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[Giveaway] BeauBox: Bare Beauty

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Hello lovely ladies….Time sure flies when Christmas is just right around the corner… I’m sure some had already started making their wish list and every girl wish Santa will grant their wishes that includes me as well!!! So for this Christmas, I will be your Santa and I am sure every girl would wish to have this Beau.Box delivered to your door step. Hence Santa Cindy will be granting you wish and in return she just need a few favor from you by completing the steps in the Rafflecopter app at the bottom of this post.

Wait up, before you jump into the app, let me introduce you to the first ever Full Size Beauty Box, Beau.Box! Yes, the one and only beauty box in the world that offers you a minimum of 4 FULL SIZE beauty products, no sample size and no tiny bottles. I was at the launch of Beau.Box which is not only a beauty box but a brand that blends in the best of both worlds – your brand of personal beauty and our brand professional formulas.

I got to know about this new beauty box in town weeks ago from a friend and I am excited to join the launch to discover this new beauty box!!!
What is Beau.Box?

Kelvin Tan the founder share that he was inspired to start a beauty box after seeing the birch box and other beauty box in France. That is why it is name Beau.Box, “Beau is a French word for beautiful and Beau also a short form for Beauty; BeauBox =  Beauty Box, such a elegant name.

BeauBox16Kelvin Tan the Founder share with us a little bit more about Beau.Box

During the launch of Beau.Box and I was surprised to see a huge Beau.Box at the center of the restaurant. I love the idea of unboxing the huge box as the mark of the launch of Beau.Box, it does surprise all guest on the floor and the beautiful blonde girl holding Beau.Box that came out from huge love pattern opening was a brilliant idea!

BeauBox launchLaunch of Beau.Box

It has not been easy for Kelvin as he took 2 years to research on the beauty box market and come out with the very first Full Size subscription beauty box concept. BeauBox creates the cutting edge by creating amazing products which are manufactured from the most innovative labs around the globe, ensuring that you will be the FIRST to try it before anyone else does! You will be surprised by the personalized product made exclusively for you!

BeauBox wants you to find the true meaning of real sampling experience, to go through the journey of learning and playing with the product. Each month, BeauBox will feature an innovative beauty theme that will set to create trends that is exclusively customized to suits your everyday experience.
Being in trend doesn’t mean just delivering exclusive product to you but Beau.Box will guide you on how to use and apply their product via web tutorials and hands-on education. Beau.Box aim to empower everyone to create their own style and meaning of beauty.

What Beau.Box Promised to Give to Subscriber?



#3 LIMITED EDITION PRODUCTS (Bonus Surprise) + International Surprise Guest Brand *(Seasonal)


The Debut Box : Bare Beauty

“Bare Beauty a box that gives you all the essential products to accentuate & highlight your individuality. Time to express your authentic self. ”


Beau.Box debut box is named Bare Beauty, Kelvin Tan the founder shares that he want everyone to express their individuality which is the main inspiration behind the theme for their debut box. This debut box subscription is open now which will be sending out in December. Every month will have a different theme and I heard something nice coming up next year February….. Red heartRed heart

The Beau “Box” 

Come in a sturdy pink glossy box with imprintment of really cute girly icon. The box material is very thick and the design almost similar to a cake box, only thing is the content is beauty product now. Red heart
Red heart

This box is made from recyclable material and is highly durable to be use as storage box. So what makes it so special? Every beauty box in the market can be used as a storage box, BeauBox has few more usage instead of just being storage box. It can be use as tissue box because the center portion (heart shape opening) can be removed and you can then pull your tissue out from the opening. More usage?? You can arrange a bouquet of flowers and insert into the heart shape opening and there your new pink recyclable vase!

BeauBox17The Pink Recyclable Vase
Unboxing Beau.Box : Bare Beauty

Watch my short unboxing video here!

What’s inside Bare Beauty?

Upon opening the box, there is this scroll tied with a pink ribbon. This is quite catchy considering the other beauty box always comes in a card form.


This piece of paper has all the info of every single product for that particular month as well as some story behind the theme of the month.

BeauBox info paper

Then the product is wrapped with a tracing paper in a dark navy blue color with their heart icon sticker. Other boxes comes with grey or black color tracing paper alternatively.


So like I mention previously, there are 4 product in each box and every box is different, different as in total different product NOT different range ya…


I was overly excited because when I unwrap it, I saw three makeup product…It seem like BeauBox catched what I’m thinking in my mind!! Always in beauty box is mostly skin care!! Finally, one that give makeup product where I will never get bored playing with them.

Beau.Box Wonder Powder

When it comes to pretty packaging, i’m a sucker for it and I love this wonder powder black box with the pink floral pattern on it. During opening the box, I could see the packaging is done perfectly.


BeauBox7The additional box that ensure the powder is well secured

This Wonder Powder is said to help reduce imperfection and leaving your skin looking radiant and luminous glow. This mineral powder is formulated using skin compatible mineral creating a natural dimensional finish that allow your skin to look the best without overpowering it!! This is truly natural look! With the protection from UVA/ UVB rays, this powder is good for people who is always outdoor….

BeauBox8Beau.Box Wonder Powder, RM 79 for 6g made in Italy
Beau.Box Stare Palette

This Stare Palette will be your new best friend. Designed with a lightweight packaging makes it travel friendly. It comes with a 6 color combination which is suitable to be used on all skin tone because earth tone is so easy to match. You can create deep setting sultry look or alluring smokey eyes with this palette and you can use this to fill and shape your eye brow too!

BeauBox11Stare Palette, RM 149 for 12g made in London
BeauBox12Stare Palette 6 combination shades

I have swatch this on my wrist and I’m loving the smooth texture….


I only swipe one time only and the color is quite pigmented…

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush (Guest Brand)

I was a bit confuse when I see lip blush… Does it work like a blusher??? LOL… This Lip Blush is actually a lip stain that give your lips with the right amount of color and hydrates your lip like a balm. Apply liberally, purse and let the silky lightweight texture melt onto your lips. Additional point for this lip blush because it is made with beeswax and ceresin wax for a sheer, smooth application.

IMG_6948Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush RM 69 for 2.5g

Beau.Box Rain Maker Serum

This Rain Maker Serum is my new love…The serum smell so nice….A lavender scent because it contains Lavender essential oil…Once I unwrap the plastic the whole box filled with the lavender smell!! This serum contains Hyaluronic acid which is able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, drawing moisture out of the environment and onto surface of the skin. By using this serum, you skin will be pack with nutrients resulting in a fresh, young, bright and firm complexion. Can be use day and night.
IMG_6947Rain Maker Serum, RM 229 for 30ml made in USA

So that’s all four exclusive product in my box. The total value of this box is RM 546 and I am paying only RM 129 for one month subscription!!! The box value is like 5 time what I am paying and all item are FULL SIZE!!!! I seriously think it really worth the money!! What do you think about it?? Now here is the highlight of this post what are the surprises that Beau.Box gonna give?

What are the Surprises?
The Subscription Fee
Yes you can subscribe Beau.Box as low as RM 89 each if you subscribe for 3months package. Fret not if you are not convinced yet you can always opt of one month subscription for RM129. If you are very happy and want to subscribe for more boxes then you can subscribe for 6 months for RM 74.10++ each.

The Subscription is now open. From 14th Nov 2013 to 25 Nov 2013 you can subscribe at only RM 89 for single subscription!!! Wow awesome deal!! Subscribe now at BeauBox Official Website


BB Points

BB Points are bonus points which you can collect and use for redemption on individual products. This can be used partially or fully for any non-promotional items of your choice.

Box Subscription
Single Box                               5 Points
3 Months Subscription              10 Points
6 Months Subscription              25 Points

Beaubox Beauty Community
Contribute A Review                 3 Points
Contribute A Beauty Article       3 Points
Surprise Bonus Day                 Double Points!

The Christmas Giveaway

Now my lovely reader, Santa Cindy is giving away one Beau.Box : Bare Beauty as a early Christmas present to all loyal readers.. As mentioned above, just need your little help to complete below Rafflecopter app and wait for Santa Cindy at your door step (errr technically will not be me but Mr Postman to replace me) hehehe… Good Luck girlssss…

For more info please visit  BeauBox Official Website and checkout  BeauBox Cosmetics Facebookfor live updates!


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