing!

We were given a goodie bag inclusive of One Utama gift card and RM 50 shopping voucher and many other merchandise!!!

One utama3Gorgeous Choulyin collecting her goodies from Tammy!
One utama114Goodie bag contains One Utama exclusive pillow and towel, powerbank and RM 50 One Utama Shopping Voucher! 

We (Me, Sharon & Rene) form our group and quickly snap some picture and with speed of light and we head straight to Yoo! for our first meal of the day which is the most important one BREAKFAST!!!

One utama14This is really a good breakfast to kick start our day!!!

Basically, our ultimate goal to cover all 15 restaurants so it’s all about food and all picture we took are basically food plus the fact that my camera batteries are exhausting I can only limit myself to a limited number of photos!! 

Basically, our ultimate goal to cover all 15 restaurants

Let me tell you what happen, the night before I did not charge my DSLR batteries because it was still full bar when Thomas last saw it..That morning when I switch on the battery was flat…..literally flat that the camera shut down by itself!!! Thank god I brought my Sony NEX…but the battery can’t last long though through limiting photo quantity it managed to last till the 15th restaurant!! Lesson learned!!!!! Always bring power bank(if your camera can be charged using power bank) or bring extra batteries!! Especially when you are travelling!! I bet you don’t wanna missed that moment!!

We start off slow and steady.. Order our food slowly and take our own sweet time snapping photos…as we move on to bigger restaurant the waiting time become longer and we are running out of time because it’s almost 4pm.

Here is some of the sneak peak of the food we had last week…

One Utam Wonder Food Adventure

There is this part where we were waiting for food at one restaurant we hop to another restaurant to order food first to cut time short since the restaurant is just side by side!! We just take away some of the snack to save more time so we can try all restaurant!

Funny moment is when food arrived, everyone will squeeze in to snap picture. Some who were walking pass the shop will hop in to take picture too because the food just look so good that they must fed their camera first!!!

So here it my passport filled with stamp!!! woohooo…. We completed all 15 restaurant!!! weehoooo…

This is a whole new experience for me and to fill my palette with so many different food in 5 hour was amazing… It felt like amazing race for me because I am chasing against time to complete as many as I could…

Some of the food was unexpectedly delicious and we were surprised and we pledge to return for more. Wanna know which restaurant is that? You will have to stay tune for my upcoming post on this…..

I would really like to extend my gratitude to Butterfly Project Malaysia Team especially Tammy who put so many effort to plan this fun adventure. Thank you for giving me opportunity to try out the eateries in One Utama, now I know which restaurant to go for whenever I am in One Utama. Butterfly Project rocks….Keep up the good work and we girls will be here to support and help up you girls anytime!!! Of course not to forget One Utama giving allowing us to try so many food and also the lovely goodies!!!!
If you have not visited any of the following eateries in One Utama Food Street you should try it now and don’t forget there is promotion going on in conjunction with this Wonder Food program!!

LG Promenade

1. SS2 Goreng Pisang
2. Ninja Joe
3. Seaweed Club
4. I Love Yoo, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo
5. Oyster King
6. Mr Cendol
7. Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
8. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
9. Bisou
10. Yoo!

LG Highstreet

11. Food Box
12. Vivo American Pizza and Panini
13. Lava Box
14. Lameeya
15. BBQ Chicken

One utama115

If you are a blogger and want to join any upcoming event from Butterfly Project do join their FB Group at https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

For more info on Wonder Food checkout One Utama Official Website and for latest updates do checkout One Utama FB Page.

Have a great Monday guys and stay tune for my upcoming post on this adventure!

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