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Naturally Langkawi : 10 Must Visit Spot in Langkawi Part 1/2

I know you all can’t wait to read about Langkawi right?? Being a first timer to Langkawi I never expect it gave me so much joy and special moment in this trip! Well honestly I never expect much cause people will always hype about overseas travel, but let me tell you that thinking is so wrong!! Malaysia, my country especially this Langkawi Island has so much to offer from breathtaking view, yummy food, great outdoor activity, adorable and unique animal and many more!

This time I am not going to log down my post like a travelogue from Day 1 to Day 3 but I will be showcasing the places you MUST VISIT if you are visiting Langkawi. So sit back and enjoy the pictures (this will be a heavy picture post)!

p/s: gonna separate into two post as there is too many pictures to show you all! And my full 3D2N itinerary is listed at the bottom of this post!

Arriving Langkawi with my gorgeous room mate!! I’m travelling with a model eh!

Langkawi258Hello Langkawi!

Langkawi257Langkawi International Airport

Are you ready for Langkawi??

1) Langkawi Wildlife Park

I have visited numerous zoo or wildlife park but this is the first time I experience feeding the animal in close distance, playing with them without boundary and feeding them right beside the animals.

Varieties of species were exhibited including birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, and orchids. Here is the map of the park which is pretty huge! Have a memorable experience with the animals through having close interactions with them, feeding them upclose and touching or hugging them!! The staff will be by your side to assist you with animal feeding and share with you some of the info.


We entered and was welcome by this colourful Macaw and friendly staff passed us nuts to feed the Macaw. I didn’t know that Macaw is so good in peeling sunflower seed!

Langkawi112Blue & Yellow Macaw peeling sunflower seed!

Stunning Flamingo posing with me!

Langkawi114Who pose better? Me or Flamingo?

Langkawi117More Flamingo!

This is what I enjoy here, we were allowed to enter the cage to feed the birds..

Langkawi116Edriana & Anne feeding the birds!

Varieties of birds exhibits in the parks and they are all well kept. Amazing job!

page1From top left clockwise Palm Cockatoo, Silky Chicken, Grey Crown Crane & Silver Pheasant

There is a area where we were given seeds to feed the birds and when we opened our palm, all the colourful birds fly to my palm. The colours of their body is soooo beautiful. It’s such a joy to see these colourful birds flying one by one onto my palm!

Langkawi125Feeding the birds..

I was actually feeling a little ticklish when the bird picking up the seeds and at the same time was very happy to see the birds flyover as the colourful tone of the bird was so beautiful.

Not only birds…but multiple mammals species is available for us to explore and play around..

page2 From top left clockwise Mouse Deer, Monkey, Baby Rabbit, Rabbit & Donkey

One of the most unique monkeys I have seen, exceptionally white fur and blue colour ass!!! I have seen red n brown ass but blue is the first time!

Langkawi145The blue ass monkey!

Langkawi123White Raccoons

Langkawi138 Playing with the rabbits and feeding them!

We’ve seen mummy feeding milk to their baby but what about feeding milk to fishes?

Langkawi137Opps i guess i’m a giant baby!

Langkawi136Milk for the Araipama fishes!

More fun moment of bloggers feedings animal except Cipot i guess!!! haha..

page3Cipot on top right looking stunt with birds on his palm!

I overcome my fear on snake..I took a picture with the snake too!!!!!! Thanks to Wildlife park for making this picture possible & Tian Chad for snapping the picture for me!

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-420My new boyfriend!

We have so much fun with the animals and I highly recommend you to visit this place when you are in Langkawi!

Langkawi Wildlife Park

  • Location : Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pecah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
  • Operation Hours: 8.30 a.m to 7.00 p.m. Last entry is at 6.00 p.m
  • Entrance Fee: Adult (RM 28/ RM 15 for Malaysian) & Children ( RM 18/ RM 10 for Malaysian)
  • Nearby Attraction : KLIM KARST Geoforest park, Bat Cave & Durian Perangin Waterfall
  • What to do : Animals Feeding, Animals watching & upclose interactions, photo taking
  • Visit for more info

2) Sunset Cruise with Tropical Charters

I was pretty skeptical  about cruising experience. No doubt the view will be stunning every time I cruise out to the middle of the sea where we see crystal clear water with Island floating with the blue sky filled with cotton alike clouds…. No exception for this Sunset cruise too but what makes my cruising felt so great is the delicious BBQ food and jumping into the sea water felt so refreshing and fun!!!!!!!!


I have not been to big cruise trip like few days in the ship so I can’t compare but I been for few day trip cruise and most of the food provided sucks and we never given chance to jump into the sea…


The ship has three floor, the top, middle and the basement. I love to hang around at the open air middle floor because I can enjoy the sea breeze while overseeing the breathtaking sea view. We also get to order any cocktail, beer and soft drinks of our choice from the free flow bar. We have a great time with soothing music playing all over the ship, great booze and yummy food.

page5The ship surroundings…

page4us enjoying the sea view!

page6First Time diving into water…Suppose my head should goes into water first…

Food is served after we had enough fun playing in the sea water!

Langkawi165The chicken and salad is absolutely yum yum!

Langkawi166Sun about to set…

Langkawi172Ship stopping for sunset viewing…

Langkawi173Night view of Langkawí Genting Awana Resort!

Sunset Cruise by Tropical Charters

  • Location : Pick up at Porto Malai Port, Langkawi, Malaysia
  • Operation Hours: 5pm to 8pm Daily
  • Entrance Fee: Adult (USD 82) & Children ( USD 41) inclusive of Free Flow Bars and BBQ Dinner. Transfer (Surcharge applies for some Hotels)
  • Nearby Attraction : Cenang Beach, Underwater World & Laman Padi
  • What to do : Sunset sea viewing, swimming in sea water, sunset dinner, photo taking

3) Langkawi Cable Car

Let’s take a skycab up the mountain! Located at the foothill of Machichang mountain, we step on the skycab up to the peak. The sea views along with the groups of white cottony clouds behind our skycab is stunning.

Langkawi28On our way up!

The skycab move pretty fast but when were sitting inside we don’t feel the speed but instead we feel super breezy and the view in front of us and behind is so beautiful!

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-65Nisa trying to distract herself with music while we enjoy the views from our skycab!

There is two station where each has it’s own viewing platform where you will be able to have a different angle of panorama views of the Langkawi island, Southern of Thailand surrounding islands with surrounding overhanging cliff, varieties of pinnacles, different sections of Mount Machichang and caves too . It’s about 650m above sea level from the first station.

Let me show you some of the views from the middle section!

Langkawi32Skycab car coming up!

Langkawi30Beautiful Mountain Machichang!

Langkawi31Cloudy sky…

We took the skycab for another short distance to reach at the top section. It took only a few minutes, where after we alight we have to walk up the steps before we reach the two viewing platform. It’s more cloudy at the second station and definitely stronger wind too!

Langkawi37Never thought Langkawi can be this beautiful!

Langkawi39Ohh just realized I had a beautiful curve in this pictures..Thanks to Talika Back Up Serum!

Suppose there is a sky bridge but it was closed for refurbishment. Hope next time I could walk across the bridge.

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-88The sky bridge!

Cable Car

  • Location : Jalan Telaga Tujuh, Burau Bay Pantai Kok Beach, 07000 Pantai Tengah, Malaysia
  • Operation Hours:

    Monday – Thursday
    10:00AM – 07:00PM

    12:00PM – 07:00PM

    Friday – Sunday, Public & School Holiday
    09:00AM – 07:00PM

  • Entrance Fee: Adult (RM 30) & Children ( RM 20)
  • Nearby Attraction : Elephant Adventures, Quad Adventures & Telaga Tujuh Waterfall
  • What to do : Sight seeing, riding skycab, flora & fauna exploring, enjoy breezy weather & etc
  • For more info checkout :

4) KILIM Karst Geopark: Mangrove, Bat Cave & Fishing Farm

KILIM Karst Geopark was build on the oldest limestone in the country. We took a tour with the boat around the mangrove area. On our way, we see breathtaking views of verticals Karstic (limestone landscape) hills, islands with narrow valleys and crystal clear water (water is seen as green colour in real because of the reflection from surrounding trees).

Langkawi60The boats we are riding!

Langkawi78Karstic Hills


We hear calming sounds of water stream, birds chirping and chilling wind.


We see various type of Mangrove species from the ones with lot’s of roots protruding out to the one with only a small knob of root (without any leaves).


Mangrove is a very good breeding ground for fishes and birds. This is because in mangrove area the water is calm and the wave is not strong. It is also act as  boundary to protect from strong tide which will help to avoid tsunami. Langkawi has stop harvesting mangrove for charcoal production to preserve the mangrove area.

Veejay our guide for this Geopark trip is a man with lots of information. He even explained to us some of the tree species that can be used to cure certain sickness…

Langkawi76Eryqass, Joey, Veejay & Louis

On our way into the bat cave we saw this one arm crab! This crab has one side extra huge arm and the other was normal size. Such a unique crab right? The big arm is to attract female crab and the other to find food!


This is my first time seeing so many bats inside the cave. Mind you, don’t open your mouth when you tilt your head up hunting for the bats!! They might just poo poo and with mouth wide open I guess you poo poo lunch is served!

Langkawi105We were not allowed to blast our flash to take pictures of the bat!

We also stop by to watch White Belly Sea Eagle catching birds, crabs and fishes… There is certain time where these eagle will fly down to catch their prey. Their nest are usually on top of trees.

Langkawi72Boats stopping for eagle watching.

This is one of the best scene as we watch the eagle flying upclose!

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-268Eagle got his first prey!

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-283Mr Eagle making a big cornering!

Another spot that one must visit when you are at Langkawi Geopark is this fishing farm. This floating fishing farm has two separate section where one section is divided to few area that house different fish species. One of the fish is this flappy Stingray, super friendly fish…. I love touching it hehe…it’s skin is smooth and cold..


Another attractions here is there is this fish (I forget the name), when they see lights of something bright like bread or finger they tend to shoot water to loosen the item (they thought it is food).

Langkawi91Yuyu was shocked when the fish shoot water up from the small gap of the floor!

Langkawi90Pakcik Bakar teach Joey how to make the fish jump up to grab the bread!

This Horse Shoe crab are very shy as Veejay touch the bottom part, the crab will shivered… Do you know their blood can be use to test the steel medical equipment whether its is fully sterilized. If it is fully sterilized, the blood will turn into jelly form.


Pakcik Bakar the man who manage this fishing farm for 6 years already. I admire his passion on sharing stories to visitors and his never ending spirit calling fishes name to come over to his side to show to visitor the fishes. He never stop talking but he did while taking picture with me!!LOL

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-320Me with Pakcik Bakar

Naturally Langkawi Bloggers FAM Trip 2013 LADA #tianchad-318Big group Picture from the fishing farm! Stunning view behind us!

KILIM Karst Geopark

  • Location : Kampung Kilim 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah, 07000, Malaysia
  • Entrance Fee:


  • Nearby Attraction : Duty Free Shopping at Kuah Town, Wildlife park & Durian Perangi Waterfall
  • What to do : Sight seeing, boat ride, visit mangrove, bat watching, watch eagle upclose, visit fish farm (touch & feel stingray), see the beautiful limestone hill & etc
  • For more info checkout :

5) Chocolate Shopping at Haji Ismail Group, Kuah

I think you need no introduction about chocolate shopping in Langkawi right? If you don’t bring chocolate back from Langkawi you have never visited Langkawi.


This is like a heaven for chocolate lovers…. There is more than 50 types of chocolates from all over the world and they are all duty free which means its about RM 6 – 10 cheaper then the other stores.

Actually, you can also purchase glassware, kitchen equipment & perfume here…But I only interested in CHOCALATES!!

Langkawi216This Whittakers is a must buy!!Boy there is so many nuts in it!

Langkawi210How could you not buy RitterSport??

Langkawi211GB’s Nougat, Australia’s No 1!


Langkawi214Pepero Chocolates Stick, must buy okay??Super crunchy! I love the one with almonds bites (green colour box)

Langkawi215Meika’s Chocolate with fillings.. I did not buy as my wallet is emptied already!!

imageMe and my first round chocolates shopping!

After second round, I am officially broke..Gasp…Apparently, my Langkawi friend told me this is the best place to shop for chocolates because of the price and varieties.

Chocolate Shopping at Haji Ismail Group, Kuah 

  • Location : Lot 1852 Kompleks HIG, Jalan Penarak, Kuah 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
  • Operation Hours: 10 am to 10pm Daily
  • Nearby Attraction : Wild Life Park, KILIM Karst Geopark & Durian Perangin Waterfall 
  • What to do : Shopping for Chocolate, Glassware & Perfume
  • For more info checkout :

For full itinerary for my Langkawi Trip see below:

Day 1

  • Langkawi Underwater World
  • Langkawi Cable Car
  • Eagle Square

Day 2

  • KILIM Karst Geopark
  • Wildlife Park
  • Sunset Cruise

Day 3

  • Kraft Complex
  • MARDI Agrotechnology Park
  • Black Sand Beach
  • Chocolate Shopping in Kuah
  • Gamat Store
  • Makam Mahsuri
  • Laman Padi

I hope you enjoy reading this entry and stay tune for part 2 must visit spot in Langkawi okay?? Till then happy Monday and have a fabulous week!!!!!! If you are interested in visiting Langkawi, this is the good time because LADA is offering this new NLOW Package that cost as low as RM 165/pax for 3D 2N all inclusive hotel, transportation to Langkawi & Island Hopping.

For more info checkout

p/s picture with SKYART watermark is courtesy of



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