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Spring Casual Blazer from

Though spring has long gone and we are entering Fall soon but in Malaysia is all year summer and it is not necessary to wear monochrome or dark tone only this fall. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, length and all types of fabric! There is no fixed rules in Fashion. Wear what you think you look good in!!!!!!!!! I thought why not invest in a colourful bold and eye catching outer wear to cheer up the day, since it has been raining since last week? Rainy day is best day to wear a blazer to keep me warm!

I spotted this Spring Casual Blazer at and it is only priced at RM 55 as they are having sale for this blazer. Seriously RM55 for a blazer is such a GREAT bargain!!!!!!!!


I am not sure about you but Seqoci is pretty new to me. I was introduced to Seqoci via Bag of Love June Edition. A few time, I saw Blazer and wanted to purchase them it’s either too expensive and to think of it I can’t wear them in most of the occasion because it’s so hot in Malaysia. However, this purple petals blazer really caught my attention and the price is really irresistible. Still I have a worry which is the material might be too thick and my body will be steaming inside the blazer. I made a call to Seqoci and asked about the material. The staff told me it’s not thick and its made to suits our weather in Malaysia. Ok I hit purchase immediately!!!!!! The parcel arrived my doorstep the next day!!!!!


Seqoci has 30 days return policy and if you sign up now you get RM50 discount voucher.

Seqoci also sell Melissa shoes. All of their designs are genuine and the latest designs from Brazil and some are not available in Malaysia (Malaysia is normally 2 seasons or 6 months behind in terms of the latest designs). Its pre-order and takes 3 weeks to arrive and if the size doesn’t fit Seqoci can exchange it.

I shall show you the material of this blazer. It’s made of mix cotton, not exactly silky smooth fabric, a little like the cotton bed sheet fabric but slightly thicker. It’s soft and most importantly it does not make me go sweating even I wore it outdoor. Even though there is no lining, it still feel super comfy.


Here let me show you some of the look I create using this blazer! It’s all fun and colourful!

Seqoci8Pair with something short and plain?

Seqoci11with Long Black Maxi Dress…Not bad too eh??



Seqoci6with pastel colour matching it look sweet right?


Do you love this flower piece too???

If you do checkout this link. I am wearing XL size and now only left M and XL size for this colour…There is few more jus click this link to browse for other design ya!!!

And now for Cindy’s Planet reader you get RM20 off even for sales item!! So hurry click of and make your purchase now with this code CINDY20!!!

p/s: promo ends on 9th Oct 2013

Till then see you real soon as I’ll be flying to Singapore on Wednesday and will be busy the whole week!!!!!!! But tomorrow post is a MUST READ!!!!! Just Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!



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