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AES & Beauty Expo 2013

Last week woman go crazy shopping at Beauty Expo especially those who are also owner of beauty salon. If you buy in bulk you get more discount! Some girls come in group so they could share bulk purchases!

IMG_9679_resoluton 72

The exhibition spreads over 10,000 square meter of floor space at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, with over 500 specialists from 23 countries gathered to showcase the best of their premier products. It was really tiring to actually drop by each store…..My leg was in pain when I arrived at my car..not to mentioned the distance from KLCC parking t the expo. Perhaps, you all should consider parking at the convention centre side

It’s actually divided into 5 zones which includes Beauty Salon Spa & Wellness, Hair Products & Equipments, Nail Products & Tools, Packaging, Contract, Manufacturing & Private Labelling and Make-Up Education.

I was there on the last day and everything was selling out fast and price is much reduced compare to first day I guess!

This 96 Hair & Beauty has the major price drop!! I bought shampoo and hair masque which cost about RM 50 each. It’s organic and paraben free..I have yet to try them but will do it real soon!!!!!!!

Beauty Expo2

imageMy Haul that day, the Sephora stuff was not from Beauty Expo ya!

The hair curler is so cheap…RM 75 only…But I bought so many shampoo and conditioner already…

Beauty Expo4Hair Styling Toll going cheap!

Beauty Expo1Beautiful Hair Straightener!

Beauty Expo3Woah Body Shaping Lingerie is on massive sale too!

There are many unknown brands to me mostly used by beauty salon but also spotted some common brands that we always see in shopping mall!

Beauty Expo5Wo de Xin Ji Mask

Beauty Expo8Dolly Wink

Beauty Expo6Beauty Mate

Beauty Expo7Essence

There is also AES (Asia’s Premier Esthetic & Skincare Exposition) Expo going on at the same time. AES Expo 2013 will bring a whole new experience through its by-invitation-only concept on the region’s beauty exhibition calendar. Top Notch brands were invited to this first-of-its-kind elite must-attend exposition. You will be able to see the latest products, concepts, innovations and full product cycle development from some of the world’s leading beauty industry players.

The main objective of this AES expo are:

  • To showcase and build awareness on elitist brands, services and
    products to keep ahead of an ever-evolving competitive industry
  • To reach out to the global beauty industry within a single location
  • To establish product and service brand names, develop potential
    partnerships, and launch innovative and new products and services
  • To work with key industry professionals in an interactive environment



It’s a place where professional meet to gain new experience!!!!

This is definitely a event you must visit. Lucky that I manage to grab some time to drop by. Though it’s not as much item offered as what i expect but it sure open up my eyes on beauty industry especially some of the APHCA Olympic competition. The makeup and hair style design was really amazing. Read about my write up here.

Signing off…Happy Day ahead ya!


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