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theSkinTopic Celebrates 1stAnnivessary!

Few months ago I just get to know SkinTopic via introduction of Evolu a new Zealand brand where their product are all made from natural ingredient like plant and fruits that are sourced from New Zealand as well as other countries. If you have not read about it click here. With a blink of eye, SkinTopic already one year in Malaysia. Time flies and I’m a year older yesterday!!!!

On that day I was still sick, I went out with bare face that almost every blogger friends ask if I was sick. Thanks all for asking I guess finally now I have fully recovered…I always love brands with pretty packaging and product that are made from natural ingredients. So even I am not feeling well but I would drag my self out of bed to attend this event…. My last visit to SkinTopic I was eyeing on this Linden Leaves Body Oil as they stood prettily on the rack with different flowers and fruits inside the bottles. The see through bottles that contains golden colour body oils made from organic rosehip, avocado oils, pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils which soaks a different kind of natural flowers, leaves and fruit such as Lavender, rose, strawberries, sandalwood, mandarin, petitgrain and rosemary.

imageThe pretty body oils! I wish I can collect all of them!

Mr Frederick Loh, Executive Director of theSkintopic was on mic to say a few words.


“It gives us great pleasure to be celebrating our first anniversary today, and we wouldn’t be here without the solid support from our partners like Linden Leaves as well as our loyal customers, business partners and members of the media. We have certainly grown from strength to strength, and from a single outlet, today we are extremely thrilled to have four stand-alone kiosks, with a fifth location to be opened before the end of this year in KL City Centre.”, said Frederick.

theSkintopic is the exclusive distributor of natural and botanical skincare and bodycare brands from New Zealand, namely Olive, Tebe, Linden Leaves, Wild Ferns and the latest addition, Evolu which most of you have read about it in my previous post.

Olive and tebe are one of the first brand that theSkinTopic bring into Malaysia. Their skin care ranges contains extra virgin olive oil, an antioxidant rich in vitamins and minerals which had been used as beauty secret in the Mediterranean for centuries. Olive and Tebe skin care offer you natural, safe skin care, perfect for whole family.


Due to good response, other brand were brought in like Wild Ferns, Linden Leaves & Evolu.

Wild Ferns skin care products are all made with special care in New Zealand. It is their philosophies to ensure their most important ingredients come from sustainable sources so we can help do our part to retain and protect the clean, green, unique beauty that is New Zealand.


Special guest for that day was Ms Bridgit Blair, the founder of Linden Leaves.


“I started Linden Leaves 18 years ago in response to the limited options offered to two of my children who suffered from chronically severe eczema for years. To start a business there has to be a need and a passion, a dream and a vision, and an end goal to drive and sustain you through the challenges ahead. For me, the steroid creams hadn’t cured the problems and while I had no illusions that I could cure it either, I believed a more natural, gentler approach was a better alternative for long term use.” she said

She was really friendly and she taught us how to package the beautiful body oils from scratch.

Skintopic19#1 Pick your preferred flowers

Skintopic15#2 Measure the flower against the height of the bottles before cutting it.

Skintopic17#3 Tie the flowers together

Skintopic16#4 Insert the flower into the bottle

Skintopic18#5 Pour the oil into the bottle

and there you go the oil will be ready after two weeks of soaking. All the body oil base are similar but different ingredients are used to soak in the oils to bring out different scent and to give different benefits to the skin.

Linden Leaves Body OilThe ingredients used to soak in the oils!

Bloggers and medias all get a chance to try to get their hands on putting the flowers into the bottles.

Skintopic22Shasha in action!

Linden Leaves is available exclusively at theSkintopic kiosks, and the range includes Skincare, Bathtime and Aromatherapy Synergy products suitable for all ages. Products retail from RM59 to RM216.

Each girl that try to put make the body oil, gets to bring home the bottle along with a mini version of body oil and a basic skin care set from Linden Leaves. This is what I got!! Thanks Butterfly Project and the SkinTopic for this lovely body oils!! I have try the lavender ones..they smell so relaxing and it’s very moisturising!!I can’t sleep without them now!!!!!!!!!!!


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