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Rich Eyelash Extension Gorgeous or Trouble?

Happy Holiday girls…. Today I am going to talk about this Rich Eyelash Extension I did two months ago!!!

If you seen me lately, you must have seen my new gorgeous eyelash extension! In this 2months, often people will come up to me and ask these questions….

Is it Painful to do Eyelash Extension??

~ No it is not painful at all. Read on and I’ll share with you the eyelash extension process.

How long does it last?

~ It last 2-3months depends on how you take care it! It also depends on growth cycle of each individual lashes.

Miss A: Did you just came back from event?

~ No I came from my house. (Miss A: then why you make your eyes so pretty?) Oh is my new eyelash extension, i look like this whole day even when I am sleeping. Winking smileWinking smile

Any trouble faced when washing face and removing makeup?

~ First week yes but second week I get used to it!

To be honest this is my first time doing eyelash extension, I was a bit worried before the day I did my eyelash extension. What I worried about??

Will it be painful?

What if she poked my eyes?

Will the lashes be so heavy?

How do I wash my face?

What if all my eyelashes falls few weeks after the extension?

I’m glad that it is not painful at all, the staff at Pink Passion is very skilful, the lashes is not as heavy as I thought just like wearing a fake lashes, it took me about 2days to find out the best way to wash my face after the eyelash extension and nope my eyelashes does not fall….The extension will not caused my eye lashes to fall. In fact, lashes will fall naturally after they complete the growth cycle and it will then grow back and go through the same cycle again.

“Don’t be silly, my eyes did not go bald after the extension!!”

So Pink Passion actually located in Kelana Jaya near Sunway Mas where the famous Nasi Kandar located. If you unsure how to go just ring Pink Passion up, their staff will guide you with clear direction!! Good job to the staff because I really sucks in direction, and they manage to guide me by using landmark!! yay…

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension1Arrived at Pink Passion

As the name suggest Pink Passion, the shop were painted in pink colour and entering the shop made me felt much warmth. The cosy sofa, dim lighting, and friendly staff welcome my arrival and invite me into a room where they will do the eyelash extension. There is a few more cubicle where you can have your own private room when doing eyelash extension.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension2Cosy Sofa for your partner if they decided to wait for you as eyelash extension process took only about an hour

They first ask which type of lashes I prefer? Semi or Dramatic. As I do not want to overdo my eye lashes I opt for semi lashes. Semi Lashes is where one layer of lashes is attached to my existing lashes where one strand of my eyelash is extend to about 3/4 new strands of curvy and long silk lashes.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension16

These lashes are made from silk which is much lighter and it create a natural and elegant look to the existing lashes. Silk lashes are thicker at the base and taper to a fine point that curve up at the end of the lashes.

Let me show you the before picture….. Wahhhh I didn’t know my lashes are so short before this…. I am more than happy when I was invited to try out this eyelash extension. I say yes without hesitation.

DSC04910My short and tiny lashes before the extension.

The staff will use two “tweezer” alike tool to attached the new lashes onto my existing lashes.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension11

She first stick a paper alike tape on the bottom my eyes so there will be no friction between the tool and my skin. Then she start sticking the strands of lashes onto my existing lashes and you can see from below picture how she do it!. I was surprised with the her speed of attaching the lashes onto my existing lashes. Her hand move so fast “tick tick tick tick” She used a special bonding agent to stick the silk lashes and it’s in black colour.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension7

Within 20minutes, one side of eye extension is completed. It took approximately 1hour hour to complete both eye extension including drying time of the bonding agent.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension8

Can you see the differences? The new lashes look fuller, curvier and darker too! Wow !! I am amazed by the results and trust me there is no pain at all!!!! It felt exactly like wearing fake lashes so if you used to wear fake lashes I am sure you won’t face any problem with this eyelash extension. It’s actually better, because you don’t need to apply fake lashes everyday. My eyes look pretty from the moment I wake up until the night when I go to bed! It does not felt heavy at all, just like how I felt when I put on fake lashes la…

As you might know I love makeup but not on my busy days… So on weekday I don’t put on makeup because I have so many things to do in office. All thanks to this eyelash extension, they lengthen my natural lashes and helps to make my lashes look fuller that without eyeliner or mascara my eyes still look pretty and captivating. Even my friend thought I put on make up because of my gorgeous eyes!

Show you the new lashes on me when I did not put on makeup!

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension13Pretty isn’t it?

The first night after the extension, I went over to Thomas house so I brought along my mascara and eyeliner then the next morning I realize I don’t need any of these…WHY?

“Because silk lashes is thicker at the base, that create the same effect as eyeliner. Also the end of the silk lashes is curved up and it is thick and dark in where mascara is no long necessary!!!!!”

When I came back from Langkawi, I was busy like a bee but I have no worry to attend event because my makeup time reduced from 1hour to 30minutes by skipping mascara & eyeliner application.

Now I am going to show you the lashes after I put on makeup ya! My eyes look big here!!! Oh i just love them!

Marquee230minutes to complete this look!

The first 2days, it does felt difficult to wash face and remove eye makeup. After the two days, I get used to how to apply eye shadow, how to wash my face and how do I remove my eye makeup! Fret not I am going to share with you some of the tips on how to take care these new gorgeous lashes okay?

1. Do not rub your eyes extensively to avoid creating stress on your existing and new lashes.

2. Do not wipe your eyes with towel. Instead place the towel at the bottom of your eyes and close your eyes to let the towel absorbs all the water.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension18Just let the towel absorb the water from your eyes and lashes

3. Do not pluck the lashes as it may cause the lashes to fall before the lashes has completely matured from it’s growth cycle.

4. Keep your lashes dry, avoid touching them and do not expose to hot shower or steam.

5. Avoid swimming and do not go for spa 24 hours after the treatment

6. Apply eye shadow from the top NOT bottom!! This is because if you apply from the bottom you would apply unnecessary stress to the lashes and the lashes will also block you way when you try to put the eye shadow onto your eyes.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension17Apply from the top of your eyes!

7. Remove eye makeup with cotton bud NOT facial cotton, as the facial cotton will stick to the lashes.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension20Use cotton bud to remove the eye makeup!

8. Do not remove the lashes by yourself. You need to go back to Pink Passion where they have special agent to remove the lashes.

I admit after about 3-4weeks the extension become loose not because the glue is not good but because my lashes has grow longer. Do not worry as you can go back to Pink Passion and they will be able to fixed it back or even touch up for FREE!!!! I am wearing the extension for 1month now and they still look fabulous!! Here are some of the photo of the lashes after I put on makeup before I attend pool party last weekend.

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension21So doll like!!!!!!!!

Pink Passion Eyelash Extension23Changed to beach wear!

I think it still can last for 2more months because they still look like the same to me!!!!!!!!

Let me summarized the Pros & Cons of this eyelash extensions!


  • Enhance and lengthen my natural lashes. It also give a fuller and curvy lashes.
  • It opened up my eyes and make my eyes look bigger!
  • Mascara & Eyeliner is not needed!
  • Fake lashes is not needed too!
  • Shorten my make up process!
  • Eyes look pretty even without makeup.
  • Eyes look pretty 24/7!


  • Need to remove make up using cotton bud and wash face from another angle. Well not too troublesome actually just another way of removing eye makeup and washing face.
  • It cannot last for a lifetime! But hey it can last up to 3months which is awesome I think!
  • Need to return to Pink Passion to remove the eyelash extension.

Obviously the Rich Eyelash Extension is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in doing the eyelash extension do call up Pink Passion and now you my readers gets a special price at RM 88 inclusive of free touch up ya instead of RM 228!!! That’s a great discount there!!! Just print the below coupon and call Pink Passion for appointment okay?? Hurry and make you appointment today!


For more promotions and updates follow Pink Passion FB Page.

See you…Tata…

Pink Passion Salon

No. 37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,

Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,

47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7805 7285



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