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The Gastro Project @ Section 17, PJ

Happy Monday yo, finally I have some time to share with you some yummy food…I was really busy at work….

Across the busy street, where lights illuminate the pathway along the side walk and the signage that features the crown which tilts just over the name in the recent addition to section 17’s list of F&B establishment, The Gastro Project.

clip_image002[4]Photo credit to TGP

The Gastro Project (TGP) is a joint family collaboration and one might wonder as most families struggle to agree on anything especially indifferences in ideas, and yet the Menon family, despite their diversity and experiences in different parts of the world, have had joined in arms towards their shared passion which is food.

clip_image004[4]TGP Managing Director, Raj Ponniah

Patrons will be greeted by blown up photos of Hollywood stars like Jack Nicholson puffing on a cigar, Jean Reno, Julia Roberts getting a bite of pizza and Brad Pitt getting a fix of espresso that is decorated on the wall which reflects on its conceptual theme where the upper deck that is allocated for chilling which patrons can savour drinks over at the bar and some bite delights while casually enjoying the movie screening on every alternate days (Tue, Thurs, Sat & Sun). The theatre system is definitely as close to a cinema as it gets which complemented by its big screen and cushioned lounge chairs around the deck.

clip_image006[4]Upper Deck screening

(*Photo credit to timeoutkl.com)

The Gastro Project’s main dining area, which is able to accommodate 40 diners, has assumingly trendy mosaic-tiled space with burgundy finishes. Patrons might even feel like they had just stepped into a Mafia movie set.

Since it opened its door last January, TGP has made a name with various items from its menu that comprises of its Crab Meat Aglio Olio spaghetti, including signature dishes such as the Butter Cream King Prawn with Mantau Bun, Orrechiette with Lamb Sausages, TGP’s Japanese Salad, Nicoise Salad and Pumpkin Raviolli. Desserts also include Chocolate Cake Balls with Chocolate Sauce and Cardomom Panacotta. Hence without further ado, we shall get started with their starters.

clip_image008[4]Bon Appétit

Let The Feasting Begins.

We start with TGP’s Japanese Salad. The salad comprises avocado, pomegranate, mixed salad leaves, cucumber and pine nuts, delightfully topped with Japanese sesame dressing. The combination is absolute delish though I would prefer more sesame aroma and more flavour. The salad is served at room temperature but I prefer it served cold but nevertheless it still tastes good. It was supposedly to be at room temp so it’s not too oily but I do enjoy cold salad.

clip_image010[4]Japanese Style Salad – RM 15.00

Next is the Butter Cream King Prawn with Mantau Bun. The dish is said to be, Raj’s favourite, is a sinfully good dish of deep-fried king prawns in butter cream sauce served with fried mantau buns to soak up the last drop of the sauce which is made slightly spicy to give it an Asian taste. Personally I think the Butter prawn is absolutely delicious as it’s different instead of the usual buttery, it is more milky / creamy whilst the texture is not too thick that leans slightly towards the lighter side but not diluted. The hint of spiciness from chilli padi and aroma from curry leaves is amazing to complement the overall taste. The mantau bun is surprisingly fresh and soft inside. For the bun which is fried, it is not oily at all which to my surprise with such outcome.

clip_image012[4]Butter Cream King Prawn with Mantau Bun – RM 40.00

clip_image014[4]The Mantau Bun

Following we have TGP’s Crab Meat Aglio Olio Spaghetti. The spaghetti is served with a generous amount of crab meat and chilli flakes which has made it one of TGP’s most popular pasta dishes. I like the spiciness though not a fan of spicy food but acceptable within range and it isn’t oily. The crab meat is good but would prefer the pasta to be slightly softer as it was tad hard at the moment of serving.

clip_image016[4]Crab Meat Aglio Olio Spaghetti – RM 24.00

Next we have the slow-cooked lamb stewed with carrots and apricots, and served with fluffy buttered couscous. The lamb is soft that goes well with the couscous but I don’t quite fancy the lamb perhaps due it’s tad spicy but the serving is special with couscous and the dried apricot.

clip_image018[4]Lamb with Buttered Couscous and side salad – RM 40.00

The next dish would satisfy Meat lovers’ steak cravings with Australian Black Angus rib eye, sirloin or tenderloin. In addition, there is a selection of sauces including blue cheese, Chimichurri, white wine shallot cream and avocado béarnaise, among others with sides that go along which entices appetite all round. We had the “Australian Black Angus Rib Eye”.

The steak had a hint sourish sweet and garlic pesto complements the steak well but what i do enjoy most is the doneness. The texture is just right, not tough to chew at all, soft and the flavour infused deep into the texture. The sides, pumpkin mash are sweet which paired really well with the steak. It’s pretty unique to have pumpkin mash rather than the usual potato mash.

clip_image020[4]Exquisite texture (Australian Angus Black Rib Eye)

clip_image022[4]Australian Black Angus Rib Eye – RM 45.00


TGP’s best-selling dessert is its Decadent, featuring chocolate cake balls served with home-made rum cocoa sauce. Decadentis like a mash chocolate ball. It is not too sweet which I like and the chunky nut does make the texture taste great. The covering layer of thick choc syrup is great too.

clip_image024[4]Decadent – RM 15.00

Another choice for dessert would be the, Satisfying which is a smooth and creamy vanilla or cardamom Pannacotta with fruit coulis. However it is tad sweet for me and texture too loose which didn’t quite appealed to me.

clip_image026[4]Satisfying Cardamom Pannacotta with optional Fruit Coulis – RM 15.00

Preferred something lighter and more refreshing taste, try the Classic. The Classic is an English strawberry trifle, with layers of fresh cream, custard, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce. The strawberry trifle is amazing. The blend of sweet cream and custard in the middle savoury sponge texture is perfect along with the fresh strawberry slice is so good.

clip_image028[4]Classic English Strawberry Trifle – RM 15.00

They also have a fine selection of single malt whiskeys, specialty martinis, beers and a wine list. Their bar concocts one of the most scintillating beverages in town which is equal by the list cocktails created by TGP’s own expert, Jason Koven which is also the Operations Manager.

In overall, The Gastro Project is a great place for dining, or even a gathering of any sorts as they cater to private events also. There is also Ladies Night on Tuesdays which is perfect to meet up for drinks on a night out.


The Gastro Project

No 25, Jalan 17/56, Section 17.

46400 Petaling Jaya.

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: (O) 03-7931 6465 for reservations

or visit www.thegastroproject.com for more details.



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