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Fun Sunday Outing with CindysPlanet & SmallnHot

No words can explain how happy I am to see my readers come to my event and say hi to me. One by one come and queue to purchase the burgers and some checking out the booth of all my supportive sponsors….. Thank you so much to all readers, friends and family who have been so supportive over the year. Not to forget the amazing sponsor that working so hard to make this event such a successful ones.
We were all at Big Chomp early in the morning to setup the booth and getting everything ready.

Fun Sunday Outing4

By 12 p.m I can see people waiting in front of the door waiting to grab the Buy 1 Free 1 burger. Door opened and queue begins…

Fun Sunday Outing3

Before the event, I am so worried that no one will turned up but thank god so many people come by to support us. I really appreciate that, I really do….

Remember I have a September Beauty Kit Giveaway on my blog earlier where winner get to dine with us? All winners get to sit at the VIP area and chill with us. Tehehehe, grand prize winner don’t need to queue ya… They just sit down and enjoy while I get the kitchen to make the burgers for all of us.

Fun Sunday Outing33_副本Us, winners and sponsors chomping down the burgers!

haaa supposingly my friend will be mcee-ing for me but she has work to do so I have to brave myself to be the speaker that day. I was rather nervous and Thomas was there to save me…Heee love him big time! Thank you Adrian for decorating this lovely space for us. It’s so beautiful! I love the wall sticker! So pretty!

DSC06407_副本_副本Adrian, the owner of Big Chomp become photobomb! Nikki and Dad candid shot here!

Pheewww…I manage to brave up and officially welcome all guest to the event and highlight the agenda of the day. We have Instagram & FB sharing contest and big prizes awaiting for top 3 winner with most likes.

Fun Sunday Outing40-horz

So here are all the prizes that is up for grabs that day! There is Seqoci dresses and accessories, Loreal Mythic Oil Masque, Vanity Trove Lierac Box, Big Chomp Cash Voucher and many more…

Fun Sunday Outing2

The lovely people behind this successful event…

Fun Sunday Outing10From Left Hannah, Cecilia, Danny and Winnie. Opps Adrian is missing because he is busy cooking burgers…
Fun Sunday Outing26Winnie doing the talking for VanityTrove!
Fun Sunday Outing21Kelly checking on Loreal Mythic Oil Shampoo! Those who visited the booth were given Loreal Mythic Oil samples
Fun Sunday Outing28Olivia contributing to Loreal Color For Life initiative!
Fun Sunday Outing38Accessories by Seqoci so unique right??
Fun Sunday Outing34Colorful pieces from Seqoci!
Fun Sunday Outing36Seqoci, Loreal & Vanity Trove booth!
Fun Sunday Outing11Jun Chong & BF selecting which burgers to order!
Fun Sunday Outing46Siew Cheng, smiling happily with her burgers..
Fun Sunday Outing22Winnie, my photographer for the day enjoying her Fatty Shroom Burger!
IMG_6214Kevin enjoying Lamborghini I guess..Don’t remember what he ordered! LOL

Thanks Liyana for this lovely Big Chomp Burger!

Fun Sunday Outing45_副本Our #OOTD from Seqoci!

I am wearing Sorbet Casual dress which is very suitable for day outing. The color layer of the dress is so sweet and I pair it with a cream lace legging to add more elegant look for this outing! This dress sell like a hot cake and apparently already sold out.

Fun Sunday Outing41Lizzie sharing photos on instagram…She write on her blog blog on this event too…Thanks girl!

It’s time for Prize Giving ceremony for the Grand Prize winner of September Beauty Kit.

Fun Sunday Outing47Vera Soo the Grand Prize walking away with Rm 150 worth of Etude Goodies, Loreal Mythic Oil, Vanity Trove customize trove and Seqoci dress!
Fun Sunday Outing48Jun Chong, Consolation Prize winner walk away with up to RM100 worth of product.
Fun Sunday Outing49All winners from Cindy’s Planet & SmallnHot with all Sponsor.
Participant still keep uploading and asking friends to likes their photos…. More and more people come and by 2pm all buy one free one burger is sold out! Still people come to buy their burgers…Thanks everyone for purchasing the burgers even the promo has ended!!!!!!! I am so touched!!!!!!!!! Red heart

Red heart

IMG_6192Let’s take a picture while waiting for your burgers!

p/s: Thanks Billy for dropping by!
Loreal also managed to sell all Color For Life Limited edition bag that day. I am happy to be able to something for all the kids and those who is diagnosed with AIDS. 

Lovely Iqa sharing her happy moments at Fun Sunday outing in FB!!!!!!! Red heartRed heart She also blog about this Fun Sunday outing at Thanks girl for blogging about this!!!


The event was about to end and I was surprised when Thomas and Adrian bring out a SUPER DUPER HUGE BURGER CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Burger Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun Sunday Outing24I call upon all other October Babies to celebrate together!!!!!!
Fun Sunday Outing25All of us blow together!!!!!!!!!!
Fun Sunday Outing54It’s so heavy and huge that the plastic tray bend down….
Fun Sunday Outing51Apparently Cindy Tan (on the left) also born in October! Double Cindy!!!
Fun Sunday Outing52I tell you it’s so hard to cut through!!!! The patties is so thick!!!!!!!!!!!It take some hard work to geth that huge slice ya!

Fun Sunday Outing53

I am not sure what is the name of this burger but it’s layer with raspberry based sauce, egg omelet, coleslaw and thick beef patty sandwiched with huge and fluffy charcoal bun!
It’s so huge that every table get a slice of this “burger cake” to try!

IMG_6255me bringing the birthday cake to the table while sharing with patrons on today activity!
Fun Sunday Outing56Me & Sarah trying out the Burger Cake!

Before we end the event, we will be announcing the top 3 winner that receive the most likes on FB & Instagram Sharing!!!!!!! Here are some of the entries:




 Siew Cheng even make a short video!So cute!

So who is the winner???

Fun Sunday Outing30Olivia the Grand Prize winner who have 135 likes on Instagram!
Fun Sunday Outing29Jasmine Tan the 1st Runner Up winner who have 90+ likes on Facebook!
DSC06434_副本Olivia the 2nd Runner Up winner who have 75 likes on Facebook!

We also have a surprise Best Dressed Award!!

Fun Sunday Outing32We love Jaslyn combination of Long Sleeve cross top and skater skirt!!!!!!
Fun Sunday Outing31Finally Adrian (the one with Cap) is free to take picture with all of us!!!!!!!
When everyone left, Sarah bring out a very cute cake and celebrate with me for my birthday!!!!!!! Aww that is so sweet of her…

Thank you Sarah for that little surprise. I didn’t see that coming!!!! I am so touched!!!!!!!Red heartRed heartRed heart
Before everyone went home, I took a picture with Thomas. He helping me to take picture and help to serve all guest that came on that day!!!! Thanks darling!

Final picture before everyone say goodbye!!


This event is made successful by the following awesome sponsor! Do checkout their website or FB for more info.

This is really really a great event and I am glad that I am able to pull it off!!!!!!! Once again thank you everyone for all the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I will be able to plan more of these event…Will you all come support me again??

Hugs & kisses….



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