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Cava @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Hello foodies.. Lately I’ve been blogging a lot on beauty related post hence it’s high time for me to blog about food as i miss food blogging and due to my busy schedule at work which had missed several food review.

Initially I had heard about Cava from a friend that they serve delicious paella. FYI, I am a huge fan of paellas and absolutely love how the rice is cooked in a pan with various seafood or meat and vegetables in it.

Located at Jalan Bangkung, Cava was found to be rather secluded, away from the famous Bangsar area where Bangsar Village is located. In fact this Jalan Bangkung is somewhere in the center of housing area. So here is a quick guide to go. If you’re coming from Bangsar McDonald at Jalan Telawi where McD will be on your left, you would need to take the left turn on the second traffic light, right after Shell Station. The first time I came here, the restaurant was closed. Albeit disappointed,  I learned that all restaurants in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar closes after 3pm and reopened around 6pm. Hence last week, I have a date with Vivien and Angeline for a lunch at Cava. This time, I had to make sure to come during lunch time so I will not missed my paella again!

Cava offer authentic Spanish and Mediterranean food and a wide range of selection of wines for you to pair your food with. During lunch time, you can order any mains (including paella, meat or pasta) and you will get a free soup or salad. So we ordered paella, tapas and dessert.

The first tapas we ordered was Baked Portobello with Roasted Garlic and Walnut. The crisp of walnut coupled well with the juicy tender Portobello. The taste lean toward the sourish which didn’t quite appealed to us.

Cava Baked Portobello with Roasted Garlic and WalnutBaked Portobello with Roasted Garlic and Walnut, RM17 

The soup of the day was Wild Mushroom Soup. The taste is slightly different than the usual ones. It’s not so creamy and the wild mushroom flavor was not evident. Again it’s more toward the sourish side. However, I like that it is still piping hot when served on our table.

Cava Wild Mush Room SoupWild Mushroom Soup, Complimentary during Lunch Promo 

Then we had a Cava Man Tapas Platter under Lunch Promotion. It consists of Grilled Barbeque Lamb Leg, Escargot Pesto, Deep Fried Mushroom and Goat Cheese served with steamed corn and lima beans.

Cava Man Tapas PlatterCava Man Tapas Platter, RN 20.90 (Lunch Promo) From Left clockwise Grilled Escargot with pesto sauce, Crispy Goat cheese, Grilled Barbeque Lamb Leg, Deep fried mushroom and steam corn and lima beans.
I have high expectation on the Lamb Leg, but it was too dry for me. I would preferred it to be more softer and slightly juicier. However the great thing would be its barbeque sauce which was quite nice as it complements the meat.

Cava Grilled barbeque lamb legGrilled Barbeque Lamb Leg
Being first time eating goat cheese, it’s so pungent. I think it taste good when it goes along with the Mint Harissa sauce to balance the pungent taste. I had taken half of it, can’t take more.

Cava Cripy Goat Cheese with Mint Harissa SauceCrispy Goat Cheese with Mint Harissa Sauce
The Escargot with pesto sauce was the tastiest among all in the tapa platter, I think. I love how the flavor fuses which derived from the pesto sauce with green peas thatcome out not being too “green” taste. The fresh escargot is indeed very appetizing and they are quite generous consider there is more than five of them in it.

Deep fried mushroom batter is something I never expect. It’s almost like tempura kind of batter but thinner and sweeter. We enjoy eating the fried mushroom by itself.

Next up, Cava’s Specialty Arroz Negro (Squid Ink paella with squid and prawns with garlic aioli) is the da bomb on that day. We can smell the delicious aroma the moment the waiter lay down the pan. Whilst I was snapping pictures, I can’t wait to try it as appetite just flaring up. Though it look black and not appetizing, but the taste had proved otherwise!! The rice was soft and the squid ink definitely brought a very good aroma after it was cooked on the pan. The aroma emitted from the serving leans toward slightly charred . Each rice grain was perfectly coated with the squid ink and every mouth is amazingly delicious. Each of us keep nodding head and agree it is indeed very delicious. When I added some of the sour cream onto the rice, BANG! it taste even better with a totally different taste. It’s more creamy, smooth and much more mushy where we love it to the bits….

Cava’s Specialty Arroz Negro Squid Ink paella with squid and prawns with garlic aioliCava’s Specialty Arroz Negro, RM 33 for single serving | RM 62 for double serving
Woahh don’t look down on the paella. We were so full but yet we still want some dessert!!!!

The Crème Catalana is a Spanish version of Crème Brulee. The soft and fluffy texture with slight burnt sugar layer on top seemed to be a sweet ending for our lunch. One thing I didn’t like is that it has too much egg in the taste and the burnt sugar should be burnt longer.

Cava Crème CatalanaCrème Catalana, RM 13
The last dessert we had is Chocolate Dream (Moist Chocolate Cake served in lime custard sauce) that made all of us go oooooohhhhhh so delicious and we felt like we are in heaven already.

Cava Chocolate Dream Moist Chocolate Cake served in lime custard sauceChocolate Dream, RM 16 
The chocolate cake texture was perfect and the chocolate syrup enveloped in the center of the cake is quite dense. The dessert is not so sweet which the taste make me fell in love with it. I don’t quite like desserts that are too sweet.

Cava Chocolate Dream Moist Chocolate Cake served in lime custard sauce moltenThe flowy chocolate syrup…
Overall it was a great dining experience. Friendly staff and cozy dimmed light setting made a great place for dining and catching up with friends. For sure I will come back for the paella and chocolate dream!!!!!!!!

p/s: thanks Vivien for this delicious lunch. We shall have more luncheon together!


Cava Restaurant and Bar
71, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2093 6637

Business Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 12:00 am
Sun: 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

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