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[New Product + Review] Decleor New Anti-Ageing: Prolagene Lift

I went to a very interesting product launch two weeks ago by my favourite Aromatherapy Skincare Brand Decleor. The product launch was conducted by Ms Perrine Galant and I must say she is one of the most entertaining trainer I’ve met in all the beauty event I’ve attended. The way she explain and elaborate is very interesting and engaging. Her body language and the eye contact she made to the audience is very engaging. For the first time I don’t felt like I am in a lecture!!

Decleor Prolagene5Ms Perrine Galant in action!

We first begin with a spritz of refreshing water with aromatherapy oil to bring us into the world of Decleor. If Decleor is new to you please read about them here. Let me introduce you to the all new Decleor Prolagene Lift, a complete firming programme for women to promote smooth, firm and plumped skin.


I gotto tell you, doesn’t mean you slap all the anti-ageing cream or what so ever product and your skin will be firm and looking young!!!!!!!!!!Our skin need more than just creams….You must be wandering what?? Need more than just cream?? Oh you must be thinking ermmm perhaps sufficient sleep and healthy food diet? Yes that is important too but Decleor has come out with the 1st Anti-Ageing Work Out, GYM LIFT. Yes it’s just how our body require workout to keep us looking fit and toned body! This GYM LIFT is created by Aroma-Experts to tone our facial muscles using targeted techniques for each area, for tailored effective. Woots that is so amazing isn’t it?? Every corner of my face will be lift up and you will see me looking younger from any angle!!!!!!

The GYM LIFT workout will be more effective if you apply the complete range of Prolagene Lift treatments.

Let’s do this together shall we? Come on it only take 5minutes!

I admit some of the sleepy and rushing morning I become lazy to workout my face… >< feeling guilty…But I must say if I do the workout in the morning, I feel less stress and felt much more energetic the same theory with exercising with additional firming to my face off course. So start working out your face!!!!!!!!

I got the Prolagene Intensive Youth Concentrate to try on and so I have use it as my serum in the morning without additional moisturizer and at night I top it with my another anti-ageing cream moisturizer because at night my face absorbs more moisture and the fact that I sleep with air-conditioner on will cause my face to dry up real fast.

Decleor Prolagene Lift

From age the 35, our facial muscles will begin to become loose and the skin’s supporting structure becomes weaker and our face feature begins to sag. Though it mentioned 35 but though I have not reach 30, I believe it’s best to start workout my facial muscles and start anti-ageing product to protect my face. It’s easier to prevent than treat!!!!!! All thanks to the GYM LIFT & the Prolagene Intensive Youth Concentrate, my skin felt lifted and toned early in the morning… Can you see my eyes is less puffy too?? Not to mention my lifted jawline

Prolagene Lift treatments range contain “skin coaching” active ingredient which enhance the results of GYM LIFT. The revitalising and anti-glycation properties of Iris essential oil helps to boost the skin’s elasticity. No wonder my skin felt so springy….Don’t believe pinch me if you see me LOL. Every woman dream to have product that produce collagen, this L-Proline complex in the Prolagene Lift product will help achieve this dream at the same time also increase the the firmness of the dermis. Another important ingredient is the Hyaluronic Acid that ensure immediate action and lasting action on wrinkles.

Decleor Prolagene Lift14Prolagene Intensive Youth Concentrate, RM358 for 30ml

The texture of this concentrate is highly concentrated just like the name suggest but what I like is that the texture wasn’t too thick and greasy. If you are my blog avid fan you know I HATE greasy and oily product. Most of my skin care product are gel based or light cream. This serum is twice as concentrated as L-Proline complex but it is light and easily absorbed by my skin. It takes less than a minutes for it to fully absorbed by my skin.

Decleor Prolagene Lift Texture

I only start using Anti-Ageing product this year because I don’t like the concentrated texture of most of the product that make my face felt so greasy and like a thick layer of cream or gel sitting on my face. Surprisingly, this serum/concentrate was pretty light and it felt almost like my other non anti-ageing gel moisturiser texture. Most importantly it gives me a plumped face and less visible facial line. It keep my face hydrated even if I used it without moisturizer at night. Oh did I mentioned, it smell so good and relaxing? Well, it’s Decleor signature where essential oil are the main ingredient in each product that contribute to the lovely scent that also relaxed your mind on each usage.

Oh did I mentioned I love my serum packaged in this kind dropper glass bottle. They are easy to dispense and do not waste product away because you can actually have a look in the inside whether there is still product left unlike the usual pump bottle.

Decleor Prolagene Lift15The dropper bottle

For more effective result, you can consider getting the whole Prolagene Lift Range.

Lift & Firm Day Cream is a must have in your daily skin rituals. This cream reactivate all dimensions of firmness by boosting, protecting and extending it.


Lift & Firm Day Cream, RM 398 for 50ml

Lift & Brighten Eye Cream helps ensure your eyes feel relaxed and look sparkles all day.


Lift & Firm Day Cream, RM 258 for 15ml

Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel is a exfoliant that contains Fruit Acids (Grape, Pineapple & Passion Fruit) with non abrasive particles that remove dull veil cloaking the complexion. Yums I feel like eating it then applying it!


Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel, RM 258 for 45ml

Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask i this unique mask fill deep wrinkles on the surface of the skin for a smooth and youth looking face. image

Lift & Fill Wrinkle Mask, RM 198 for 30ml

Well basically these are the entire range of the New Decleor Prolagene Lift, your youth boosting expert care.


I hope you enjoy reading my review today and to end today post a picture with gorgeous Ms Perrine.

Decleor Prolagene10

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